West Indies vs Pakistan

Match info: West Indies v Pakistan Twenty20 Series 2013 at Arnos Vale Ground - 2nd Twenty20

Date: 28th Jul 2013 Umpires: G O Brathwaite and J S Wilson

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

West Indies

124/9 (20.0 Overs)



135/7 (20.0 Overs)

Pakistan win by 11 runs

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  • Well, that's it for today's game and, indeed, the series. Thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you for some of the upcoming games between Sri Lanka and South Africa, as well as the continuation of the Ashes between England and Australia. Take care, and goodbye for now.
  • Man-of-the-match today is Umar Akmal, for his 46 not-out in solidifying Pakistan's total of 135/7. Man-of-the-series is the new face on the block, Zulfiqar Babar for his impressive performances in St. Vincent over the two days.
  • For the Pakistanis, it's the perfect end to their Caribbean tour. Umar Akmal batted well to ensure that his side would be able to post a competitive total after an improved Windies bowling display, but the sub-continental side's spinners were always going to test the host's batting on a slow, turning pitch. With this series win, Pakistan move up to number 2 on the ICC's T20 rankings, behind Sri Lanka.
  • A disappointing home season for the West Indies comes to a close. THey were rocked by early wickets in this game, and just couldn't get going until it was too late. Had Kieron Pollard stuck around for another over, they may have just snuck a win, but it wasn't to be. Their much-vaunted power-hitters simply haven't fired consistently over the ODI series and now in the T20 internationals either, leaving the tail-enders to try and get them over the line. Sound a little like Australia's Test team at the moment? Not far off, I'm afraid.
  • Over 20 Tanvir 1nb-0-0-2-6-0

    Oh dear - no-ball off the first delivery, and that's going to mean a free-hit for the men in maroon. Tanvir bowled too wide of the crease, and the umpire felt that he had gone too far. Tanvir is up to the task though, and a slower ball is completely missed by a heaving Tino Best. He gets a double before absolutely creaming another slower one straight down the ground on one knee! SIX! A beautiful yorker in response leaves Best frustrated, and another slower ball kills off the threat. A single can only come from the last ball and that's it - Pakistan win the match by 11 runs and the series 2-0! Great effort from them so far from home after also winning the ODI series 3-1. The West Indies simply have not been good enough.
  • The West Indies need 25 runs off these last 6 balls, with their last pair at the crease. Sohail Tanvir will bowl.
  • Over 19 Ajmal 0-0-W-6-0-2

    What a mess as Sammy tries to hoist Saeed Ajmal, but instead hit it straight up. No calling between the bowler and the 'keeper who both want the catch, and the inevitable happens as the two collide and the ball spills out of their hands and bounces away. Comical fielding, really should have been the 'keeper's catch. Sammy can't take advantage of his good fortune though, as he play another extremely similar shot to give Shahid Afridi some catching practice down at long-on. It's all up to the last pair of Badree and Best now, but it's all a bridge too far for the Windies now. Well, Tino Best won't die trying and he connects cleanly to send the ball sailing over long-on for SIX! Ajmal is crafty though, and he cuts the batsman in half with a great piece of bowling to get Best to lose his balance. The stumping appeal is referred to the third-umpire, but the batsman's foot was down in time.
  • Over 18 Afridi 4-4-1-1-0-1W

    Eight runs from the first two deliveries - criminally, the first four are byes! That ball missed everything and scuttled through for a boundary before Christopher Barnwell drives sweetly through the covers for a boundary of his own. A swipe across the line is missed, rapping the batsman on the pads but incredibly the umpire doesn't give him out, despite Afridi's frenzied appealing. That was hitting middle, and I'm not sure what prevented the umpire from raising the finger there. Pakistan don't have to wait long to claim the 8th West Indian wicket though, as Barnwell is run-out after hesitating in coming back for a second. The dive couldn't save him.
  • Over 17 Babar 6-4-6-4-W-W

    Pow, SIX! That is a huge hit from Kieron Pollard, and that one isn't coming back. The umpires bring out a new box of balls, as the last one is probably flying somewhere over South America by now. Pollard has decided that this is his time, as he calmly swats one straight down the ground for a blistering four before skipping out and THUMPING one far over long-on for six! They'll need to replace that ball as well! It's still not going to be easy for the Windies, but if Pollard can keep on doing this, who knows? Another ball, another blow straight and the fielder can only dive and parry it over the rope. That was hit HARD. He tries to slice another one, but this goes high up over the in-field, and deep-cover takes the catch! OUT! He tried to hit with the spin, but couldn't quite get it right. The batsmen crossed whilst the ball was in the air, and Bravo falls on the last ball of the over in almost identical fashion to Pollard! WICKET, and Babar has come back well to take the wickets of the key danger-men!
  • Over 16 Ajmal 1-0-1-1-0-2

