West Indies vs England

Match info: West Indies v England ODI Series 2014 at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium - 2nd ODI

Date: 2nd Mar 2014 Umpires: R J Tucker and J S Wilson

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

West Indies

159 All out (44.2 Overs)



163/7 (44.5 Overs)

England win by 3 wickets

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    So eventually England get home to square this series at 1-1. A low-key affair it was, but the tourists won't care too much. They chase down a target of 160 with three wickets and 31 balls to spare, setting up a decider at the same venue (but on a different pitch) on Wednesday. Please join us then for full over-by-over coverage.

    And finally Broad makes decent enough contact to finish this game off. It's been ugly, it's been harder work than it ever needed to be, but England have finally got that winning feeling again. Skipper Broad ends up unbeaten on 28 with Bopara 38 not out, the duo having put on an unbroken 58 in 13.1 overs to see their team over the line in taxing circumstances.
  • Over 44 - England 158/7 (Bopara 37, Broad 24)

    Despite his best efforts, including a swing-and-a-miss and three ugly swipes that are miss-timed to mid-wicket, Broad can't see England over the line. Over to you, Ravi. Two required for the win. Dwayne Smith is coming into the attack for the first time.
  • Over 43 - England 157/7 (Bopara 36, Broad 24)

    Now Bravo is finished - no wickets for him in his closing over either, Bopara getting a single before a barrage of bouncers to Broad results in a no ball. The extra delivery is then eased through the covers by England's stand-in skipper for two, meaning it's now just three to win. Oh, and this pair have now put on a half-century stand for the eighth wicket. Fine, fine effort from both, though Windies are probably cursing their captain for dropping Broad earlier.
  • Over 42 - England 153/7 (Bopara 35, Broad 22)

    Broad survives the final test from Narine - the spinner has taken 1-25 off his 10 overs, but crucially hasn't managed to take a wicket in his last four when England were under real pressure. Seven more needed now for victory.
  • Over 41 - England 152/7 (Bopara 34, Broad 22)

    Bopara starts the Rampaul over with a steer to third man, then Broad picks up two with a nice back-foot cover drive. He gives himself room to play the shot again, though this time he gets it past the diving gully fielder for a couple more. That takes the target down to eight more runs,required from 55 deliveries. Rampaul finishes his work with the ball for today - 1-40 from 10.
  • Over 40 - England 147/7 (Bopara 33, Broad 18)

    Four more to the EN-GER-LUND! Broad doesn't seem to have a clue against Narine, but he's not too bothered when an outside edge dies down in front of the slip fielder and sneaks away to the boundary. Another over survived from West Indies' dangerman, and the powerplay has ended with England making 21 runs. Crucially, though, they didn't lose a wicket.
  • Over 39 - England 142/7 (Bopara 32, Broad 14)

    Two singles off the over, bringing it down to 18 needed. Broad gets his with a push into the covers as Dwayne Smith seems to have forgotten to bother to walk in. Bopara steers another down to the fielder that has now been installed at third man. Are we getting towards desperate times for the West Indies? England rather nudging and nurdling their way to the winning post.
  • Over 38 - England 140/7 (Bopara 31, Broad 13)

    Bravo comes back on after a one-over spell from Narine. Broad works the first ball past gully for an easy single, and does the same again from the third. Bopara picks up two when he chips the bowler back over his head, making it five from the over. Each scoring stoke now getting cheered by the England fans inside the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium - they're starting to believe...
  • Over 37 - England 135/7 (Bopara 28, Broad 11)

    With only a short third man in place, Bopara plays a lovely late cut as Rampaul offers him width to work with. Ian Bishop makes an excellent point on commentary that the West Indies could have had England chasing a few more than this had they batted with a bit more responsibility earlier on. Their total of 159 has made a real game of it - 185/190 and they would be overwhelming favourites right now. As it is, 27 more are required by the tourists to level the series at 1-1.
  • Over 36 - England 129/7 (Bopara 23, Broad 10)

