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South Africa vs Australia

Match info: South Africa v Australia Test Series 2014 at St George's Park - 2nd Test

Date: 23rd Feb 2014 Status: Day 4 of 5 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and R K Illingworth

Home team and score Away team score

South Africa

423 All out (150.5 Overs)
270/5 Dec (64.0 Overs)



246 All out (57.0 Overs)
216 All out (73.4 Overs)

South Africa win by 231 runs

  • SA win by 231 runs

    Steyn picks up 4 wickets, SA wrap up Australia for 216 runs. South Africa win by 231 runs, only two of their batsmen reaching double figures, Australia going from 150 for 1 to 231 all out. Both teams go to Cape Town with the series tied at 1-1.
  • Over 73.4 - Aus 216/10 (Siddle 3)

    Umpires check the light, only spinners will be allowed to bowl. Elgar comes into the attack. WICKET! Elgar traps Lyon in front of the stumps. Australia all out for 216, SA win by 232 runs.
  • Over 73 - Aus 215/9 (Siddle 1, Lyon 0)

    This could be close, drama and more drama, WICKET! Rogers is run out, Alviro Petersen picks it up cleanly and hits the stumps, Rogers just short of his ground. Good knock from Rogers, but he falls and Australia close to defeat. Duminy continues, Siddle gets a single. Good over for SA.
  • Over 72 - Aus 214/8 (Siddle 1, Rogers 107)

    Rogers changes his helmet, umpires look at the light, play restarts with Philander replacing Duminy. A maiden from Philander, Siddle plays it out.
  • Over 71 - Aus 214/8 (Siddle 1, Rogers 107)

    Steyn to Siddle, looking to finish this match today. Three dots and then Siddle hits it to point for a single, a risky run but Duminy rolls over the ball and is hurt. Steyn to bowl to Rogers. The South African national anthem being chanted around the ground. Two bouncers from Steyn to Rogers, the last one hits him and goes for four leg byes to fine leg.
  • Over 70 - Aus 209/8 (Siddle 0, Rogers 107)

    Duminy comes into the attack, a maiden from him. Siddle will be on strike.
  • Over 69 - Aus 209/8 (Siddle 0, Rogers 107)

    Play continues, Rogers still at the crease and Steyn steams in to bowl to Harris. The extra half hour has been granted. Steyn bowls it down leg and Harris gets four runs, a glance to fine leg. There will be 8 more overs today. WICKET! Harris falls, in the first over of the extra half hour. Harris reviews it but umpire has given it out and it will stay out, Harris lbw to Steyn.
  • Over 68 - Aus 205/7 (Harris 2, Rogers 107)

    Four maidens in a row, and possibly the last over of the day coming up. Good ball from Morkel, he bowls a yorker to Rogers who blocks it out. Rogers pushes it through the off side for four, Duminy lets it go away for four, Rogers stays on strike. The umpire gives him out, but Rogers does not think it was a clean catch. Replays show the ball just bounced before it went into AB's gloves, Rogers edged it down the leg side. Third umpire says not out.
  • Over 67 - Aus 201/7 (Harris 2, Rogers 103)

    Steyn to Harris, he survives the over, a maiden in the end.
  • Over 66 - Aus 201/7 (Harris 2, Rogers 103)

    15 minutes to go to the stumps. Rogers survives the maiden from Morkel. Harris will have to face Steyn.
  • Over 65 - Aus 201/7 (Harris 2, Rogers 103)

    Steyn comes back into the attack, steams in to bowl. Rogers wants one, but sends Harris back. One feels that if they can get another wicket, then SA can push for the extra half hour of play today. Short leg comes in, lots of fielders inside the circle, Harris survives.
  • Over 64 - Aus 201/7 (Harris 2, Rogers 103)

    Morkel continues from the other end, Rogers looks like he has edged it to the keeper down the leg side, umpire gives it not out. Smith goes for the review, replays show there was nothing on the bat, just the thigh pad. Rogers survives, SA lose both their reviews. Another maiden from Morkel.
  • Over 63 - Aus 201/7 (Harris 2, Rogers 103)

    Elgar comes in to bowl, with a storm approaching in the distance. A single to end the over, Rogers stays on strike for the next one.
  • Over 62 - Aus 200/7 (Harris 2, Rogers 102)

    Morkel comes into the attack replacing Philander. Harris tries to push for a single, but Quinton does well to stop the ball at cover. A maiden from Morkel.
  • Over 61 - Aus 200/7 (Harris 2, Rogers 102)

    Smith brings Steyn back into the attack, a wicket or two here will make all the difference. Steyn bowls it very wide outside off, umpire has to call that one a wide. Australia 200 for 7.
  • Over 60 - Aus 199/7 (Harris 2, Rogers 102)

    A close call, Philander swings it into Johnson and the umpire gives it not out. Smith goes for a brave review, WICKET! Philander gets Johnson lbw, replays confirm it would have hit leg stump, Johnson gone for 6. Good review by Smith, Philander was not sure. Harris comes out to bat. Three wickets to go, South Africa can claim that extra half hour today. Harris gets off the mark with a push through the leg side, he gets two runs, Australia get to 199.
  • Over 59 - Aus 197/6 (Johnson 6, Rogers 102)

    A couple of singles, Johnson hits it down the ground for a run. Two singles from the over, Australia 197 for 6.
  • Over 58 - Aus 195/6 (Johnson 5, Rogers 101)

    Philander starts his 15th over, shout for lbw but it was going down leg. Rogers pads it to fine leg for a couple, umpire gives it leg byes, Rogers still on 98. Rogers hits it towards deep square leg and gets a couple of runs, reaches his 100, good knock from him. He gets to his 4th test ton, when Australia need it. Another single on the leg side, brings Johnson on strike for the last two balls.
  • Over 57 - Aus 189/6 (Johnson 5, Rogers 98)

    Elgar comes into the attack, Steyn is replaced or may be is changing ends. Rogers drives it through cover for four, after Johnson takes a single. Rogers moves on to 94. Rogers sweeps the last ball of the over for four to deep square leg, he moves on to 98.
  • Over 56 - Aus 180/6 (Johnson 4, Rogers 90)

    Philander continues from the other end. Rogers edges it for four to fine leg, glances it very fine as Philander strays down leg side. Last hour of the day begins. A shout for lbw, the umpire gives it not out, Smith goes for the review. It looked close, height may be an issue as it hit Rogers on the top of the front pad. Replays show it was missing the stumps, Smith also has a word with Elgar and then he starts warming up. So a bowling change could be coming.

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