Australia vs England

Match info: Australia v England Twenty20 Series 2014 at Stadium Australia - 3rd Twenty20

Date: 1st Feb 2014

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


195/6 (20.0 Overs)



111 All out (17.2 Overs)

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  • Bring them home

    There's nothing positive to say about England's run chase, a succession of poor shots meant they never threatened a formidable target. Hardly unexpected given what has gone on over the previous three months. Australia complete a 3-0 T20 series whitewash to go with their 5-0 Ashes win and 4-1 ODI success. That's it for today and - if you're English - thankfully for the tour. If you stuck with it for this long, well done and enjoy what remains of the weekend...
  • Dernbach run out 1

    Dernbach runs himself out to bring England's miserable tour to a fitting end. Jordan wasn't interested in coming back for a second - it was never on - but Dernbach kept coming anyway. He was out by yards after eventually making a token effort to turn around and go back. England all out for 111 in 17.2 overs, Australia win the match by 84 runs and the T20 series 3-0.
  • Over 17 - England 110-9 (Jordan 9, Dernbach 1)

    Last man Dernbach gets off the mark by hitting a full toss just short of straight midwicket. Jordan drives a floated delivery later in Muirhead's over for four through the covers but then misses out on a short, wide one, toe-ending it into the covers.
  • Broad b Muirhead 2

    Broad is bowled by a leg-spinner that comes back enough to beat his attempted pull.
  • Over 16 - England 104-8 (Jordan 2, Broad 4)

    Jordan finally makes some contact, pulling a short ball from Coulter-Nile off his eyebrows for four. This game is long since over, it's just a question of whether Australia can take these final two wickets or can England bat out the overs?
  • Over 15 - England 99-8 (Jordan 0, Broad 1)

    Broad opens his account with a single into the leg-side. Muirhead is an exciting prospect for Australia, he has the winning combination for a leg-spinner of turn and control. England require 97 from 30 balls...
  • Bresnan st Wade b Muirhead 14

    Leg-spinner Muirhead is hit back over his head for six by an advancing Bresnan from the second ball of his spell but soon has his revenge, Bresnan stumped off the next delivery after a flighted delivery turned past the outside edge. Good work from Wade, had a bit to do.
  • Over 14 - England 92-7 (Bresnan 8, Jordan 0)

    Bresnan slammed a drive for four to the leg-side of straight prior to Bopara's departure. New batsman Jordan is in behind his first ball with a text-book defensive shot on the back foot.
  • Bopara b Coulter-Nile 4

    Bopara inside edges a drive into both pads and then looks back to watch the ball trickle onto the stumps. Just about sums up England's entire tour.
  • Over 13 - England 84-6 (Bopara 3, Bresnan 1)

    Aside from Morgan's wicket, it's just singles in Cutting's over, both Bopara and new partner Bresnan get off the mark in that fashion.
  • Morgan c Starc b Cutting 34

    Cutting picks up his first wicket via a good catch from Starc at fine-leg. Morgan skied a big heave and Starc took the catch just above the turf as he dived forward. Morgan hangs around for the third umpire to confirm the catch was clean (although this time there is no Michael Clarke to give him a volley of abuse for doing so). The catch was fine, Morgan hangs his head and walks off.
  • Over 12 - England 79-5 (Morgan 33, Bopara 0)

    Bopara joins Morgan in the middle with England needing 117 from 48 balls. Good luck with that Ravi.
  • Buttler c Maxwell b Christian 8

    Buttler becomes the latest England batsman (four out of five) to hole out to midwicket. This time Maxwell takes the catch. The square boundaries are much longer - by about 10 metres - than the straight ones at this ground. Not smart from England.
  • Over 11 - England 75-4 (Morgan 31, Buttler 6)

    Morgan steps out to drive through the covers for four to start Maxwell's final over and finishes it with a dive into his crease for two. In between times it's just singles and dots. Maxwell completes figures of 2-31, he's raced through his spell.
  • Over 10 - England 67-4 (Morgan 24, Buttler 5)

    Not long until Buttler brings the scoop/ramp out of the bag, finding the boundary over his left shoulder. He tries to repeat the dose from the final ball of Cutting's over but this time fails to make contact. Was lucky not to wear that in the face. England need 129 from the final 10 overs.
  • Over 9 - England 60-4 (Morgan 23, Buttler 0)

    Cutting is having a night to remember, that's three catches already to go with his batting cameo. Root's exit brings Buttler and Morgan together, probably England's best two batsmen in this format.
  • Root c Cutting b Maxwell 11

    The pressure was building on Root and it's no great surprise when he goes for a big pull from the final ball of Maxwell's third over but only succeeds in finding Cutting at straight midwicket, three-quarters of the way back.
  • Over 8 - England 53-3 (Root 9, Morgan 18)

    Christian, another seamer, is into the attack. Morgan gets down on one knee to launch another six, this time behind square on the leg-side. England require 143 from 72 balls.
  • Over 7 - England 43-3 (Root 7, Morgan 10)

    Root living dangerously against Maxwell's spin, fortunate not to be given out lbw after failing to connect with a reverse sweep. He then misses with a big heave and is almost bowled before finally making contact with another reverse sweep, only for a single. Morgan launches the final ball over long-off for England's first six. Went high and just had enough distance.
  • Over 6 - England 31-3 (Root 6, Morgan 1)

    Cutting into the attack for the first time. Rare error from Australia in the field, Muirhead knocking the ball into the boundary ropes while making a diving effort to stop Root's pull. Morgan gets off the mark with a squirted inside edge into the leg-side for a single and, from the next ball, has to dive to regain his ground at the non-striker's end after Maxwell fields, pivots and fires in quick time.

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