England vs India

Match info: England v India ODI Series 2014 at The Swalec Stadium - 2nd ODI

Date: 27th Aug 2014 Umpires: P R Reiffel and R K Illingworth

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


161 All out (38.1 Overs)



304/6 (50.0 Overs)

India win by 133 runs (D/L Method)

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  • India win by 133 runs (D/L)

    So India's total of 304-6 proved to be more than enough as England's chase of a revised target was derailed first by a devastating spell from the India seamers and then finished off completely by the spinners. Jadeja's figures of 4-28 were the pick of the bunch while Raina's innings of 100 put down the foundations for victory.
  • Wicket! Tredwell c Jadeja b Ashwin 10

    Tredwell goes for another slog sweep but this time it's a big top edge, with Jadeja taking an easy catch to give Ashwin another wicket. And that's it, India have won the second one-day international by 133 runs.
  • Over 38 - England 161/9 (Tredwell 10, Anderson 9)

    Tredwell tries his hand at the slog sweep and this time the ball does make it over the ropes for six runs. The rest of Jadeja's over yields just one single, however.
  • Over 37 - England 154/9 (Tredwell 3, Anderson 9)

    The barrage of spin is back as Ashwin is given the ball. England bring up the 150 as Anderson and Tredwell both grab singles. Anderson then sweeps away powerfully in the air and it looks certain to be another six, but it plugs in the ground just before the rope and they can only run three. A single from Tredwell completes the over.
  • Over 36 - England 147/9 (Tredwell 1, Anderson 5)

    James Anderson is the last man in and he gets started in some style, sweeping his rival Jadeja away on the on side for four runs.
  • Woakes st Dhoni b Jadeja 20

    Jadeja comes back into the attack and when Woakes tries to hit him down the ground Dhoni pounces on the batsman's misjudgement to catch him out of his ground with a stumping. It's almost all over for England now.
  • Over 35 - England 141/8 (Woakes 19, Tredwell 1)

    Some pace again now after a long spell of spin as Shami comes back into the attack. Woakes runs two after driving in the air past cover. He then pulls in the air as well, this time straight at midwicket, but Rohit Sharma cannot handle the pace on the ball and the chance goes down. He heads off the field with some apparent damage to his fingers. Woakes makes the most of his reprieve by smashing a full delivery from Shami high over midwicket and into the stands for six. He then takes a single of the last ball.
  • Over 34 - England 130/8 (Woakes 8, Tredwell 1)

    James Tredwell is the new man in and he gets off the mark with a single, while Woakes also adds another single to the total.
  • Wicket! Jordan lbw b Raina 0

    Raina is back on and, after Woakes runs a single, he gets one to stay low and straight which traps Jordan about as plumb in front of the stumps as you can get. Jordan's miserable day continues with a two-ball duck.
  • Over 33 - England 127/7 (Woakes 6, Jordan 0)

    Chris Jordan is the new man in.
  • Stokes c Rahane b Jadeja 23

    Jadeja is back on and Woakes runs a single before Stokes charges down the wicket again and this time gets a lot more on it. It looks like it could be heading over the ropes but hangs in the air long enough for Ajinkya Rahane to run around and take a superb catch on the deep midwicket boundary.
  • Over 32 - England 125/6 (Stokes 23, Woakes 4)

    Ashwin continues and Woakes runs a single before Stokes charges down the wicket at the spinner, but he cannot get a clean contact and a single towards cover is the result. Woakes then runs another single before Stokes misjudges a reverse sweep and India go up for a big lbw shout. It looked very close indeed but Hot Spot showed it brushed Stokes' glove on the way through. Full credit to Reiffel if he managed to pick that out.
  • Over 31 - England 122/6 (Stokes 22, Woakes 2)

    Woakes gets off the mark first ball to Raina, Stokes adds a second later in the over and Woakes runs one more as just three runs come from the over.
  • Over 30 - England 119/6 (Stokes 21, Woakes 0)

    Stokes is on strike for the last ball of the over as the batsmen crossed and he almost drives it into the hands of cover point, but he ball just does not carry.
  • Wicket! Morgan c Shami b Ashwin 28

    Ashwin continues from the other end and he is cut away through the covers for four by Stokes. A single brings Morgan on strike and he tries a conventional sweep this time, but he loops it high into the air and Shami is there at deep square leg to take the catch.
  • Over 29 - England 114/5 (Morgan 28, Stokes 16)

    More spin as Suresh Raina comes into the attack. This time Morgan comes up with the reverse sweep, reaching the boundary like his batting partner before him. Two singles follow before Morgan tries to smash one down the ground. Raina has the chance of a return catch but the ball is travelling so quickly he can be forgiven for putting it down.
  • Over 28 - England 108/5 (Morgan 23, Stokes 15)

    Looks like they are staying out for now as Stokes pulls out the reverse sweep for four runs. Ashwin then goes up for an lbw shout but the ball was heading down the leg side. Stokes gets off strike with a single and Morgan adds another before the end of the over.
  • Over 27 - England 102/5 (Morgan 22, Stokes 10)

    The rain continues to come down as Morgan runs three following a slip in the outfield by Ashwin. Two more singles take the hosts past the 100 mark before another run from Stokes makes it six from the over.
  • Over 26 - England 96/5 (Morgan 18, Stokes 8)

    Stokes flicks Ashwin away for four runs down to fine leg but otherwise the batsmen manage just two singles as England continue to struggle to accelerate the scoring rate.
  • Over 25 - England 90/5 (Morgan 17, Stokes 3)

    Jadeja continues and keeps things tight, with a combination of smart fielding and accurate bowling restricting England to just one single, via the bat of Stokes. There is some drizzle in the air and England are still way behind on Duckworth-Lewis.

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