Australia vs England

Match info: Australia v England Twenty20 Series 2014 at Melbourne Cricket Ground - 2nd Twenty20

Date: 31st Jan 2014 Umpires: J D Ward and P Wilson

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


131/2 (14.5 Overs)



130/9 (20.0 Overs)

Australia win by 8 wickets

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    Bailey finishes 60 not out and White unbeaten on 58. They have done this at a canter, with eight wickets and 31 balls to spare. This tour goes from bad to worse for England, who lose the T20 series to go with Test and ODI defeats. The good news, they've got just one match left, at Sydney on Sunday. Join us then, if you can stomach it!
  • Australia win by eight wickets!

    All over in the blink of an eye! Bailey finishes the job with back-to-back boundaries off Tredwell and this has been a complete and utter annihilation from Australia at the MCG
  • Over 14 - Australia 118-2 (White 53, Bailey 52)

    Bailey joins White past 50! He needed just 24 balls and gets to his milestone with a fifth four, this time showing deft touch to cut Bopara to the third man boundary. Drop! Oh no, Bopara spills a return catch to let Bailey off the hook. England just want this to end now. It won't be long...
  • Over 13 - Australia 111-2 (White 51, Bailey 47)

    White brings up his second successive T20I half-century and fifth in total with a single. It's taken him just 38 balls. His home crowd rise to their feet. He's done his chances of playing in the World Cup no harm at all in this series. Bailey has the crowd on their feet later in the over, dancing down and depositing Tredwell for another six over long-on. Just 20 more runs required for Australia...
  • Over 12 - Australia 100-2 (White 48, Bailey 39)

    What's 12+12+18? Answer: The cost of Dernbach's three overs so far today. His place in the side really must be questioned. Bailey takes him apart here, planting his first ball back straight into the crowd over long-on, a huge six, 106 metres! Three fours follow, two pulled through midwicket, one drilled wide of long-off. Brutal batting from Bailey and up comes the Australia 100
  • Over 11 - Australia 82-2 (White 48, Bailey 21)

    Drop! With England in desperate need of a wicket... or five, Broad brings himself back into the attack and almost gets his opposite number Bailey. A short ball rushes Bailey but his top edge is just too high for Buttler, who gets a glove on the ball before it trickles to the boundary. Huge frustration on the face of Broad as the match continues to slip away from England
  • Over 10 - Australia 76-2 (White 47, Bailey 16)

    Bopara is brought into the attack but White and Bailey are content to milk him for singles. Five more runs added. 55 required from 60 balls. The camera pans to Hodge in the dug-out, what odds on the Victorian favourite scoring the winning runs tonight?
  • Over 9 - Australia 71-2 (White 44, Bailey 14)

    Great batting from Bailey. He's shifted the momentum back Australia's way since coming to the middle. He skips down the pitch and lofts Tredwell high over long-on for six - the first of the match! Dropped in the crowd. Bailey then ends the over with two more, Bopara failing to gather cleanly with a run-out chance on and White calling his partner through for a second run
  • Over 8 - Australia 62-2 (White 43, Bailey 6)

    An expensive over by the standards Bresnan has set himself in this match. New man Bailey shuffles across his stumps and works two twos through the leg side and then ends a seven-ball over with two more over mid-off. Bresnan perhaps unlucky to conceded a wide on height there
  • Over 7 - Australia 54-2 (White 42, Bailey 0)

    A great start from Tredwell, back in the side in place of Briggs. He keeps it simple, conceding just four runs in between the wicket of Maxwell. Now, can England keep the pressure on?
  • Maxwell ct Bresnan bld Tredwell 2 (5)

    Maxwell is gone! The 'Million Dollar Man' pulls Tredwell out to deep backward square-leg and Bresnan takes a fine catch over his left shoulder
  • Over 6 - Australia 50-1 (White 39, Maxwell 1)

    Bresnan needs some support here, he's doing a fine job on a wicket he loves. His opening two overs have cost just three runs, as well as the breakthrough wicket of Finch. The powerplay is over and it's now time for some spin...
  • Finch lbw Bresnan 10 (11)

    Bresnan strikes! Finch is hit on the knee roll and adjudged lbw by the umpire. Looked a little high and replays confirm it was in fact going over the top. Some much-needed luck for England.
  • Over 5 - Australia 48-0 (White 38, Finch 10)

    A change of ends but the same outcome for Dernbach, who is taken for 12 runs yet again. White is unfazed by the changes in pace, drilling a slower ball back down the ground for four and then cutting two boundaries through point to end the over. Some verbals between White and Dernbach follow but Jade hasn't got a lot of ammunition at the moment. Just 83 more required...
  • Over 4 - Australia 36-0 (White 26, Finch 10)

    Bresnan replaces Dernbach and puts the brakes on with a fine first over. He bowls six balls on a perfect line and length and Australia muster just a single. A mix-up between Finch and White almost leaves the latter stranded, but Bopara's shy was off target. Would have been very close. The kind of chance Australia have been gobbling up all winter
  • Over 3 - Australia 35-0 (White 25, Finch 10)

    Take a blow, Stuart. After a decent start to the over, Broad loses his way. Finch powers a half-volley back down the ground for four and then hooks an anticipated short ball behind square on the leg side to make this a third successive double figure over. This could be over in a hurry...
  • Over 2 - Australia 25-0 (White 24, Finch 1)

    A better over for England, just 12 off this one... White is not messing around here, he clearly has somewhere to be in his home city tonight. A rueful grin from Dernbach after White drives his first ball imperiously through the covers off the back foot for four. Gorgeous stroke. Dernbach goes shorter but White simply rocks back and helps the ball over midwicket, just evading the boundary sweeper before finding the rope. Finch finally gets to face a delivery last ball and uppercuts it to third man for a single to get off the mark
  • Over 1 - Australia 13-0 (White 13, Finch 0)

    Not the start England were hoping for... Captain Broad fails to set the tone as White picks up where he left off in Hobart, collecting all 13 runs scored from the opening over. After lofting Broad over extra cover for the first four, White then delicately steers the next ball past slip for back-to-back boundaries. Broad shakes his head as he walks back to his mark and his mood worsens when White climbs into a short ball and hooks a third boundary in five balls. A single ends the over. Australia well on their way

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