England vs Sri Lanka

Match info: England v Sri Lanka ODI Series 2014 at Emirates Durham ICG - 2nd ODI

Date: 25th May 2014 Umpires: M Erasmus and R T Robinson

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


99 All out (26.1 Overs)


Sri Lanka

256/8 (50.0 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 157 runs

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    Sri Lanka's total of 256/8 always looked competitive. Turned out it was way, way, way too many for England to contemplate chasing. Morgan made 40 as stand-in skipper, but only Bell was the other home batsman to reach double figures. Their innings of 99 lasted a measly 26.1 overs. Thanks for your company today, please join us again on Wednesday for the third ODI, a day-nighter from Emirates Old Trafford.
  • Over 26 - England 99/9 (Anderson 7, Gurney 4)

    Can't remember seeing Gurney bat before. His early efforts today suggest he's here for a good time, not a long one. He swings and misses at two short balls from Prasad, then under-edges the last of the over away past his stumps for four.
  • WICKET! Morgan c Chandimal b Prasad 40

    Morgan top-edged a six at the start of the Prasad over that went all the way over the rope at backward square leg. When he locates the middle, he only ends up finding Chandimal out on the deep mid-wicket boundary. England nine down and the one batsman to look anything like he knows what he was meant to be doing has gone.
  • Over 25 - England 88/8 (Morgan 34, Anderson 7)

    THEY'VE DONE IT! Anderson sees England past 86 in style, getting the reverse sweep out of the locker to knock Senanayake away for a boundary. Alastair Cook looks miserable on the balcony - not a bad day to let someone else answer the difficult questions at the post-match presser. England went from 19 without loss to 73-8.
  • Over 24 - England 84/8 (Morgan 34, Anderson 3)

    Prasad's return to the attack roughs up Anderson, who uses a reactionary wave of the bat to get a fortunate single down to fine leg, but Morgan enjoys the extra pace. The left-hander thumps a six over wide long-off to loud cheers from the home faithful. That all-time low is now just two runs away. This innings has so far featured seven fours, one of which arrived off the second ball of the opening over, and that maximum.
  • Over 23 - England 76/8 (Morgan 27, Anderson 2)

    'Okay, Jimmy,' says Morgan. 'Here's the deal. We need a billion to win and about a dozen to avoid entering the record books.' Anderson at least gets two runs with a nice sweep to leave England 10 short of their lowest ODI score ever. Their poorest effort against Sri Lanka was 88, made in Dambulla in 2003. Sri Lanka now turning back to Prasad to add some pace. Only Gurney left...can England avoid the record?
  • WICKET! Tredwell c Kulasekara b Senanayake 4

    There's a main out at long-off, so Tredwell duly goes and lofts a drive straight out to him. Just about sums up England's innings that, clueless. All about beating that all-time low of 86 now...
  • Over 22 - England 73/7 (Morgan 26, Tredwell 4)

    Turns out Dilshan did enough in one over to get himself taken off. Mathews replaces him. He gives away two singles as Morgan shows some intent to attack, albeit only twice hitting fielders with shots.
  • Over 21 - England 71/7 (Morgan 25, Tredwell 3)

    Senanayake bowling with two slips and another catcher behind square on the leg side. Tredwell manages to get an under-edged cut shot away between the two men on the off side, allowing him to pick up a couple of runs. England's main aim here is to avoid an all-time low. In case you do believe in miracles, though, then they require another 186 for victory at 6.41 an over.
  • Over 20 - England 69/7 (Morgan 25, Tredwell 1)

    Morgan belts away a gift from Dilshan, smacking it through mid-wicket to get a boundary. At this stage of their innings, Sri Lanka were 76-1. In theirs, England are sinking without a trace. Just so you know, England's lowest total in ODI cricket is 86, posted against Australia at Old Trafford 13 years ago.
  • Over 19 - England 63/7 (Morgan 20, Tredwell 0)

    Sri Lanka ask for another lbw decision, this time against new man Tredwell. No chance of it being given, but if you don't ask you won't get. They're now going to stick Dilshan on - Morgan might as well at least try and get this score up to somewhere near three figures before Senanayake works his way through the lower order.
  • WICKET! Jordan lbw Senanayake 1

    Jordan has no idea about which way Senanayake is turning the ball. He goes back to one that spins in sharply, trapping him leg before. A review can't save him, meaning he's on his way for one and England are seven down. The WASP is most definitely dead on the carpet now.
  • Over 18 - England 62/6 (Morgan 18, Jordan 1)

    Having done his best to nick the first ball he had to face, Jordan gets off the mark from his second legal delivery with a very badly-timed pull shot that loops into the leg side for one. Morgan doesn't time his attempt that much better, but does see it roll out to the rope at mid-wicket. That boundary briefly raised WASP up to one percent - a dot ball that followed dropped that down to zero again.
  • WICKET! Buttler c Senanayake b Mathews 4

    What a start for Mathews! First ball of his spell and he removes Buttler, who pays the price for trying to work a straight delivery to leg. All he ends up doing is getting a leading edge in the air, with Senanayake making good ground going to his right at extra cover to catch.
  • Over 17 - England 55/5 (Morgan 14, Buttler 4)

    Again Morgan denies Senanayake a maiden, this time flicking two off the final delivery. Time for a change at the other end, Mathews coming on to replace the bustling Prasad.
  • Over 16 - England 53/5 (Morgan 12, Buttler 4)

    Buttler gets off the mark in impressive fashion, driving on the up as Prasad continues to offer up a boundary ball in each over. 'He bowls with a lot of effort,' says Michael Atherton. All wasted, though, when he bangs it in too short and gets called for a wide. England will take any help they can get right now, needing another 204 runs for victory.
  • Over 15 - England 46/5 (Morgan 12, Buttler 0)

    Don't panic, DON'T PANIC! Those were the words of David Gower...just before Bopara was bowled by a ball that seemed to defeat him for a lack of pace. He played way outside of the line, unless he believed it was due to turn the other way instead. Buttler now in at seven and although there is still batting to come, England need this current pair at the crease to do the bulk of the work in this run chase.
  • WICKET! Bopara b Senanayake 7

    Boplievers, stop Boplieving for today. Ravi has been bowled through the gate by Senanayake. England have lost have their side and have just 46 runs on the board.
  • Over 14 - England 46/4 (Morgan 11, Bopara 7)

    Morgan smacks a short ball from Prasad away for four to bring about some ironic cheers from a crowd that have been starved of any real fireworks all day. While Dilshan played well earlier for his 88 runs, it wasn't his usual kind of swashbuckling knock with boundaries aplenty. Despite such a shocking start, England still don't need more than a run-a-ball rate from here on.

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