India vs Pakistan

Match info: India v Pakistan ODI Series 2012/2013 at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi - 3rd ODI

Date: 6th Jan 2013 Umpires: S Asnani and B F Bowden

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


167 All out (43.4 Overs)



157 All out (48.5 Overs)

India win by 10 runs

  • India Beat Pakistan by 10 Runs

    With Pakistan firm favourites to wrap up their first ever white wash over India, it turned out to be much closer than everyone expected, proving once more that cricket is capable of conjuring up the most unpredictable finales. Chasing a tiny target of 168, Pakistan made hard work of it, choosing the strategy of making full use of the 50 overs to slowly achieve the necessary, however, a spirited bowling and fielding team, spurred on by a believing crowd had other ideas, with their quicks and spinners performing equally well, first squeezing the Pakistan batsmen by limiting their run scoring opportunities, then by saving plenty of boundaries in the field, concluded by holding their nerve under the pressure of defending such a low score. Having already lost the series before this match, they showed what it means to represent their nation and put in a good performance to turn this game around. Pakistan appeared to have feared losing more than they wanted to win and in the end it cost them. India also dropped two catches though and that shows it could have been over earlier, but the visitors could not make use of those gifts and in the end they lost a contest that should never have been as close as it was.
  • Over 49 Pak - 157/10 (Hafeez 21, Irfan 0)

    And Pakistan have got themselves right back in this. Ishant losing the plot a bit now having conceded 2, 4, 2 a no ball and a wide in that over, BUT WAIT - He recovers to see India remarkably defend a total of 167. Hafeez swipes the last ball of the over straight to Yuvraj. India have WON by 10 runs, keeping Pakistan out there for 48.5 overs and they avoid the white wash. Their celebrations speaks volumes of what it means to them and Pakistan will be really disappointed with their batting display, for a change.
  • Over 48 Pak - 145/9 (Hafeez 11, Irfan 0))

    SHAMI AHMED STRIKES. The young man gets the first wicket of his ODI career as Ajmal softly gives up his wicket, edging an easy catch to Dhoni in attempt to run it to third man. That brings Junaid Khan to the crease who contrives to run himself out and hands the tag of favourites for the match to India. Good, composed fielding by Raina, who spots the mix up, gets a direct hit with Khan miles out and Dhoni, making sure by grabbing a stump out of the turf. Pakistan have 1 wicket in hand, and they need 23 to win from 15. This has been resilient by India, but Pakistan in all honesty should have wrapped it up ages ago. Irfan comes to the wicket and blocks his first ball.
  • Over 47 Pak - 145/7 (Hafeez 11, Ajmal 1 )

    We are in for quite a finish here. Sharma returns to the attack and the decision is vindicated by him attending to the wicket of Gul, who goes for a big one, miss times it, and is caught by Jadeja who is fielding at long on. The pressure seems to have gotten to the Pakistani's here, who now require an astonishing 6+ runs off the final few overs. Enter Saeed Ajmal who swipes the tension with his bat as he arrives at the crease.
  • Over 46 Pak - 144/6 (Hafeez 11, Gul 11)

    A few dots brings the target to 25 from 25. The visitors are cutting it fine indeed. Mind you, India will say the same thing about themselves. It is also worth adding that Pakistan have now taken longer to reach their current score. Outstanding over by Jadeja there, completing a maiden to end his 10 overs. He concludes with figues of 10 overs, 0 for 23 runs.
  • Over 45 Pak - 143/6 (Hafeez 11, Gul 11)

    Ahmed concludes a very good over conceding only two, but once more, run rate will not be the concern for Pakistan and they seem determined to finish this one off at a temp that suits them. Maybe they enjoy close finishes?
  • Over 44 Pak - 141/6 (Hafeez 9, Gul 11)

    Ashwin has a huge lbw shout turned down and India will be very disappointed with that as Hafeez looked dead and buried there. Height may have been the only factor and that sees Pakistan retain an important wicket. 27 needed from 36 balls. You have to wonder how Pakistan let it get this far? They simply have to see it through from here.
  • Over 43 Pak - 138/6 (Hafeez 7, Gul 10)

    Ahmed continues as India aims to prevent Pakistan from scoring the 34 they need to win from the remaining 45 balls. A brilliantly times cut shot relieves the pressure from the batsman as Ahmed dishes up a short and wide one. Gul will have that all day long. Ahmed shows his dismay by hitting him on the helmet with the last ball of his over. It's wickets he needs though.
  • Over 42 Pak - 134/6 (Hafeez 7, Gul 6)

