New Zealand vs India

Match info: New Zealand v India ODI Series 2014 at Seddon Park - 4th ODI

Date: 28th Jan 2014 Umpires: G A V Baxter and R J Tucker

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

New Zealand

280/3 (48.1 Overs)



278/5 (50.0 Overs)

New Zealand win by 7 wickets

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  • New Zealand win by 7 wickets

    Taylor's ton, good support from Williamson and Brendon McCullum and a blazing start from Guptill and Ryder ensures that New Zealand win by 7 wickets and wrap up the series 3-0. India have struggled against a well balanced New Zealand attack is all departments and have some decisions to make before the ODI World Cup which will be in similar conditions.
  • Over 48.1 NZ 280/3 (Taylor 112, B McCullum 49)

    New Zealand need 5 to win from 12 balls, Brendon hits Aaron out of the ground for a six, he finishes the match and ends on 49 well hit runs. New Zealand win the match convincingly and seal the series 3-0.
  • Over 48 NZ 274/3 (Taylor 112, B McCullum 43)

    Shami comes back into the attack, a single to start the over. A couple of runs, Brendon chips it over mid off for a couple of runs. Four, this is a better shot from him, Brendon hits it wide of mid off for four. A wide from Shami, the game slipping away from India. Four more, Brendon wants to finish this quickly, he comes down the wicket and pulls the short ball for four, the man in the deep makes a mess of it. A single to make it 13 runs from the over.
  • Over 47 NZ 261/3 (Taylor 111, B McCullum 32)

    Jadeja finishes his 10 overs, three singles from this one. New Zealand need 18 runs from 18 balls.
  • Over 46 NZ 258/3 (Taylor 109, B McCullum 31)

    A single to Taylor, brings Brendon on strike. Brendon hits it through deep third man for four. Seven runs from the over, New Zealand doing this with ease.
  • Over 45 NZ 251/3 (Taylor 109, B McCullum 25)

    Jadeja comes back into the attack, a dot to start and then Taylor cuts it late and beats backward point for four. Five runs from the over. New Zealand go past 250.
  • Over 44 NZ 246/3 (Taylor 102, B McCullum 25)

    Bhuvi starts his 9th over, Brendon takes a single to long leg, a couple more singles to follow. Six singles from the over, New Zealand need 33 runs from 36 balls.
  • Over 43 NZ 240/3 (Taylor 100, B McCullum 22)

    A single to start the over, Brendon hits Aaron over long off for another six, brilliant batting from the captain. A couple of singles to follow, Taylor ends the over with a boundary, four to get to his century. Big over for New Zealand, 14 runs from the over.
  • Over 42 NZ 226/3 (Taylor 94, B McCullum 14)

    Bhuvi starts his 8th over, a single to Taylor and then Brendon hits a six over cover, seven runs from the over.
  • Over 41 NZ 219/3 (Taylor 93, B McCullum 8)

    A couple of dots and then Taylor cuts the short and wide ball over third man for four. Three singles to end the over, seven easy runs from it.
  • Over 40 NZ 212/3 (Taylor 87, B McCullum 7)

    Bhuvi comes back into the attack, replacing Ashwin. A good over from Bhuvi is spoiled by the last ball, Brendon hits a four to end the over, New Zealand need 67 in 60 balls to win this match.
  • Over 39 NZ 208/3 (Taylor 87, B McCullum 3)

    Shami continues after drinks, Taylor starts the over with a drive through the covers for four. A couple of quick singles, a chance for a run out but Rayudu does not hit the stumps and Taylor would have been in anyway. Taylor lifts the ball over mid off for four, brilliant batting under pressure. 10 runs from the over, Shami continues to be expensive today. New Zealand race past 200, need 71 more in 11 overs.
  • Over 38 NZ 198/3 (Taylor 78, B McCullum 2)

    New Zealand need 82 runs from 78 balls with 7 wickets in hand. After drinks, Ashwin starts his last over. A quick over from Ashwin, just a single from it.
  • Over 37 NZ 197/3 (Taylor 77, B McCullum 2)

    Shami comes back for his third spell, Jadeja replaced after he got the wicket. Three singles from the over, good comeback from Shami.
  • Over 36 NZ 194/3 (Taylor 75, B McCullum 1)

    A single to get off the mark, Brendon clips it to midwicket. Five runs to end the over, Dhoni was shouting 'easy easy' but the fielder threw hard and it went for four overthrows, unnecessary from India.
  • Over 35 NZ 188/3 (Taylor 70, B McCullum 0)

    A dot ball to start the over, and then Jadeja strikes. WICKET! A run out breaks the partnership, Williamson is short of his ground, Jadeja hits the stumps and India get a much needed wicket. Brendon McCullum comes out to bat.
  • Over 34 NZ 188/2 (Taylor 70, Williamson 60)

    A single to backward point and Taylor cuts Ashwin. Williamson hits it past the leg slip for a couple of runs, this pair picking runs with ease. Williamson clips it away on the leg side for a couple more runs. Six runs from the over, New Zealand need 91 from 16 overs.
  • Over 33 NZ 182/2 (Taylor 69, Williamson 55)

    A couple of singles and then Taylor cuts Jadeja for four to third man, a couple of singles follow. Good over for New Zealand, Jadeja gives away 9 runs.
  • Over 32 NZ 173/2 (Taylor 62, Williamson 53)

    Ashwin starts his 7th over, Williamson takes a single straight down the ground. A wide from Ashwin, poor bowling from him. Good comeback from him, just three runs from the over.
  • Over 31 NZ 170/2 (Taylor 61, Williamson 52)

    Jadeja comes back into the attack, two slips in place for him. A couple of dots and then three singles to end the over, India looking for wickets.

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