New Zealand vs Holland

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium - Group 1

Date: 29th Mar 2014 Umpires: B N J Oxenford and A S Dar

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

New Zealand

152/4 (19.0 Overs)



151/4 (20.0 Overs)

New Zealand win by 6 wickets

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  • New Zealand won by six wickets

    A slick, professional effort from New Zealand sees them home. They knew, after the Dutch effort, that this was a good pitch to bat on, and simply kept their cool even as Netherlands chipped away at the batting line-up. Brendon McCullum's 65 put the match beyond doubt, and he underlined his importance to New Zealand as he went past 2,000 runs in Twenty20 internationals. Had Netherlands' last two overs been used more efficiently, this match could have been much closer, but as it was Netherlands can hold their heads up despite the loss. One more win will put New Zealand into the semi-finals, and South Africa will also be assured of a spot if they beat England later today. Stick with us for that!
  • Over 19 - NZ 152/4 (Anderson 20, Neesham 7)

    Netherlands raise the white flag, and New Zealand canter home with a series of ones and twos in Bukhari's final over.
  • Over 18 - NZ 145/4 (Anderson 19, Neesham 2)

    Corey Anderson has spanked the biggest six of the match, and that's all beat sealed the game for New Zealand. He went after Malik's first delivery, smiting it into the second tier beyond wide long on. He and Neesham settle for singles thereafter, and New Zealand need just seven from the final two overs.
  • Over 17 - NZ 135/4 (Anderson 11, Neesham 0)

    WICKET! Will this make a difference, after the assault? McCullum has fallen, but he's put New Zealand well in charge with his striking. He smeared a six over square leg and a four through point off van der Gugten, but then went inside out over cover only for Bukhari to sprint in and hold a superb catch inches from the turf. New Zealand need just 17 from 18.
  • Over 16 - NZ 123/3 (McCullum 55, Anderson 9)

    It appears both batsmen have had enough of nudging and pushing now. McCullum charges out at Malik and slaps a drive a long way over long off for six to bring up his fifty, and Anderson then puts the bowler in mortal danger with a flat-batted mow straight down the ground. Some hard running in between times give New Zealand 16 from the over. Netherlands need a couple of wickets if they are to remain in contention here.
  • Over 15 - NZ 107/3 (McCullum 44, Anderson 4)

    Brendon McCullum is clutching at his brittle, injured back in this over, but it doesn't seem to be putting him too far off his stride when he flicks a low full toss from Bukhari flat and hard over square leg for six. He attempts more damage with a reverse-paddle, but can't lay bat on ball, and more orthodox strokes help New Zealand to 11 from the over.
  • Over 14 - NZ 96/3 (McCullum 35, Anderson 3)

    Ahsan Malik is such a tenacious competitor with the ball. He's technically a medium pacer, though there are spinners out there whose quicker deliveries have more pace on them than Malik's. But he's canny, and he's brave, and does well enough to beat Anderson's outside edge with consecutive offcutters. Just five runs come from the over, and New Zealand's required rate goes up to 9.33.
  • Over 13 - NZ 91/3 (McCullum 33, Anderson 0)

    WICKET! Ross Taylor swipes a massive six into the stands beyond deep midwicket, but the riposte from fast bowler Timm van der Gugten is immediate and emphatic. Taylor swings merrily again at the second delivery, and this time the ball takes the top edge and swirls into the stratosphere. Wicketkeeper Wesley Barresi calls for it, though he's got acres of ground to make, and plucks the catch out of the air to spark Dutch celebrations.
  • Over 12 - NZ 82/2 (McCullum 30, Taylor 12)

    Pieter Seelar is struggling a little with his rhythm in this over, but steels himself enough to string together a series of decent deliveries. McCullum pierces the cover field with a powerful drive, but only seven runs come from the over and the required rate is up to 8.75.
  • Over 11 - NZ 75/2 (McCullum 24, Taylor 11)

    Van Beek continues, but his second over isn't as good as his first. Ross Taylor opens up the leg side by repeatedly shuffling across to an off stump line, and slogs his first boundary through square leg off a slower ball.
  • Over 10 - NZ 65/2 (McCullum 20, Taylor 5)

