West Indies vs India

Match info: Tri-Series in West Indies 2013 at Queen's Park Oval

Date: 5th Jul 2013 Umpires: N J Llong and P J Nero

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

West Indies

171 All out (34.0 Overs)



311/7 (50.0 Overs)

India win by 102 runs (D/L method)

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  • Result

    India win by a 102 runs with the D/L method. They pick up their first points in the series and get the bonus point.
  • Over 34 WI 171/10 (Roach 34, Best 0)

    This is the highest partnership for West Indies today, as India are unable to clean up the tail. Narine gets an inside edge on it and gets a single, completely missed that one from Jadeja. A single on the leg side for Roach. WICKET! Jadeja gets a wicket and Narine picks out Ishant on the long off boundary. An entertaining partnership comes to an end. Best comes to the crease with a bat. Jadeja cleans him up with a straighter one and India get the bonus point. India win by 103 runs.
  • Over 33 WI 169/8 (Roach 33, Narine 20)

    Roach swings and misses. Roach walks across his stumps and swats it away for four to fine leg. A wide down leg side from Yadav, won't help in uplifting the Indians. A bouncer called a wide for height. Indians failing to clean up the tail again.
  • Over 32 WI 161/8 (Roach 28, Narine 19)

    Jadeja being attacked by Roach again, gets a boundary for his troubles. A misunderstanding between fielders and a catch goes to ground. Narine makes it worse by hitting the next ball out of the park.
  • Over 31 WI 148/8 (Roach 23, Narine 11)

    Yadav brought back into the attack, to clean up the tail. Roach gets a single on the leg side. Three singles from the over.
  • Over 30 WI 145/8 (Roach 21, Narine 10)

    Ishant to bowl to Narine, who plays and misses. Sharma bowls a maiden, 9 overs to go.
  • Over 29 WI 145/8 (Roach 21, Narine 10)

    Roach hits Ashwin for a six, tossed up ball and Roach dispatches it over the ropes. It was in the air, after taking the top edge and just over the slips. Roach gets a single. Narine will be looking to attack too. WI 145 for 8 after 29.
  • Over 28 WI 137/8 (Roach 14, Narine 9)

    Ishant back into the attack. Rohit Sharma stops one in the covers, it was hit like a bullet and he did well to save some runs. Wide down leg from Sharma. Just two from the over.
  • Over 27 WI 135/8 (Roach 13, Narine 9)

    Ashwin comes in to replace Yadav. Two wickets remaining. Narine slogs this on to the leg side for a couple of runs. Narine hits Ashwin over extra cover for a six, great shot, he hit it and then admired his work.
  • Over 26 WI 125/8 (Roach 13, Narine 1)

    The net run rate is important here for the West Indies. A missed chance as this ball bounced and spun, took the edge and Raina at second slip missed it. Big shot from Roach, hits Jadeja for a six over long off, good shot. Roach smashes this one for four through the covers, Jadeja under pressure now. A couple of runs to end the over.
  • Over 25 WI 113/8 (Roach 0, Narine 0)

    Sammy smashes one straight down the ground for four, good strong shot. Yadav responds with a faster and fuller ball, Sammy defends. It is a slower ball from Yadav and Sammy is out. WICKET! squared him up just like he squared up Bravo, and another simple decision, Sammy gone. Narine comes out to bat. A good and successful over from Yadav.
  • Over 24 WI 109/7 (Roach 0, Sammy 8)

    Jadeja gets two slips, and is getting the ball to turn and bounce. Jadeja searching for wickets, good consistent bowling. A maiden from him.
  • Over 23 WI 109/7 (Roach 0, Sammy 8)

    Yadav starts his fifth over, with the run rate inching towards 10 per over. Bravo is caught in front of the stumps and it is an easy decision for the umpire, Yadav gets rid of the West Indian captain, 7 down. Roach comes in to bat, gets a full and straight delivery from Yadav. Just one bye from that over,
  • Over 22 WI 108/6 (Bravo 14, Sammy 8)

    Jadeja to continue, two slips in place. Sammy goes for the drive only to edge it to point. Sammy effortlessly lifts Jadeja for a six over extra cover, good shot and a safe one as there was no one there. Good comeback from Jadeja.
  • Over 21 WI 101/6 (Bravo 13, Sammy 2)

    Yadav comes back into the attack, to change the pace on the ball. WICKET! the bowling change bring about a wicket, Ramdin leading edges one to mid off and Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes a good catch. West Indies, looked like they were recovering, go deeper in trouble. Good move from Kohli, change of ends for Yadav. Sammy comes in to bat, he can be dangerous with the bat too. Faster one from Yadav, hits Sammy on the helmet. This time Yadav strays down leg and Sammy gets some pad on it as it goes to the boundary. Four more, leg byes again.
  • Over 20 WI 91/5 (Bravo 13, Ramdin 9)

    Ashwin rushes through his over, Bravo plays and and finds the fielders, no run. There is the release shot, six, Bravo hits it in the air on the leg side and it has enough on it to go all the way. Just the six from the over.
  • Over 19 WI 85/5 (Bravo 7, Ramdin 9)

    Jadeja to continue, the spinners will create pressure and wickets. A couple of edges for Bravo and Ramdin, flying past slips for a single and a two. Ramdin sweeps and gets four at square leg, good shot against the spinners, well controlled.
  • Over 18 WI 78/5 (Bravo 6, Ramdin 3)

    Ashwin into the attack to compliment Jadeja. Ashwin keeping things tight too, this pitch is helping the spinners, Kohli will probably want to bowl here as well.
  • Over 17 WI 75/5 (Bravo 4, Ramdin 2)

    Jadeja comes into the attack, and gets some bounce and turn straightaway. A few plays and misses, Jadeja will like these conditions. This pitch will help him more than the other pitches. Huge shout for lbw but given not out. Just a single from the over.
  • Over 16 WI 74/5 (Bravo 3, Ramdin 2)

    Sharma bowling with two slips. Kohli then takes one slip out after the first ball. Bravo pushes it through the leg side for a couple of runs, Rohit Sharma does well to stop it. Sharma finishes his 5th, WI need 200 from 138 balls.

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