    Strangely, Jadeja has been replaced by Ashwin in the attack who immediately strays down the leg side which must be a deliberate ploy with a leg slip in place. This must be due to some DVD's they've watched. DROPPED! The ploy almost pays off and it should have. Gul sweeps one just about straight into the slip's hands and he puts it down. That was tame, and Rahane may just have dropped the.....whitewash.
  • Over 41 Pak - 130/6 (Hafeez 5, Gul 4)

    The debutant Shami Ahmed returns to bowl and can the 22 year old keep his composure at a crucial make or break stage of the innings? After initially struggling to get him away Gul strikes a welcome boundary through the off side for four. He leaves the next one though and its a return of 5 from that over.
  • Over 40 Pak - 125/6 (Hafeez 3, Gul 0)

    STUMPED! Jadeja with his little darts invites Akmal down the pitch who heaves and misses. Dhoni scoops it up and tears the stumps apart and India will be backing themselves now. Pakistan's earlier patience seems to have eluded them, which brings Umar Gul to the crease in this here final over of the batting power play. The crowd go nuts. Can India pull this off? Or will the visitors hold their nerve? Great over by Jadeja which sees 1 run and a wicket come from it.
  • Over 39 Pak - 123/5 (Akmal 25, Hafeez 3)

    What a great, LEAVE, there by Hafeez, in the 39th over of an ODI. Sharma seems to be hitting a good line and length and Hafeez is probably looking to play himself in here. The pursuit of that white wash must be quite overwhelming! Take nothing away from this very disciplined bowling by India though. 44 needed to win now from 66 balls. This could be close.
  • Over 38 Pak - 123/5 (Akmal 25, Hafeez 2)

    Jadeja, who has gone for just 15 runs in his 7 overs continues and there are no changes in his economical prowess. Akmal goes for a big one looking for the mid wicket boundary which is vacant, the ball stays in the air for a long time and lands bang in the middle of three fielders. Only three from that over then. That last shot showed that Pakistan are much less comfortable than a few overs ago.
  • Over 37 Pak - 113/4 (Akmal 23, Hafeez 1)

    Ishant Sharma comes back into the attack and the pressure is on him immediately as his first ball goes for four. Dhoni is mindful of his need to attack here and with Kumar's 10 overs done, Sharma really has to deliver. And he does, he bowls a lovely one pitching outside off that jag packs and Malik's defencsive shot misses the bat and hits his pads for lbw. He goes for 5 and Pakistan welcomes Hafeez to the crease.
  • Over 36 Pak - 113/4 (Akmal 23, Malik 1)

    The batting power play arrives and Jadeja continues with his accurate bowling while Malik tries to get off the mark. Some fine fielding prevents that as Yuvraj makes a great stop, most likely saving a boundary. The bastman goes for the last delivery and hits it over the top and it bounces ones to the sweeper. With that he is off the mark.
  • Over 35 Pak - 113/4 (Akmal 22, Malik 0)

    India in with a sniff, again or they will think so, considering the difficulty that Pakistan has found in scoring. Malik is the new batsman in and Ashwin keeps him on strike for the duration of the over to conclude a wicket maiden.
  • Over 34.1 Pak - 113/3 (Ul-haq 39, Akmal 22)

    There's the fifty partnership for these two and it has been nicely constructed. They have frustrated the Indian bowlers and have been going along very strongly apart from the one chance that they gave away earlier. However Ashwin has struck and grabs the wicket of Misbah as he departs for 39 from 82 deliveries
  • Over 33 Pak - 102/3 (Ul-haq 36, Akmal 22)

    FOUR! Akmal smashes a tasty full toss for four from the first ball of the over through the extra cover boundary, he heaps further pressure on with another boundary and that's opened the floodgates a bit.
  • Over 32 Pak - 102/3 (Ul-haq 36, Akmal 14)

    To intensify matters, Jadeja bowls a maiden over with one stifled appeal for lbw to boot!
  • Over 31 Pak - 102/3 (Ul-haq 36, Akmal 14)

    A trend has been broken, that last over from Ashwin saw 5 runs being conceded and Pakistan edge closer to a first ever whitewash over their neighbours.

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