West Indies vs Sri Lanka

Match info: Tri-Series in West Indies 2013 at Queen's Park Oval

Date: 8th Jul 2013 Status: Day 2 of 2 Umpires: N J Llong and J S Wilson

41-over match

Home team and score Away team score

West Indies

190/9 (41.0 Overs)


Sri Lanka

219/8 (41.0 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 39 runs (D/L Method)

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  • SL win by 39 runs

    SL have won this two-day ODI against WI by 39 runs, but have failed to secure the bonus point. This will make tomorrow's game between India and SL even more interesting. Bravo and Simmons batted well in a century partnership, but West Indies lost their way after Simmons' fell. SL were disciplined in their batting and bowling today and win by 39 runs.
  • Over 41 WI 190/9 (Roach 8, Best 5)

    Senanayake to finish the innings. Roach hits it past square leg for four. Roach gets a single. Best blocks the forth ball. Then takes a single, every run will help the net run rate. Sri Lanka win by 39 runs.
  • Over 40 WI 184/9 (Roach 3, Best 4)

    Two overs to go, WI need one more run to deny Sri Lanka their bonus point. They only have one wicket remaining. Mendis back into the attack. The WI have denied Sri Lanka the bonus point with that single on the leg side. Best tries to cut and misses. One over to go, WI 184 for 9.
  • Over 39 WI 183/9 (Roach 2, Best 4)

    Single to fine leg as Malinga starts his 8th over. A boundary straight down the ground for Best. WI need one more run to deny SL the bonus point.
  • Over 38 WI 177/9 (Roach 1, Best 0)

    Four overs remaining and WI need 55 to win. Mathews starts with a wide, in the power play. Bravo has batted well but needs to see his team through to victory. Lots of field changes for Mathews, Bravo swings and misses as the ball keeps low. WICKET! Mendis takes the catch Bravo falls and is disappointed. Mathews celebrates. Holder comes in to bat. Roach gets a single to long on, bringing Holder on strike. Off stump gone, Mathews gets another wicket, Holder goes. West Indies could lose their bonus point here. Best comes in to bat. WI 177 for 9.
  • Over 37 WI 175/7 (Roach 0, Bravo 70)

    Malinga to continue in the power play. Another full toss and Bravo gets a single. WICKET! Sammy falls, Malinga takes the catch, it went high up in the air and Sammy falls to the extra bounce. Roach is the new batsman. Bravo gets two, driving through the covers. News is that Kulasekara will not be able to take part in the rest of the series, he tore his the webbing on his hand.
  • Over 36 WI 171/6 (Sammy 3, Bravo 66)

    West Indies conceded 31 extras, will they regret that at the end of the day. Eranga into the attack. The power play is on, Bravo gets two as it goes through the point fielder. Bravo hits it to mid on and gets a single. Sammy on strike, swings wildly and misses. Sammy gets a single to mid off, hit it hard. Another single to Bravo, the crowd chanting his name in support. The rain is gone, Simmons falling victim to it. Sammy can't get it away beyond short fine leg.
  • Over 35 WI 166/6 (Sammy 2, Bravo 62)

    Mathews comes back into the attack. The run rate is over 10 now. Bravo hits it over the covers for four, Mathews starts with a slower ball and Bravo gets a boundary. A swing and a miss from Bravo. There is a fielder at deep point so Bravo just gets a single. A single for Sammy to mid on, Mathews bringing the ball back into Sammy and cramping him for room. Seven from the over.
  • Over 34 WI 159/6 (Sammy 1, Bravo 55)

    Senanayake into the attack, Bravo takes a single. Sammy will look to accelerate. Sammy gets a single on the leg side, West Indies under pressure now. A couple of runs to deep point for Bravo. After 34 overs, WI are 159 for 6.
  • Over 33 WI 154/6 (Sammy 0, Bravo 52)

    The West Indian captain, Pollard, comes into the middle to join Bravo. It is drizzling and is darker, but the ground staff is not preparing for rain. Malinga to Pollard. Mathews moves into first slip, he is taking his time and waiting for rain. WICKET! Pollard falls, edging one outside the off stump, Sanga takes an easy catch. West Indies in trouble again with the rain around the corner. Sammy plays and misses, and smiles at Malinga. A wicket maiden from Malinga, as good as gold at this stage.
  • Over 32 WI 154/5 (Simmons 67, Bravo 52)

