England vs Holland

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 at Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium - Group 1

Date: 31st Mar 2014 Umpires: B N J Oxenford and S J Davis

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


88 All out (17.4 Overs)



133/5 (20.0 Overs)

Netherlands win by 45 runs

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  • Netherlands won by 45 runs

    Extraordinary. When Netherlands stumbled through the latter half of their innings, it appeared as though they'd set England a sub-standard total to chase. But as it turned out, their 133 was plenty. Despite having had a good look at the track, England never came to terms with the conditions. Their chase started to totter off the rails early on, with Mudassar Bukhari making the first incision even as each successive bowler stuck to their tasks. A remarkable, boundary-free stretch of over 10 overs brought England's chase to a grinding halt, and every time they attempted to break free it brought a dismissal. Indeed, England managed just four boundaries in their entire innings. Bukhari is named Man of the Match for his efforts, and Netherlands can now celebrate a match and a result that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. Gefeliciteerd!
  • Over 17.4 - England 88 all out

    WICKETS! Netherlands win! Bukhari, who bowled such a fantastic first spell, comes back into the attack and finds Stuart Broad's inside edge to put Netherlands within touching distance of a famous victory. Two deliveries later, Tredwell skies a drive out to deep cover ... it lands between the fielders, but in the confusion both batsmen end up at the same end. The ball is hurled to Barresi, who smashes the stumps to set the men in orange charging helter skelter around the field in celebration.
  • Over 17 - Eng 85/8 (Broad 4, Tredwell 6)

    Tredwell, finally, breaks the boundary drought for England, but one feels that the match has already gone. He came down the wicket and aimed an almighty heave towards midwicket and the ball swirled over point via a top edge, beating the fielder to the boundary. Malik comes back well, however, stringing together a series of slower deliveries to boost the required rate up to 16.33.
  • Over 16 - Eng 78/8 (Broad 3, Tredwell 0)

    WICKETS! Van Beek strikes a double blow, and this must surely now spell the end for England. Bopara is the first to go, picking a slower ball but lifting it out to Seelaar at the midwicket boundary. The fielder settled under it, just inches from the rope, and made no mistake. A couple of deliveries later Jordan decides he, too, would aim to clear the boundary but he can only biff yet another slower one to Swart, running in from long-off to hold a diving catch.
  • Over 15 - Eng 74/6 (Bopara 18, Jordan 13)

    Both Bopara and Jordan are lining up big shots now, Seelaar bowling another over of left-arm spin, but yet again they aren't able to ping the boundary. Ones and twos just won't do it for England.
  • Over 14 - Eng 67/6 (Bopara 14, Jordan 10)

    Borren completes his third over of dibbly-dobbly medium pacers, and though the batsmen are able to build some rhythm with good placement and hard running, the boundary continues to elude them. In fact, there have now been no boundaries for a whopping 50 deliveries, and the required rate is up to 11.16. It is, surely, now or never for England. Bopara's got to go for it.
  • Over 13 - Eng 59/6 (Bopara 12, Jordan 4)

    Ahsan Malik is back into the attack, and he completes a typically miserly over from around the wicket. The field is still spread, so there are singles on offer for the batsmen, but that's all - and with just five runs coming from the over the required rate inflates once more to 10.71.
  • Over 12 - Eng 54/6 (Bopara 10, Jordan 1)

    WICKET! It's all happening! Peter Borren had his head in his hands at the start of this over after dropping a tough - but catchable - caught and bowled chance off Bopara, but he's haring around the field in celebration by the end of it after Bresnan is run out. Bresnan was the victim of some rather shoddy running, after Bopara flicked a full toss out to deep midwicket and called for two. Bukhari was on the ball in a flash, hurling it in to Borren who whipped the bails off with Bresnan well short of his ground. This match, surely, is Netherlands' now. But Bopara is still at the crease, and while he is they simply cannot relax.
  • Over 11 - Eng 49/5 (Bopara 7, Bresnan 4)

    Pieter Seelaar, who took the catch in the last over, now comes on to wheel through his left-arm spin. He comes round the wicket at the batsmen, and Bresnan keeps England ticking over with a brace of twos with cracking shots through the covers. But it's boundaries that his team needs, with the required rate now up to 9.44.
  • Over 10 - Eng 42/5 (Bopara 6, Bresnan 0)

    WICKET! Logan van Beek is brought on for the first time in the innings, and with fine leg up Buttler shuffles right across his stumps but misses an attempted scoop to set English hearts palpitating. The stroke sums up Buttler's aggressive approach against van Beek, but the once again he's undone by the slow pitch. A slower ball bouncer plugs in the surface, and Buttler splices a pull in the air to give Seelaar catching practice at deep midwicket.
  • Over 9 - Eng 37/4 (Buttler 5, Bopara 2)