    Narine back on now with the fielding restrictions in place. Broad is looking to sweep and sweep only to the spinner, and Sammy is trying to cheat across to the leg side from slip in case there's a top edge. Umpire doesn't like it, telling the West Indian off for moving too early. Three singles from the over.
  • Over 35 - England 126/7 (Bopara 21, Broad 9)

    The final over before the batting powerplay sees two welcome boundaries for England, one of them a glorious stroke as well. Bopara eases a full delivery from Sammy through the covers to make the requirement a little easier. Broad also gets a four, though at one stage it looks like he's going to be caught hooking in the deep. Powell comes in, then goes out, then has to dive to try and take the chance. In the end he doesn't get close to it, and now the requirement is 34. Sammy has bowled three overs for 18 - current skipper should tell the old one to 'take a breather'.
  • Over 34 - England 116/7 (Bopara 16, Broad 4)

    Broad gets lucky not once but twice in the Rampaul over. He top-edges a hook but the chance falls short of two fielders, including a diving man running in from fine leg, then nicks a back-foot drive that Dwayne Bravo spills at first slip. That catch should've been taken - will the Windies regret that in the final reckoning?
  • Over 33 - England 112/7 (Bopara 15, Broad 1)

    Sammy into his second over. Broad off the mark with an upper cut down to the fielder at third man - crowd briefly got excited seeing the ball in the air, but it was always a safe-looking shot. Bopara nets four useful runs with a lovely back-foot drive that goes just behind point and all the way out to the rope. Timely boost for England as we take the final DRINKS break in Antigua - they need another 48 runs for victory.
  • Over 32 - England 105/7 (Bopara 9, Broad 0)

    Broad needs to use a review to survive, Rampaul roughing him up with a bouncer that brushes shirt, not glove as the on-field umpire thinks. Television pictures quickly make it clear the official needs to change his initial decision as England's captain lives to fight on. As for the dismissal of Bresnan, he simply ran on the shot there, while Bopara rightly waited to see if it went past Bravo. He had ended the boundary drought just before, punching a drive through mid-on that Powell carelessly failed to stop as he bent down to do so in front of the rope.
  • WICKET! Bresnan run out 10

    A run out. Just what England needed. Bresnan hits a nice shot to mid-wicket then sets off running, only Bopara hasn't budged from his crease at the other end. The big Yorkshireman stops halfway down, turns like the QE II and is well out of his ground after Bravo makes the throw from mid-wicket. It was a good stop in the first place by the fielder, diving low down.
  • Over 31 - England 101/6 (Bopara 9, Bresnan 6)

    England have managed 20 runs for the loss of three wickets from the last 10 overs. They need another 59 from the remaining 19.
  • Over 30 - England 100/6 (Bopara 8, Bresnan 5)

    Rampaul beats the outside edge of Bresnan's bat and despite the loud appeals, there's no wicket forthcoming. The same player also has a swing and a miss at something offering a little width but does make contact with the final ball of the over, hitting it off the back foot out to deep extra cover for a single. That brings up England's century to some ironic cheers from their supporters. At least they're getting to watch this miserable chase in Antigua. There are many, many worse places to be seeing such turgid cricket, such as an office in dark, cold, miserable England.
  • Over 29 - England 98/6 (Bopara 8, Bresnan 4)

    It's been 32 deliveries since England last hit a boundary. Bresnan and Bopara are only able to live off singles, this is not going to be a pretty run chase. Big Ravi is now coming into the attack to have a go at Little Ravi.
  • Over 28 - England 94/6 (Bopara 7, Bresnan 1)

    Well there's a field you don't see every time in a one-dayer - Narine has a slip, a gully, a leg slip and a short leg when Bresnan is on strike. Unsurprisingly, it would have been a maiden had the spinner not fired one down leg, England sneaking an extra run when the ball deflects away off Ramdin's pads.

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