West Indies vs England

Match info: West Indies v England ODI Series 2014 at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium - 3rd ODI

Date: 5th Mar 2014 Umpires: M Erasmus and J S Wilson

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

West Indies

278 All out (47.4 Overs)



303/6 (50.0 Overs)

England win by 25 runs

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  • England win by 25 runs

    West Indies got far closer than they should have thanks to Ramdin's stunning 128, but it's England who win the series 2-1 after a 25-run triumph built on the batting of Root and Buttler, and yet another top-order batting collapse from the hosts.
  • WICKET! Ramdin b Bresnan 128

    Bresnan bowls three short balls. They go for 14 runs. He bowls one yorker. It hits the base of leg stump. England win by 25 runs.
  • Over 47 - West Indies 264/9 (Ramdin 114, Rampaul 0)

    Forty to win off three overs. Ramdin has just last man Rampaul for company.
  • WICKET! Narine run out 10

    Great work from Broad to send Narine on his way, getting quickly back to the stumps after delivering the ball, collecting Jordan's throw and removing the bails before Narine can get back after being sent back by Ramdin. Narine was nonchalantly making his way back there; think Broad's speed in getting back to the stumps caught him by surprise.
  • Over 46 - West Indies 254/8 (Ramdin 113, Narine 1)

    England still not there, though. Miller gets away with a top edge into the offside and picks up a single before a fine leg-glance brings Ramdin four. This is Ramdin's 109th ODI; he's now scored 9% of all his ODI runs in this innings.
  • WICKET! Miller c sub (Jordan) b Bresnan 10

    Miller tries to smear a length ball from Bresnan over midwicket, succeeds only in lobbing it gently to cover, where sub fielder Chris Jordan takes the catch.
  • Over 45 - West Indies 246/7 (Ramdin 106, Miller 1)

    Miller takes five balls to get Ramdin back on strike. Ramdin then launches another six down the ground. Great innings this.
  • Over 44 - West Indies 239/7 (Ramdin 100, Miller 9)

    Ramdin goes to his hundred in fine style, smashing Parry for two sixes in three balls. England still haven't put this match away. Even when massively on top they are a side too lacking in confidence to apply the finishing touch with any authority. Ramdin, meanwhile, is playing a gem of an innings. The acceleration is staggering. YAH, VIV RICHARDS STADIUM, TALK NAH.
  • Over 43 - West Indies 223/7 (Ramdin 85, Miller 8)

    Dropped! Oh dear. Poor from Broad at point, who completely misjudges a Ramdin slice off Tredwell and ends up grabbing desperately with one hand at what should've been a straightforward catch. Grasses it.
  • Over 42 - West Indies 218/7 (Ramdin 82, Miller 6)

    Good over from Bresnan, but it still brings six runs for the West Indies as Miller enjoys two narrow escapes, first skying a short ball to deep square-leg but just short of a diving Stokes and then edging wide of Buttler for four.
  • Over 41 - West Indies 212/7 (Ramdin 81, Miller 1)

    Ramdin still going. Thick edge wide of Buttler brings four, before he ends Broad's over with another boundary carved over cover and just short of the ropes.
  • Over 40 - West Indies 202/7 (Ramdin 73)

    Wicket at a good time for England, bad time for West Indies. Was just threatening to get interesting, and England have a deeply dubious recent record when placed under pressure.
  • WICKET! Sammy c Stokes b Bresnan 24

    Good catch on the square-leg boundary by Stokes, judging his position just inside the rope to take the catch at head height as Sammy skies a top-edged pull shot. Had to fetch that from way outside off stump and couldn't control the shot.
  • Over 39 - West Indies 200/6 (Ramdin 71, Sammy 23)

    Umpires seem to be unhappy with the state of the ball. Broad seems to be unhappy at the implication. Ramdin and Sammy continue to slap the bowling around giddily. Buttler misses a stumping chance as Sammy gives Tredwell the charge.
  • Over 38 - West Indies 193/6 (Ramdin 71, Sammy 23)

    Bresnan back into the attack to try and put down this belated West Indian resistance. No joy, though, as Sammy gets away with a top-edged hook that falls short of Stokes in the deep before Ramdin whips the ball over midwicket for four. Powerplay finished, bringing 53 runs, no wickets, and just the tiniest sniff of a chance for the hosts.
  • Over 37 - West Indies 185/6 (Ramdin 64, Sammy 22)

    West Indies, belatedly, on the charge. Ramdin swats a short ball from Broad over mid-on tennis-style before Sammy carves a length ball outrageously over the ropes at extra-cover. Big lbw appeal from Broad next ball, but it's missing leg.
  • Over 36 - West Indies 172/6 (Ramdin 58, Sammy 15)

    Ramdin goes to 50 in good style. After what could charitably be described as a patient innings, he goes back over Parry's head for six and then hits successive boundaries through the covers and slog-swept over square-leg. Sammy makes it 20 runs off the over by carving the last ball behind point for four more. Seven overs for 24, and an eighth that costs 20 on its own. That's his figured mangled.
  • Over 35 - West Indies 152/6 (Ramdin 43, Sammy 10)

    A loopy Broad bouncer is rightly called wide, to the obvious and audible displeasure of the England captain. The next one is lower, just low enough in fact for Ramdin to whack it through midwicket for four.
  • Over 34 - West Inides 143/6 (Ramdin 37, Sammy 8)

    Not much power. Very little play. Credit to Parry, in fairness, who cramps the batsmen for room and restricts them to three singles.
  • Powerplay

    They've gone early. They've gone two overs early.

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