England vs India

Match info: England v India ODI Series 2014 at Trent Bridge, Nottingham - 3rd ODI

Date: 30th Aug 2014 Umpires: M A Gough and P R Reiffel

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


227 All out (50.0 Overs)



228/4 (43.0 Overs)

India win by 6 wickets

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  • Over 41 - India 207-4 (Rayudu 55, Jadeja 0)

    That was a smart catch from Woakes, didn't have a lot of time but made the necessary ground with ease. Wicket maiden for Tredwell. Jadeja is the new batsman.
  • Raina c Woakes b Tredwell 42

    Raina comes down the pitch and hits a flat, hard catch to Woakes, moving to his left from long-on.
  • Over 40 - India 207-3 (Rayudu 55, Raina 42)

    Woakes is still running in hard and concedes three singles in the over, all of them guided behind square. India need 21 off 60 balls.
  • Over 39 - India 204-3 (Rayudu 54, Raina 40)

    Buttler fails to collect a stumping chance after Tredwell spins one past an advancing Rayudu's inside edge.
  • Over 38 - India 200-3 (Rayudu 51, Raina 39)

    Rayudu drives back over Finn's head for four and then leans back to lifts a short ball for four more to third-man to complete the first half-century of the match (63b, 5x4). That's his third ODI 50.
  • Over 37 - India 188-3 (Rayudu 40, Raina 39)

    Woakes back on. Raina hits two fours in the over, lofting a drive over extra cover and pulling to square-leg. England out of ideas.
  • Over 36 - India 178-3 (Rayudu 39, Raina 30)

    Rayudu gives himself some room but Finn follows him and he can only defend. Next ball, the batsman does the same thing, this time Finn doesn't change his usual off-stump line and the ball disappears through extra cover for four.
  • Power Play

    India, who need 55 from 90 balls, have taken the batting power play (because they have to). Fielding restrictions back in place for the next five overs.
  • Over 35 - India 173-3 (Rayudu 35, Raina 29)

    Raina looks imperious at the moment, hitting the ball wherever he likes, including one flick over mid-on from well outside off stump in Anderson's latest over.
  • Over 34 - India 168-3 (Rayudu 34, Raina 25)

    Finn's back on as Cook continues to roll through his options. Wickets, and plenty of them, are England's only escape route from this position. Rayudu uppercuts a short ball for four to third-man, totally in control of what he was doing.
  • Over 33 - India 163-3 (Rayudu 30, Raina 24)

    Anderson is back on for his second spell, round-the-wicket to the left-handed Raina, who wasn't part of India's Test squad because of his perceived weakness against the short ball. Both batsmen collect a single into the off side, plus Anderson sends down a wide to make it three runs from the over.
  • Over 32 - India 160-3 (Rayudu 29, Raina 23)

    Stokes' pace is being used against him in the last couple of overs as more runs are runs behind square. Raina finishes the over by lashing a short, wide offering over backward point for four.
  • Over 31 - India 149-3 (Rayudu 26, Raina 17)

    This proves an over too far for Root, who is cut away for consecutive boundaries by the left-handed Raina. Root still doesn't learn, dropping another one short outside off stump, only this time Raina only gets three with the same shot.
  • Over 30 - India 138-3 (Rayudu 26, Raina 6)

    Both batsmen using Stokes' pace to run singles - five in all - behind square on both sides of the wicket.
  • Over 29 - India 133-3 (Rayudu 24, Raina 3)

    Root is picked off for easy runs into the leg side and also donates a wide, fired well down leg, to India's cause.
  • Over 28 - India 126-3 (Rayudu 19, Raina 2)

    Lively pace from Stokes, passing Rayudu's outside edge as he flirted the bat. Rayudu digs out a yorker for a single, Raina collects one by turning a slower ball into the leg side and Rayudu retains the strike with a square drive for another single.
  • Over 27 - India 123-3 (Rayudu 17, Raina 1)

    Raina strides down the pitch at Tredwell to get off the mark with a single down the ground. India remain in control of the run chase with 105 needed from 23 overs.
  • Over 26 - India 120-3 (Rayudu 15, Raina 0)

    Kohli couldn't believe what he'd done, that was a soft dismissal. A few words exchanged between Stokes and Kohli as the batsman made his way off the ground. Raina, who scored a century in Cardiff earlier in the week, comes out to join Rayudu.
  • Kohli c Tredwell b Stokes 40

    Kohli drives too early and pops a catch to Tredwell at mid-on.
  • Over 25 - India 116-2 (Kohli 36, Rayudu 15)

    Kohli's had enough of singles and instead comes down the track and swats a half drive, half slog to straight midwicket for a one-bounce four. Tredwell switches back to over-the-wicket.

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