    WICKET! Borren's got one with his first ball! The Dutch captain lobs down a back-of-the-hand slower one, and Ali drives it uppishly straight into the hands of Tom Cooper at cover to spark fevered celebrations. Netherlands are right on top now, and another wicket will bring England's allrounder's to the crease. Buttler and Bopara do, at least, have time on their hands, and the required rate is still a somewhat manageable 8.81, but England can't afford to slip up again. Will we see an upset in Chittagong today?
  • Over 8 - Eng 32/3 (Ali 3, Buttler 2)

    Borren has brought Ahsan Malik on for his first over of the innings. As he always does, Malik opts to go round the wicket at the batsman and nag them around the legs with his slow medium pace. He's also got a short midwicket in place, and that fielder is in action with a couple of sharp saves as just four runs come from the over.
  • Over 7 - Eng 28/3 (Buttler 1, Ali 2)

    Bukhari has his tail up, and there's a definite spring in his step as he bounds to the crease in this over. He keeps the ball up to the bat, with just a hint of wobble in to the right-hander, and his lines are straight enough to keep the batsmen to just a pair of singles, Ali driving out to deep cover and Buttler pinching one run after tapping the ball just wide of mid-on. The required run rate is up to 8.15 now.
  • Over 6 - Eng 26/3 (Ali 1, Buttler 0)

    WICKET! There goes another one! This won't be such an easy chase for England, and they'll need to complete the job without the mercurial Eoin Morgan. The Dublin-born left-hander began the over confidently, walking out and across to alter van der Gugten's line and whip a handy four runs through the vacant midwicket. But the next delivery is angled wide across him, and his flashing drive results in an outside edge that flies straight to Borren at a wide slip position.
  • Over 5 - Eng 21/2 (Morgan 2, Ali 0)

    WICKET! Bukhari strikes again! This will peg England back. It's the big wicket of Alex Hales, who has lead the way for England with the bat in this tournament. He's flummoxed by the state of this pitch, with the ball not sliding easily onto the bat, and steps back to swipe across the line at a length delivery. The ball scoots under his bat and disturbs the off stump, putting Bukhari on a hat-trick after his wicket in his last over. Morgan survives the hat-trick ball, which is wide of off stump, but Bukhari bustles through another good over to keep the batsmen to just two runs.
  • Over 4 - Eng 19/1 (Hales 12, Ali 0)

    Van der Gugten follows Bukhari's successful over with a steady effort that denies the batsman the chance to break free. Alex Hales is on strike for the entirety of the over, and he finds the fielders with a series of front-foot strokes as van der Gugten keeps the ball up to the bat. He finally finds a single with the final ball of the over, though it's off the outer half of the bat and goes down to third man. This isn't the easiest track on which to force the pace, playing a little slow and low.
  • Over 3 - Eng 18/1 (Hales 11)

    WICKET! Bukhari strikes for the first time in the tournament. He didn't begin his over of fast-medium seamers very well, Hales slapping a short, wide ball through cover point for four, but he ends it with the wicket of Lumb to buoy the Dutch. The left-hander was looking to attack through the off side, but didn't bother keeping his drive down and presented Tom Cooper with a simple catch at shoulder height in the covers.
  • Over 2 - Eng 13/0 (Hales 6, Lumb 6)

    Timm van der Gugten shares the early duties for Netherlands, offering good pace that nudges into the 140s, and a hint of shape away from the right-hander. Neither Hales nor Lumb can be persuaded to try anything extravagant, and they work the ball around for ones and twos to take five from the over. A watchful start from England, which is all that is really necessary.
  • Over 1 - Eng 8/0 (Hales 5, Lumb 3)

    Michael Swart opens the bowling for Netherlands with his offspin, and there's a moment of excitement when his first ball hits Alex Hales on the pad, sparking an optimistic appeal for lbw. Unperturbed, Hales chips the very next ball for four, and Michael Lumb opens his own account with a handsome drive that is intercepted by some committed fielding on the boundary, keeping the batsmen to three.
  • End of innings

    This was a stop-start effort from Netherlands, who began very well but ground almost to a halt in the second half of their innings. Myburgh contributed a typically bellicose 39, and he and Barresi put on 50 for the second wicket, but the middle order could not keep up. This should be a straightforward chase for England, although the conditions will favour Netherlands' battery of medium pacers. Join us in 10 minutes or so for the chase.

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