Sri Lanka vs West Indies

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Shere Bangla National Stadium - Semi Final 1

Date: 3rd Apr 2014 Umpires: R A Kettleborough and R J Tucker

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

160/6 (20.0 Overs)


West Indies

80/4 (13.5 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 27 runs (D/L Method)

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  • Sri Lanka won by 27 runs

    That's it, the match has been officially called off. The rain was really too heavy for us to entertain thoughts of restarting tonight. So, Sri Lanka are through to the finals, and they'll play whoever wins between India and South Africa tomorrow. Despite the rain, one feels Sri Lanka are deserving winners. While the West Indian bowlers kept Sri Lanka in check, their batsmen struggled to impose themselves. We may have been set for another late assault from Sammy, but when the rain came down Sri Lanka were firmly on top. See you tomorrow for more of the same (except, hopefully, for the rain).
  • Rain delay

    The rain appears to have stopped in Mirpur, but the outfield is totally soaked and covered with large pools of water. While it's too early to call a result, the odds are overwhelmingly with Sri Lanka.
  • More rain

    The hail and rain has barely abated in the last few minutes. The covers are over the square, but much of the outfield has turned into a giant icy puddle. I'd be very surprised if this game continues. I wonder how good the drainage is at the Shere Bangla stadium?
  • Thunder and lightning

    Good grief, it's getting worse out there. This is a major storm now. There's thunder, lightning and a heavy covering of hail. I'd be surprised if we get back out there tonight.
  • Rain!

    Where has this come from? Out of nowhere, the wind picks up and the rain starts to bucket down. The fielders sprint off as the groundstaff rush on with the covers. The Duckworth-Lewis par score is 107, and West Indies are miles behind that.
  • Over 13.2 - WI 77/4 (Samuels 16)

    WICKET! There was a sense of inevitability about this. Samuels' perplexing go-slow means that Bravo has to have a full go at absolutely everything, and he whips a slower ball from Kulasekara into the hands of a diving Jayawardene at deep square leg.
  • Over 13 - WI 76/3 (Bravo 30, Samuels 15)

    Samuels, finally, attempts a shot in anger, and connects with a flowing drive to pierce the off-side field and pick up four. But he follows that up with two more dot balls, one of them a full toss, to continue to heap the pressure on Bravo. This isn't exactly fearsome bowling from Sri Lanka, but Samuels' tactics are allowing the required rate to rocket up every over. Bravo steps out to flay the final ball over extra cover for a handsome six, but he can't do this all on his own.
  • Over 12 - WI 65/3 (Bravo 24, Samuels 10)

    Angelo Mathews comes on, and one would think that this would be an opportune moment for West Indies to go on the attack. Not so. Mathews' medium-pace offerings are worked gently around, with Samuels adding a further three dot balls to the scorecard. Samuels is now on 10 from 21 deliveries. What's the point of batting like this? Sri Lanka are bossing this chase.
  • Over 11 - WI 61/3 (Bravo 21, Samuels 9)

    Herath bowled just two sorts of deliveries against New Zealand the other night - the orthodox left-arm spinner and the arm ball. Today, he's varying his bowling much more, but it's not helped him in this over. A carrom ball is dragged down short, and Bravo leaps back to crack a pistol-whip of a pull to the deep midwicket boundary. A quicker ball gives away a wide, and West Indies can be pleased that the scoreboard is starting to tick over a little more quickly now.
  • Over 10 - WI 53/3 (Bravo 15, Samuels 8)

    Bravo takes a little of the pressure off by skipping down at Prasanna and smiting the ball up and over extra cover in his trademark style. With a boundary to start the over, Bravo and Samuels focus on working the ball around, and they run hard to take 9 runs from the over.
  • Over 9 - WI 44/3 (Bravo 7, Samuels 7)

    Herath waddles in for another over, generally aiming the ball full and straight and asking the batsmen to take the risk of playing around their front pads. Bravo and Samuels nudge and push repeatedly, but can barely poke a hole in the field. Just four runs off the over, and required rate rockets over 10.
  • Over 8 - WI 40/3 (Bravo 6, Samuels 4)

