India vs Pakistan

Match info: India v Pakistan ODI Series 2012/2013 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata - 2nd ODI

Date: 3rd Jan 2013 Umpires: B F Bowden and V Kulkarni

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


165 All out (48.0 Overs)



250 All out (48.3 Overs)

Pakistan win by 85 runs

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  • Pakistan Win By 85 Runs

    The tourists take an unassailable two-nil series lead, and can hold the bragging rights over their sub-continental rivals for the foreseeable future. Jamshed rocked with the bat, and Ajmal and Khan with the ball. The third and final fixture is on Sunday. Catch you then.
  • Over 48 Ind - 165/10 (Dhoni 54)

    Dhoni not going down without a fight and a flourish, lambasting four down the ground and lacing four more through the off-side. And so arrive's the captain's half-century. Some consolation for him, indeed. WICKET! But that's that - Ishant is clean bowled.
  • Over 47 Ind - 151/9 (Dhoni 41, Ishant 2)

    Dhoni will milk this to the nth degree if he can. He wants his side, at the very least, to last their full 50 overs, which is more than Pakistan did.
  • Over 46 Ind - 149/9 (Dhoni 40, Ishant 2)

    Here we go. Dhoni, finally, tees off - it's high, it's hard and it's over long-on for six. Some late expense for the otherwise miserly Junaid.
  • Over 45 Ind - 142/9 (Dhoni 33, Ishant 2)

    The crowd could at least be treated to some potential fireworks, rather than this dour defence from the impending series losers.
  • Over 44 Ind - 139/9 (Dhoni 33, Ishant 0)

    Ajmal welcomes a maiden amid the closing throes of this one-side chase.
  • Over 43 Ind - 139/9 (Dhoni 33, Ishant 0)

    Not much fight left in Dhoni, but at least he is shepherding Ishant appropriately.
  • Over 42 Ind - 138/9 (Dhoni 32, Ishant 0)

    Still, India hang on for dear life.
  • Over 41 Ind - 137/9 (Dhoni 31, Ishant 0)

    India manage to delay the inevitable, for now.
  • Over 40 Ind - 132/9 (Dhoni 26, Ishant 0)

    WICKET! Jadeja attempts to loosen the shackles, but doesn't have the carry, instead holing out to mid-on. Pakistan are into India's tail now, though Kumar will fancy himself of an all-rounder. WICKET! So much for that. Kumar is soon outfoxed by some sharp turn, which removes the would-be all-rounder lbw. WICKET! Dinda follows suit, also out lbw. Three wickets in one over for Pakistan. Ishant is the last man in. India circling the drain.
  • Over 39 Ind - 130/6 (Dhoni 25, Jadeja 13)

    Dhoni advances down the track in a bid to get under the ball time and time again, but Hafeez isn't offering much flight, instead firing in a string of darts to thwart the batsman.
  • Over 38 Ind - 125/6 (Dhoni 21, Jadeja 12)

    The asking rate has reached double figures, and mere singles are not helping its cause to lessen. India need, at least, a boundary every over from here on in.
  • Over 37 Ind - 121/6 (Dhoni 19, Jadeja 10)

    Dhoni has called for a heavier bat, and a change of gloves, so that surely means he will look to tee off now. Not yet, though, as the wait continues.
  • Over 36 Ind - 116/6 (Dhoni 16, Jadeja 8)

    So arrives the batting Powerplay, and its related fielding restrictions. Deep cover and mid-off put in the hard yards, but both haul in Jadeja and Dhoni's bid to find the fence.
  • Over 35 Ind - 112/6 (Dhoni 15, Jadeja 5)

    Irfan back for another burst, and he too restricts the Indians to nothing more than singles and the odd two. The batting Powerplay will soon commence and - boy, oh, boy - do the hosts need to dominate it.
  • Over 34 Ind - 108/6 (Dhoni 14, Jadeja 2)

    Pakistan's coaching staff are watching on the sidelines, smiles growing, as a severe lack of urgency plagues India's approach.
  • Over 33 Ind - 105/6 (Dhoni 12, Jadeja 1)

    Dhoni survives a marginal stumping chance, and just as well, for he is India's lone hope now. India need 146 runs off 17 overs to win. Drinks break, meanwhile.
  • Over 32 Ind - 103/6 (Dhoni 11, Jadeja 0)

    Malik will be the latest bowler to take the pace off the ball. WICKET! Immediate success for him, as Ashwin runs down the wicket, misses the shot, and is easily stumped. Jadeja in now.
  • Over 31 Ind - 103/5 (Dhoni 11, Ashwin 3)

    The asking rate is closing in on eight runs per over. That's a hefty requirement on a pitch - and a against an attack - that isn't allowing much pace onto the bat.
  • Over 30 Ind - 101/5 (Dhoni 10, Ashwin 2)

    A solitary slip remains in place, with Misbah eager to attack rather than defend. Ashwin, meanwhile, is still troubled - even when he tries to meet the ball at its pitch by dancing down the pitch.

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