West Indies vs England

Match info: West Indies v England Twenty20 Series 2014 at Kensington Oval - 2nd Twenty20

Date: 11th Mar 2014 Umpires: G O Brathwaite and P J Nero

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

West Indies

155/5 (18.5 Overs)



152/7 (20.0 Overs)

West Indies win by 5 wickets

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  • Good night

    West Indies' second win in a row means Thursday's final match at the same venue is now a dead rubber. They always looked in control of the run chase, although there was a brief opening for England when Bresnan struck twice in the 17th over. Sammy quickly shut the door on that idea. England actually played well after slumping to 26-3 early on and may look back ruefully on the 45-minute rain break that stalled their innings just when Buttler was taking the bowling apart. Thanks for your company today and good night.
  • Over 19 - West Indies 155/5 (Sammy 30, Bravo 8)

    Sammy comes up big, finishing the match with seven balls to spare amid a flurry of boundaries. He twice lofts Bresnan down the ground for six and then rocks back to cut the winning four. West Indies win by five wickets to clinch the series.
  • Over 18 - West Indies 136/5 (Sammy 13, Bravo 7)

    Dernbach twice pays the price for missing his length. With third-man inside the circle, Bravo's top-edged pull disappears for four and, later in the over, a full toss is muscled for six by Sammy to midwicket. West Indies need 17 off 12 balls.
  • Over 17 - West Indies 122/5 (Sammy 1, Bravo 5)

    Bravo, one of two new batsmen suddenly thrust into a pressure situation, opens his account with a square drive for four. Classy shot. West Indies need 31 from 18 balls. Bresnan has one over left from this end, Dernbach will take the final two from the other.
  • Russell c Hales Bresnan 2

    Bresnan is on a hat-trick after Russell top edges a heave high in the air and Hales, moving in off the long-on boundary, reverses his hands to take the catch.
  • Samuels c Hales b Bresnan 28

    Game on! Samuels is caught low down by Hales moving to his left at long-on. Samuels cleared the front leg but didn't get enough bat on the shot, surprised by a shorter length from Bresnan.
  • Over 16 - West Indies 116/3 (Samuels 28, Russell 2)

    Bopara returns for his final over, giving up three singles to complete figures of 1-10 from his four overs, including 14 dots. West Indies need 37 from 24 balls.
  • Over 15 - West Indies 113/3 (Samuels 26, Russell 1)

    Samuels moves up a gear at the start of Wright's over, clearing his front leg to smash a six back over the bowler's head and following up with a leg-glance for four. Simmons' departure brings Russell to the middle and he gets off the mark with a single to third-man. West Indies need 40 from 30 balls.
  • Simmons c Buttler b Wright 19

    Simmons chases a big drive and gets an outside edges to Buttler, who takes the catch standing up at the stumps. Smashed into his glove and he managed to hang on.
  • Over 14 - West Indies 100/2 (Samuels 14, Simmons 19)

    Parry doesn't give it as much flight as Tredwell, pushes it through quicker. He finds a better length in his second over and gives up just four singles. West Indies need 53 from 36 balls
  • Over 13 - West Indies 96/2 (Samuels 12, Simmons 17)

    Bopara's final over is being saved for later and his fellow medium pacer Wright is into the attack for the first time in the series. Wright's line is erratic but he gets away with it until Simmons cuts an off-cutter for four.
  • Over 12 - West Indies 89/2 (Samuels 11, Simmons 11)

    Tough introduction to T20 internationals for left-arm spinner Parry. He is consistently too short during an over costing 13 runs, including two fours for Simmons, both cut behind square.
  • Over 11 - West Indies 76/2 (Samuels 8, Simmons 1)

    Simmons is the new batsman and gets off the mark by gliding a single down to third-man. Bopara has bowled 11 dots out of his 18 deliveries. Just two singles - plus Gayle's wicket - from his latest over leaves West Indies needing 77 from 54 balls.
  • Gayle b Bopara 36

    Gayle cuts a back-of-the-hand slower ball from Bopara onto his off-stump. Bopara had come round-the-wicket to the left-hander, cramping him for room and finding his bottom edge.
  • Over 10 - West Indies 74/1 (Gayle 36, Samuels 7)

    Gayle comes down the pitch at Tredwell, is deceived in the flight but follows through anyway and the ball ends up on the roof of the stand at long-on. This one at least bounces back. Tredwell finishes with 0-27 from his four overs.
  • Over 9 - West Indies 66/1 (Gayle 29, Samuels 6)

    Dropped! Samuels gets a thin edge on a Bopara delivery that bounced more than expected but Buttler, standing up at the stumps, doesn't get a glove on it before it hits him in the chest. Samuels was playing with an open face, trying to run it down to third-man. Gayle pulls just short of Morgan at midwicket later in the over. Bopara is again impressing with the ball.
  • Over 8 - West Indies 62/1 (Gayle 27, Samuels 4)

    Gayle almost drags a sweep around his legs and back onto the stumps. Just three singles in Tredwell's latest over. West Indies still have the required-rate (7.58) well under control. They need 91 runs from 72 balls.
  • Over 7 - West Indies 59/1 (Gayle 26, Samuels 2)

    Bopara is into the attack and starts with five dots! Samuels does at least work a single to square-leg from the final ball. Bopara is keeping a tight wicket-to-wicket line, nipping it back a touch off the seam.
  • Over 6 - West Indies 58/1 (Gayle 26, Samuels 1)

    Tredwell continues for the final over of the powerplay. The first ball is short and Gayle pulls it for six, comfortably clearing midwicket with a long, easy swing of the bat. Tredwell responds well, outfoxing Gayle with changes of line and flight, hitting him on the pads a couple of times. The umpire is not interested in Tredwell's lbw appeals, rightly so.
  • Over 5 - West Indies 52/1 (Gayle 20, Samuels 1)

    Dernbach's switch of ends pays off, Smith's exit bringing Samuels to the crease to join Gayle. Samuels, fresh from his 69 not out in the first game, gets going with an edged single to third-man.

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