    WICKET! Seekkuge Prasanna strikes with his very first ball in Twenty20 internationals! Simmons went back to cut but the ball slid on to him and touched the pad in front of middle, making the umpire's decision very easy. Bravo, of course, is immediately into his work, thrashing his first ball through the covers. He might've started with a boundary, but for a fantastic diving effort from Dilshan. Bravo betters the field later in the over, however, spanking a long hop to wide long on for four. The gulf in form between Bravo and the rest of West Indies' top order is startling.
  • Over 7 - WI 34/2 (Simmons 4, Samuels 4)

    Rangana Herath immediately comes round the wicket, varying the revolutions on his deliveries to keep the batsmen guessing. This remains a good track to bat on, but it's not easy to get bowling as tenacious as this away on any surface. The portly left-arm spinner begins with a tight over.
  • Over 6 - WI 30/2 (Simmons 3, Samuels 1)

    West Indies are letting dot balls be strung together, and slowly digging themselves into a hole from which Sammy and Bravo will subsequently be asked to dig them out of. Kulasekara returns to the attack, with fielding restrictions still in place, but shot after shot goes straight at the field. With just two singles coming off the over, the required run rate is already up to 9.35. And Herath hasn't even bowled yet!
  • Over 5 - WI 28/2 (Simmons 2, Samuels 0)

    WICKETS! Malinga rocks West Indies, dismissing both openers! Gayle goes first, hanging his bat out limply outside off only for the ball to take the inside edge and ricochet onto the stumps. After exchanging a couple of singles with new batsman Lendl Simmons, Smith wafts over a slower offcutter to have his own stumps disturbed. This is turning into yet another wobbly Powerplay for West Indies in this tournament, but now they have Marlon Samuels at the crease. Can he repeat his heroics from the Twenty20 final against Sri Lanka in 2012?
  • Over 4 - WI 25/0 (Smith 16, Gayle 3)

    And now Senanayake is having the same effect on Smith. Gayle hands him the strike early in this over, but the offie comes round the wicket to Smith and varies his lines and pace to perfection. Clearly getting desperate, Smith heaves to leg and he's lucky that the ball evades Thirimanne in the ring. Apart from that one over from Kulasekara, West Indies aren't getting away too quickly here.
  • Over 3 - WI 22/0 (Smith 14, Gayle 2)

    The plunder of Kulasekara has forced Malinga's hand a little, and he's brought himself on to do some slinging with the new ball. It's clearly not quite as easy to hit him out of the park, and indeed the over is bookended by a pair of singles as Gayle is tied down at the crease. He's got 2 off 10 deliveries so far.
  • Over 2 - WI 20/0 (Smith 13, Gayle 1)

    Sri Lanka change things up by bringing on Senanayake's offspin and Gayle, in particular, is muted. The offspinner comes around the wicket to the left-hander, maintaining a strict line to cut down his scoring options. Just 3 runs from the over.
  • Over 1 - WI 17/0 (Smith 11, Gayle 0)

    With Sri Lanka's varied bowling attack, West Indies really have to get their gameplan of who to attack and who to see off right. It appears they're going to go after Kulasekara, with Dwayne Smith hacking across his first two deliveries to pick up a four and a six to wide long on. Kula threatens to fall apart completely when he flings one well down the leg side to give away five wides, but he comes back well against Chris Gayle - whose ankle is well enough for him to bat without much discomfort.
  • End of innings

    Sri Lanka wobbled when they slipped from 41 for 0 to 49 for 3 in this innings, but Thirimanne and Mathews did very well to guide their team to reasonably safe waters. The pitch looks a fantastic one to bat on, but the West Indian bowling figures provide a clue as to what Sri Lanka's defense will revolve around: the seamers took a combined 3 for 83 in seven overs, while the spinners contributed 1 for 75 from 17. Join us in a few minutes for the chase.

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