    Pollard and Bravo still can't get Ajmal away, with Dwayne even making room outside leg and swinging hard, to no avail. They trade singles before there is a huge appeal for a run-out as the batsmen came back for two. The throw was a little wide for wicket-keeper Akmal to collect, and that extra little bit of time require to bring the ball to the stumps was what saved Bravo in the end. It was a close-run thing, but the batsman had just made his ground by a centimetre or so.
  • Over 15 Babar 0-1-1-1lb-1-0

    They're not going to get them with singles - just four runs from that Zulfiqar Babar over, and even though Bravo did his best to carve the last ball past cover, he just couldn't beat the fielder. Five overs remain now, with Pakistan firmly in the driving seat. Singles will suit them just fine.
  • Over 14 Ajmal 4-0-W-0-1-0

    Four more runs, but this time it should really have been out as Shahid Afridi makes a mess on the boundary rope! He came in too far and had to go back to attempt the catch, and even then seemed to think he was closer to the rope than he was, stretching awkwardly over his shoulder without even getting a hand on it. Narine survives, but not for long. Ajmal gets his man as the batsman tries to pull off the back-foot but can't clear long-on to be caught for 28 by Umar Amin, West Indies hopes now rest with the established Bravo and the new man, Kieron Pollard. They need 71 off 36 balls.
  • Over 13 Babar 1-4-4-0-2-1

    Oh dear! Poor Babar. Narine has a wild swing in attempting to slog one over cow-corner and inside-edges juuuuuuuuust past his leg-stump...four fortunate runs behind the wicket. There's nothing fortunate about the next ball though, as he moves his feet and hits the spinner cleanly far to long-on for another boundary! Narine is clearly looking to pick up the tempo, and fancies his chances against the left-arm spin of Babar coming across him. He swings lustily again towards square-leg, but a third boundary is only just prevented as Sohail Hari barely manages to get a boot on it at the last minute.
  • Over 12 Asad 0-2-4-0-1-0

    The new man in the side for today, Asad Ali, runs in to bowl his medium-fast wares to Dwayne Bravo, who promptly smacks him for four through extra-cover. Great shot, great timing from the batsman, and Asad is not quite able to get his line right as he strays down leg and onto the pads more than once. Bravo moves on to 28 now from 32 balls.
  • Over 11 Ajmal 0-0-1-0-1-1

    Bravo and Narine are watchful, and claim several solid singles to ensure that Saeed Ajmal's first over passes without incident. The problem, though, is that the required run-rate is almost 10 and a half runs per over from hereon in...
  • The master-spinner himself, Saeed Ajmal, comes on to take a crack at this batting line-up. Will Sunil Narine be able to cope with his fellow mystery-spinner?
  • 10 Afridi 1-6-0-1-2-6

    Well, well well - Dwayne Bravo snaps into life, clouting a huge six to give Shahid Afridi some of his own medicine! That went high and handsome over the long-off boundary and inspires his partner, Narine, to no end. Narine gets on strike and pulls a massive six of his own way, way over the square-leg boundary and the roof of the stand as well. Can the West Indies fight back, or are they too far behind already?
  • 09 Hafeez 1-2-1-0-0-1w-0

    Hafeez now to finish his spell, and Narine edges him onto his pads to run through for a two that should have been three. A lot of hope rests now on Bravo's shoulders, and he knocks the ball around to pick up a few singles and see off the threat of Hafeez to the left-handed Narine.
  • 08 Afridi 1-0-1-0-0-0

    Here comes Shahid Afridi, and he immediately finds success - OUT! Yet another wicket, and the hosts are absolutely floundering at 17/4 in this chase. Lendl Simmons it is who has to go, after pushing forward and being bowled between bat and pad. Good ball from Afridi, straightening and easing through the sizeable gap between bat and pad to hit the stumps - surely this game must be over as a contest already? Interestingly enough, it's Sunil Narine who makes his way out to the middle as the new batsman.
  • 07 Babar 0-0-0-1-1-0

    There is a massive appeal for caught-behind from Umar Akmal, who excitedly charges down the track to appeal to the umpire, completely oblivious to the fact that Bravo was out of his crease and should have been easily stumped! His captain, Mohammad Hafeez, is certainly not happy with that and admonishes the young keeper. Not-out is the call from the umpire, and replays show his decision to be correct - the ball hit the top of the pad before nestling in the 'keeper's gloves. That was one of the biggest appeals you'll ever see on a cricket field, and Umar Akmal may just find himself in hot water with the match referee for that performance.

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