England vs Sri Lanka

Match info: England v Sri Lanka ODI Series 2014 at Edgbaston - 5th ODI

Date: 3rd Jun 2014 Umpires: C B Gaffaney and M A Gough

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


219 All out (48.1 Overs)


Sri Lanka

222/4 (48.2 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 6 wickets

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  • Good night

    Sri Lanka's batsmen made slightly hard work of it but got the job done in the end, Thirimanne finishing 60 not out and Mathews unbeaten on 42. Words were exchanged after a handshake between skippers Cook and Mathews afterwards, clearly some lingering ill-feeling towards the Sri Lanka captain from England's players after Senanayake 'mankaded' Buttler earlier in the day. That's all set things up rather nicely for the two-match Test series that starts at Lord's on June 12. See you then.
  • Sri Lanka win by six wickets and take the series 3-2

    Mathews hits consecutive boundaries off Bopara to open the 49th over to complete Sri Lanka's six-wicket victory with 10 balls to spare.
  • Over 47 - SL 214/4 (Thirimanne 60, Mathews 34)

    Jordan can bowl the final two overs from this end (if it gets that far). Bopara will take the 49th over. Four singles are taken and then Mathews finds the boundary with an uppercut from Jordan's penultimate ball. Mathews keeps the strike with a drop-and-run single on the off-side. Sri Lanka need 6 off 12 balls.
  • Over 47 - SL 205/4 (Thirimanne 58, Mathews 27)

    Anderson back on for his final over. Thirimanne helps the first delivery for four to midwicket, it was too short and asking to be hit. Root makes a diving stop at cover point to save some runs after Thirimanne middles a square drive. Dropped! Anderson gets his right hand on a return drive from Thirimanne but doesn't hold on. Tough chance, high to his right. Anderson finishes with 1-33. Sri Lanka need 15 off 18 balls.
  • Over 46 - SL 201/4 (Thirimanne 54, Mathews 27)

    Sri Lanka target Gurney in his final over. Mathews advances and drives over mid-off for four and follows up by smashing another four over cover off the back foot. Gurney finishes with 0-46. Sri Lanka need 19 off 24 balls.
  • Over 45 - SL 191/4 (Thirimanne 53, Mathews 18)

    Jordan to continue. Gurney is again in the action at third-man as Mathews' uppercut drops just short of him as he dives forward and runs away for four. Some sharp running between the wickets makes it 10 from the over in total, Mathews expertly using Jordan's extra pace to work the ball around. Sri Lanka need 29 off 30 balls.
  • Over 44 - SL 181/4 (Thirimanne 51, Mathews 10)

    Gurney back on, he's got two overs left. Thirmanne completes his seventh ODI half-century from 89 deliveries (1x4, 1x6). It's not been particularly pretty, but he's doing the job for his side. Sri Lanka need 39 off 36 balls.
  • Over 43 - SL 178/4 (Thirimanne 49, Mathews 9)

    Thirimanne continues to accumulate against Jordan, including a well-placed two behind square on the off-side. The required-rate is now up to a run-a-ball. Sri Lanka need 42 off 42 balls.
  • Over 42 - SL 174/4 (Thirimanne 46, Mathews 8)

    Four from the over as Tredwell completes figures of 2-30 from his allocation. Excellent effort from the Kent spinner. Sri Lanka need 46 off 48 balls.
  • Over 41 - SL 170/4 (Thirimanne 45, Mathews 5)

    Jordan is back on, Anderson's still got one over left to use at some point. Cook saving it for now. Good running allows Mathews to turn one into two and Jordan is then called wide for a too-short bouncer. There are three other singles, including one steered off Mathews' outside edge to third-man, in an over costing six. Sri Lanka need 50 off 54 balls.
  • Over 40 - SL 164/4 (Thirimanne 43, Mathews 2)

    Tredwell is back on and he's got two overs left. Plenty of chat from England's fielders for Mathews, including Buttler having his say. Two singles from the over, both driven down the ground. Sri Lanka need 56 off 60 balls.
  • Over 39 - SL 162/4 (Thirimanne 42, Mathews 1)

    That was a total misjudgment of length from Jayawardene, it was much too short for the shot attempted. Sri Lanka skipper Mathews is greeted with another round of boos from the crowd... Sri Lanka need 58 off 66 balls.
  • Jayawardene c Anderson b Jordan 53

    Jayawardene drives too early and hits it high in the air, Anderson taking the catch at mid-off. That shot came out of nowhere.
  • Over 38 - SL 156/3 (Jayawardene 51, Thirimanne 41)

    Jayawardene pushes a single off Gurney into the off-side to complete his 72nd ODI half-century from 417 (!) matches (87b, 4x4). Only one blemish when he edged between Buttler and Jordan at slip. Sri Lanka need 64 off 72 balls.
  • Over 37 - SL 147/3 (Jayawardene 49, Thirimanne 41)

    Rain has eased off and is only falling lightly now. Thirimanne drives on the up through the covers as Anderson offers him the chance to free his arms. Sri Lanka need 65 off 78 balls.
  • Over 36 - SL 147/3 (Jayawardene 47, Thirimanne 36)

    Jayawardene is complaining to the umpires that his gloves are getting wet and he can't grip the bat properly but he's told to get on with it. Gurney back into the attack. Three runs from the over, would have been more but Bopara pulled off a sliding stop from the final delivery to save a couple of runs. Sri Lanka need 73 off 84 balls.
  • Power Play

    Sri Lanka are taking the batting power play, mainly because they have to. The fielding restrictions are back in place for overs 36-40.
  • Over 35 - SL 143/3 (Jayawardene 46, Thirimanne 34)

    The umpires are happy to stay out for the moment. Anderson back into the attack for England, just a single from the over, flicked to square-leg by Jayawardene. Sri Lanka need 76 off 90 balls.
  • Over 34 - SL 143/3 (Jayawardene 45, Thirimanne 34)

    Tredwell is milked for four singles as the rain starts to fall. Sri Lanka are well ahead of the D/L par score. Sri Lanka need 77 off 96 balls.
  • Over 33 - SL 139/3 (Jayawardene 43, Thirimanne 32)

    Bopara's over disappears for 11 runs, including a pair of Jayawardene boundaries, the first pulled behind square and the second run fine off an open bat face to beat third-man. In between, Thirimanne is almost caught by Gurney at fine-leg. Didn't quite carry. Sri Lanka need 81 off 102 balls.

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