    Peter Borren wheels through another over, bowling to his old Under-19 teammate Ross Taylor. Yes, the two played on the same representative age-group side well over a decade ago. Both batsmen are content to milk his distinctly medium paced bowling, and six singles come from the over.
  • Over 9 - NZ 59/2 (McCullum 17, Taylor 2)

    WICKET! Logan van Beek has been the weak link in the Dutch bowling attack so far in this tournament, but he's started very well today with the wicket of Williamson. Van Beek offered up a full, wide slower ball and Williamson looked to run it down to third man, but succeeded only in feathering the ball into Barresi's gloves. That'll give Netherlands a nice little boost, but New Zealand's two best batsmen are now at the crease.
  • Over 8 - NZ 55/1 (Williamson 30, McCullum 15)

    Pieter Seelaar is now into the attack, trundling through an over of left-arm spin from around the wicket. He doesn't spin the ball much, but he varies his pace well and should have completed a boundary-free over. But he's not helped by some sloppy fielding from Ben Cooper on the long-on boundary, and this partnership swells to 40 runs.
  • Over 7 - NZ 46/1 (Williamson 23, McCullum 13)

    Peter Borren brings himself on for some dibbly-dobbly medium pace, and his first over is a decent enough one. He shapes the ball very gently indeed, but with the Powerplay over he's got fielders protecting the boundary and he keeps the batsmen to four singles.
  • Over 6 - NZ 42/1 (McCullum 11, Williamson 21)

    Yep, New Zealand's chase is beginning to rumble into life. Peter Borren brings Ahsan Malik on to bowl some medium pace from around the wicket, but there's no hint that he'll be able to reproduce his heroics against South Africa as his first over goes for 12. Williamson is a little lucky when an outside edge beats short third man, but there's nothing fortuitous about McCullum's shot as he advances at the bowler and biffs him powerfully over mid-off.
  • Over 5 - NZ 30/1 (Williamson 14, McCullum 6)

    New Zealand are beginning to build some momentum in their innings now, as Williamson sends the final two deliveries of Bukhari's second over to the boundary. The bowler had actually started the over very well, keeping the batsman to a pair of singles from his first four deliveries, but Williamson then shimmied down the track to lift a boundary down the ground before clipping the final ball neatly to long leg. Steady stuff.
  • Over 4 - NZ 20/1 (Williamson 5, McCullum 5)

    WICKET! Van der Gugten strikes! Martin Guptill has struggled against the short ball in this tournament, and again it's a short, quick one that does the trick. He advanced down the track and swiped wildly at one that rose on him, edging the ball straight through to Barresi. That brings Brendon McCullum to the crease, and he's off the mark with a sharp tip-and-run single that brings the television Umpire into play. Fortunately for New Zealand, the run is safe and McCullum ends the over with a brutal thrash through point for four.
  • Over 3 - NZ 14/0 (Guptill 9, Williamson 4)

    Just the one over from Swart, and he's replaced by Mudassar Bukhari's busy medium pace. Bukhari also slows things up with a couple of canny slower deliveries, but Williamson is off the mark with a chip to wide long on. Still New Zealand haven't exactly burst out of the blocks here.
  • Over 2 - NZ 9/0 (Guptill 8, Williamson 0)

    Timm van der Gugten shares the new ball, bustling through his over with plenty of vim and vigour. Van der Gugten bowls with good pace, and beats Guptill's flashing cut outside off stump first up. A misfield by Malik at backward square leg allows a couple of extra runs, but that's the only error in a tight over. It appears New Zealand are backing themselves to chase these runs quite easily, provided they don't lose an early wicket.
  • Over 1 - NZ 6/0 (Guptill 5, Williamson 0)

    Just as he has all tournament, Michael Swart opens the bowling for Netherlands with his speared straight-breaks, coming round the wicket. Martin Guptill has a look at a couple of deliveries before slicing a cut uppishly through backward point. Guptill then hammers a pull out to deep midwicket, but there's a fielder out there to stop the shot, and Swart's final delivery shoots past Williamson's outside edge. Honours even on the first over.

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