Sri Lanka vs England

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium - Group 1

Date: 1st Oct 2012 Umpires: S J Davis and S J A Taufel

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

169/6 (20.0 Overs)



150/9 (20.0 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 19 runs

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  • Sri Lanka beat England by 19 runs

    So, England relinquish their T20 title. Sri Lanka and West Indies progress from this pool and England head for the airport. Stuart Broad's men have been out-of-sorts this tournament and were outplayed by hosts Sri Lanka today. Thanks for your company and comments throughout make sure you tune in for commentary of Australia v Pakistan and India v South Africa tomorrow!
  • Over 20 Eng 150/9 (Dernbach 2, Finn 1)

    WICKET! Swann loses his leg stump and England are heading home. Kulasekara sneaks a full ball through his flashing blade and gets his first wicket. Yorkers close out a fine victory for Sri Lanka, who triumph by 19 runs
  • Over 19 Eng 144/8 (Swann 27, Finn 0)

    Swann keeps the dream alive by hitting the first ball back down the ground for four. Another superb shot! Malinga comes back well though with only three singles added. WICKET! Patel is bowled! Full and straight does the trick and Malinga has five! Patel falls having made 67 off 48 balls. A brave effort but it looks to be in vain. He and Swann put on 51 for the eighth wicket. 26 needed off the last over...
  • Over 18 Eng 137/7 (Patel 66 Swann 27)

    33 needed from 12!! It's still on. Swann launches Mendis for a six over midwicket and there is 11 off the over in total. What a cameo from Swann. Malinga still has one over left though... It's coming up now
  • Over 17 Eng 126/7 (Patel 63 Swann 19)

    A brave effort from Swann, who hits Malinga for three boundaries in that over! Guiding the first down to third man, the second through point and third through wide long-on! 44 needed from the last three overs. You never know...
  • Over 16 Eng 111/7 (Patel 63 Swann 4)

    A tidy comeback over from A Mendis, who concedes only five singles as England fail to get him away. 59 needed from 24 balls. Any believers out there?
  • Over 15 Eng 106/7 (Patel 61 Swann 1)

    WICKET! Dananjaya has two! Broad drives up to Jayawardene at extra cover and, despite a little juggle, he takes the catch. Just one for the England skipper and has team are heading home in a hurry. Six! Patel hasn't given up, launching the young spinner over midwicket for his second maximum and then rocking back and cutting for four more. If only someone had stayed with him!
  • Over 14 Eng 93/6 (Patel 50, Broad 1)

    Sri Lanka are through! England needed to have won by now to eliminate the hosts, but, as you can see, they are a long way from doing that. WICKET! After breaking his bat, Buttler has now lost his wicket, pulling Malinga straight to deep fine-leg. That's his fourth wicket and this is a slow, slow death for England. Buttler made just eight. Some cheer for England as Patel brings up his maiden T20 50 with a single
  • Over 13 Eng 86/5 (Patel 48, Buttler 6)

    Dananjaya is bowling brilliantly here, mixing up his pace and flight. Where do Sri Lanka keep finding these gems?! Only six runs added and England need to produce something special, and quick
  • Over 12 Eng 80/5 (Patel 43, Buttler 4)

    The leg-spin of J Mendis replaces A Mendis. WICKET! Bopara's torrid stay is over, bowled playing all around a straight one having made only one from six balls. The gamble has not paid off and Buttler comes to the middle with England in big, big trouble. He starts well with two twos through the leg-side. The rate is creeping every over. It's up to 11.25 now
  • Over 11 Eng 75/4 (Patel 43, Bopara 1)

    WICKET! Morgan is trapped lbw attempting a reverse-sweep off Dananjaya. Big blow for England. He made just 10. Bopara is the new batsman. He gets off the mark after a couple of dot balls but Sri Lanka are back on top here. The rate is above 10.5 an over...
  • Over 10 Eng 72/3 (Patel 42, Morgan 10)

    A change of ends for Mendis but he can't halt Patel, who crashes back-to-back boundaries, one over point, one over extra cover, to bring up the 50 partnership off 38 balls. Mendis outfoxes Patel last ball but an inside edge just misses the stumps and England scamper one. 11 off the over
  • Over 9 Eng 61/3 (Patel 32, Morgan 9)

    More mystery spin on show now as teenager Dananjaya comes into the attack. He shows Mendis how it's done with a tight opening over, conceding only five runs. Nervy times in Pallekele...
  • Over 8 Eng 56/3 (Patel 30, Morgan 6)

    Morgan puts the pressure on Mathews by driving him over mid-off for a boundary first ball. The left-hander is then unlucky to see two more crisply struck shots find the fielder. Just six from the over in the end and the required rate is 9.5 an over
  • Over 7 Eng 50/3 (Patel 29, Morgan 2)

    The 'mystery spin' of Mendis is introduced. Big test for England here. Morgan picks up one first ball before Patel pounces on two short, wide deliveries and slams both through the off-side for a couple more fours. Mendis then coughs up a wide and a loopy full toss, which Patel gives the treatment over extra cover. This is brilliant from Patel, not so from Mendis. 14 from the over and the 50 is up for England
  • Over 6 Eng 36/3 (Patel 17, Morgan 1)

    Patel is fighting back for England, drilling Kulasekara for two boundaries through the covers. This is his first knock of the tournament and England need a special one from him here
  • Over 5 Eng 28/3 (Patel 9, Morgan 1)

    Patel breaks the shackles with a fierce blow over mid-on off Mathews which sails for six. Much-needed for England, who pick up nine from the over
  • Over 4 Eng 19/3 (Patel 1, Morgan 0)

    Progress, no wickets lost in this over, although only one run is added from Patel. We've not even seen spin yet! England are in a deep hole here and need something special from these two
  • Over 3 Eng 18/3 (Patel 0, Morgan 0)

    WICKET! Wright goes! Malinga gets the breakthrough, luring Wright into an uppish cut and Dilshan catches sharply at backward point. He trudges off for 12 and Bairstow is the new man. Run out... no! Chaos as Hales and Bairstow practically shake hands in the middle but Malinga's throw is a bad one and England, in the end, pick up two runs. Huge let-off. WICKET! Bairstow goes next ball, looping a Malinga slower ball straight up and Kulasekara takes a simple catch at mid-off. A tame end. WICKET! Disaster for England. Malinga gets a third wicket in the over, trapping Hales lbw. It's a stinker of a decision, clearly sliding down leg. What an over for Sri Lanka, Patel and Morgan are the batsmen, by the way...
  • Over 2 Eng 15/0 (Wright 12, Hales 2)

    Whack! Wright rocks back and pulls Kulasekara over midwicket for a six! Without wanting to curse the England batsman, he looks in great touch. Slightly surprising that Sri Lanka haven't opened with spin and England are off to a decent start here. Eight off it

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