    Eranga back into the attack, bowlers being shuffled regularly. Simmons gets a single, it is getting darker and WI are behind in terms of D/L method. Bravo mistimes a pull but it falls short of Mathews, no run. Bravo gets a single to point. Simmons hits it hard, a good shot for four runs. A bit of time wasted as Simmons wants to change his bat. Four, the change of bat worked Simmons cuts it past point and third man for four, good execution. WICKET! Simmons falls, it is hit to deep point and Thirimanne catches it comfortably.
  • Over 31 WI 143/4 (Simmons 58, Bravo 51)

    This game is alive now. 97 runs needed from 11 overs, just under 9 per over. This pair have batted well in a 100 run partnership. Malinga back into the attack to get a wicket and break this partnership. Simmons gets a single from the first ball, Bravo will face Malinga. Glorious shot from Bravo, bringing up his 50 with a classic cover drive. That shot reminds us of Lara, Bravo picks up a single after the boundary. Simmons digs out a yorker from Malinga, good defense. Loose delivery from Malinga, full toss on the leg side and Simmons puts it away for four. A single down to third man to finish the over.
  • Over 30 WI 132/4 (Simmons 52, Bravo 46)

    Senanayake into the attack, Mathews shuffling his bowlers. A couple of singles, this partnership inching towards the 100 run mark. Simmons hits it over long off on the up, gets the crucial boundary for this over. Simmons gets his 50 and the gets a single to end the over.
  • Over 29 WI 124/4 (Simmons 44, Bravo 45)

    Eranga is back into the attack, and Simmons hits him out of the ground and it lands on the roof of the stands. Simmons edges it and there are no slips so he will pick up another four. Third man has no chance, it has gone too fine. Eranga responds with another dot ball. Simmons gets a single from the last ball to make it 11 from the over.
  • Over 28 WI 113/4 (Simmons 33, Bravo 45)

    The run rate required now just over 9 runs per over. Lovely shot from Bravo, commanding stroke over long off for four. Then he drives through the covers for a couple of runs. Bravo ducks against the short ball and lets it go. Three runs for Bravo as he pulls it strongly to deep square leg who fumbles but saves a run for Sri Lanka. A good yorker, Simmons digs it out for a single.
  • Over 27 WI 103/4 (Simmons 32, Bravo 36)

    Mathews brings himself on, after just one over from Mendis. Bravo smashes this to deep point for just a single. Good bowling from Mathews, keep it tight and angling it away from the right handed Simmons. Simmons misses a few, but then swings his bat and hits it out of the park for six. Good shot, just a bit short from Mathews, and Simmons hits it over midwicket.
  • Over 26 WI 96/4 (Simmons 26, Bravo 35)

    Malinga comes back, to break this partnership. Powerfully pulled along the ground, Mahela keeps it down to one which should have been two. A good yorker squeezed away for four by Bravo, skillful shot but not sure he intended to hit it there. Bravo runs it down to third man for a single. Six from the over.
  • Over 25 WI 90/4 (Simmons 25, Bravo 30)

    Jeevan Mendis to bowl some leg spin and leg breaks. Sometimes bowls googlies more than leg breaks. Good stop by short fine leg, stopping the boundary, Mendis getting away with the full toss. Six, the third full toss gets the treatment it deserves, Bravo swats it for six down the ground. A big swing and a miss from Bravo to end the over. WI 90 for 4 after 25.
  • Over 24 WI 83/4 (Simmons 23, Bravo 24)

    Thirimanne brought back into the attack, WI will look to attack him. Simmons goes in the air and over mid off, and gets a one bounce four. A decent over for the hosts, 8 from it.
  • Over 23 WI 75/4 (Simmons 18, Bravo 22)

    Mathews brings himself back on, keeping Malinga for the later part of the innings. That is wide down leg, Sanga can't collect it and it goes for five wides. Bonus runs for the West Indies. Bravo runs it down the third man for a single, a slow partnership growing here. End of the 23rd over, WI 75 for 4.

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