Australia vs West Indies

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at R. Premadasa Stadium - Group B

Date: 22nd Sep 2012 Umpires: A S Dar and A Rauf

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


100/1 (9.1 Overs)


West Indies

191/8 (20.0 Overs)

Australia win by 17 runs (D/L method)

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  • AUS win D/L method

    Australia have won by 17 runs according to the Duckworth Lewis method. Rain has the final say in this match, after Windies scored a massive 191. Australians were up to the task in the chase, scoring 100 for 1 from 9.1 overs before the rain poured down. In the end, Australia were declared winners and Shane Watson was the man of the match.
  • Rain stopped play

    Out of nowhere, down comes the rain, to stop the play in the middle of the Rampaul. over. This will help the West Indies if it stops soon, it will give them time to regroup. But Australia are 17 runs ahead of the Duckworth Lewis par score, so they will feel comfortable at this point.
  • Over 9.1 AUS 100/1 (Watson 41, Hussey 28)

    Rampaul comes back to bowl his second, his first went for 22 runs. The single brings up the hundred for the Aussies, and at a good rate too.
  • Over 9 AUS 99/1 (Watson 40, Hussey 28)

    Bravo into the attack, lots of bowling options for Sammy. Hussey quietly picks up a single and gives the strike to Watson. Hussey pulls this one for a safe four on the leg side, a very good shot. Bravo finishes a good over in the context. Australia 99 for 1.
  • Over 8 AUS 91/1 (Watson 38, Hussey 22)

    Samuels introduced into the attack. Watson picks that one from outside off and places it on the leg for four, a very good shot from him. Rampaul tries to catch that one, but it sails over him at long on for a big six. Smith spills this one over the boundary to give Watson another six, a bit lucky for the batsmen. Watson sweeps this one for a four, what an over this is for the Aussies.
  • Over 7 AUS 69/1 (Watson 17, Hussey 21)

    Australia have started well, now can the keep the run rate going. Sammy looking to take the pace off the ball, making it difficult for the batsmen to work him away for runs. A good over from Sammy is undone by a four from Hussey. Seven from it.
  • Over 6 AUS 62/1 (Watson 15, Hussey 16)

    Narine to continue. No ball from Narine, a spinner should really not overstep. Free hit put away by Watson for a big six, a very good shot, making the most of the free hit. Australia get 62 from the powerplay.
  • Over 5 AUS 50/1 (Watson 5, Hussey 15)

    Sammy comes in to the attack. Just bowling some dot balls and fielding well will create some pressure on the batsmen. Hussey picks this one up nicely for a six, a really good shot. A much needed six from Hussey. 50 for 1 after 5 overs.
  • Over 4 AUS 42/1 (Watson 2, Hussey 6)

    Sammy introduces a change in the form of Narine. Ramdin standing up to the stumps. A quiet over from the spinner as he causes problems for the batsmen. A missed run out chance, the fielder did not pick up the ball cleanly.
  • Over 3 AUS 38/1 (Watson 2, Hussey 6)

    WICKET! Edwards picks up the wicket of Warner, Watson has not faced a single ball yet. Warner caught behind, he looked very dangerous. Mr. Cricket comes out to bat. Warner was not happy about the decision, but has to go. Hussey slashes this one as no one moves, the ball shoots away for four.
  • Over 2 AUS 30/0 (Watson 0, Warner 27)

    Rampaul is dispatched over the third man boundary for a six, Warner is warming up. This time Warner goes straight down the ground for a one bounce four, just helping himself to some early runs. Rampaul goes for some more as Warner hits a big six on the leg side now. Watson has not faced a ball yet! Oh dear! A big no ball from Rampaul, the field can't be changed either as Warner on strike. Warner inside edges this for a four at fine leg, just threw everything at it. 22 from the over, Warner on fire.
  • Over 1 AUS 8/0 (Watson 0, Warner 6)

    Aussies will be looking to build a strong base for their chase and Windies will be looking for some early wickets. Fidel Edwards has the ball. Warner drives it hard through the covers for four, a great shot to start. Rampaul puts the dive in to deny Warner another boundary, a good fielding effort. 8 from the first over.
  • End of Innings

    West Indies have scored 191 in their 20 overs and Australia will need 192 to win. The batsmen have done their job well for the Windies, building partnerships and hitting the ball out of the park regularly. Australians will also look to do the same, but they will be under some serious scoreboard pressure as they need 9.55 runs per over.
  • Over 20 WI 191/8 (Rampaul 0, Narine 4)

    Starc runs in to bowl the last over of the innings. Sammy slashes hard and gets it to the third man boundary, Starc is not happy. Sammy is enjoying himself here, another six, a good shot this time straight down the ground. The batsmen run for a second this time, putting pressure on Wade who has to run and forgets to pick up the ball. WICKET! Sammy top edges this one out of the atmosphere, and Warner pouches a good catch as the ball returns to the ground. Rampaul is the new man in but Ramdin is on strike. WICKET! Bowled him, Ramdin tries to create room for himself and misses. Starc gets another one and is on a hat trick. Narine hits this one through the covers for four. Hat trick denied, four runs scored. Windies post a score of 191 for 8.
  • Over 19 WI 175/6 (Ramdin 3, Sammy 2)

    Bailey gives the ball to Cummins for the 19th over. Bravo gives himself some room and mishits it to the third man boundary for four. Bravo runs for a risky two and makes it. Bowled him! Cummins bowls it straight, and Bravo misses it as he tries to create room for himself. Ramdin the keeper comes in with the bat. Hogg stops the ball just before the square boundary, the batsmen run three.
  • Over 18 WI 165/5 (Bravo 21, Sammy 1)

    Watson replaces Hogg. Pollard drills this one straight past the bowler for four, what a shot. Michael Hussey runs in from the square leg boundary and completes a good catch. WICKET! Pollard swings only to find the safe hands of Hussey, Watson picks up his second. Darren Sammy comes in. A good over from Watson, it is 165 for 5.
  • Over 17 WI 158/4 (Bravo 19, Pollard 6)

    Four overs remaining, Cummins comes in to the attack. Bravo plays an unorthodox square cut for a six, even Michael Hussey can't stop that. Takes a single off the next ball. Free hit as Cummins oversteps. The free hit costs a single. Another good over for the Windies, it is 158 for 4.
  • Over 16 WI 145/4 (Bravo 9, Pollard 4)

    Samuels gets his 50, just guides Hogg to log off for a single. Bravo playing the anchor role here, Samuels adding the momentum. WICKET! Samuels tries to clear the ropes again, only to give Warner an easy catch. A good knock from him, Pollard comes in to bat. There is lots of firepower in this West Indies batting, they are showing it here. Pollard warms up with a one bounce four straight down the ground.
  • Over 15 WI 138/3 (Bravo 7, Samuels 49)

    It started off as a quiet over, but Samuels has really taken the attack to the Aussies. He picks this one up early and hits it high and out of the ground for another big one, six! Another six, this one is flatter and over square leg, but he really got hold of this one. The change in field did not make a difference there. 14 from that Watson over, Samuels closing in on his 50.
  • Over 14 WI 124/3 (Bravo 6, Samuels 36)

    Samuels who has had his problems against Hogg, picks this one nicely over the head of Maxwell for a six. Another good over for West Indies as this one runs away for four, Samuels carries on the good work after Gayle.

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