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Bangladesh vs New Zealand

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium - Group D

Date: 21st Sep 2012 Umpires: M Erasmus and N J Llong

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


132/8 (20.0 Overs)


New Zealand

191/3 (20.0 Overs)

New Zealand win by 59 runs

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  • End of innings

    Bangladesh managed - just - to overhaul Brendon McCullum's 123, but never looked like challenging New Zealand's team total. This match will be remembered for one thing only, and that's McCullum's knock. The records tumbled as he hit his second T20I hundred, reaching the highest score in the format and also becoming the first man to pass 1500 runs. Who do you reckon the Man of the Match will be? That's all for me from this game, but I'll be commentating on England v Afghanistan shortly, and you can also find me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Gomorezvidinha
  • Over 20 - Bang 132/8 (Rahman 14, Razzak 0)

    WICKET! Southee takes his third, Sunny spooning an easy chance to Oram in the covers. The impressive Southee keeps Rahman and Razzak to just singles and leg byes from the rest of the over, and that's that.
  • Over 19 - Bang 128/7 (Rahman 12, Sunny 5)

    WICKET! Mashrafe spanks Oram down the ground for his first four, but then attempts a cute ramp shot to a slower ball bouncer and lifts the ball gently into Franklin's hands at short third man. Sunny is greeted with a rather quicker bouncer that he top edges over the keeper for four. The pain's almost over for Bangladesh.
  • Over 18 - Bang 119/6 (Rahman 12, Mortaza 1)

    WICKET! Hossain goes to a 37-ball half-century with a late cut down to the third man boundary, but then picks out Guptill at long on with a lofted stroke to become Southee's second victim of the match. That was rather a good catch from Guptill, who'd come in from the rope but misjudged the path of the ball and had to backpedal and leap into the air to hold onto ot.
  • Over 17 - Bang 111/5 (Hossain 46, Rahman 10)

    Mills comes into the attack and a slogging Rahman is dropped by Vettori down at fine leg. He'd top edged a swipe but Vettori couldn't get into a good position and the ball hit the turf right in front of him as he fell forward. Rahman then takes Bangladesh past 100 with a pull over deep square leg for six, and Hossain adds four more as Mills inexplicably keeps on sending down short deliveries.
  • Over 16 - Bang 97/5 (Hossain 41, Rahman 1)

    Bangladesh can at least take something positive from this match, as Nasir Hossain continues his fine innings. A Vettori full toss is driven through the covers in style, and a flighted delivery is spanked down the ground to move him into the 40s.
  • Over 15 - Bang 87/5 (Hossain 32, Rahman 0)

    WICKET! Williamson takes his third catch to get rid of Mahmudullah. The batsman was trying to spank McCullum down the ground, as he had done to Vettori in the over before last, but didn't time this shot nearly as well and picked out the long on fielder to perfection. The partnership is broken at exactly 50, and McCullum races through the rest of his over to finish with 1 for 15 from his four overs.
  • Over 14 - Bang 86/4 (Hossain 31, Mahmudullah 15)

    Hossain gives Oram some stick, flat-batting a swipe onto the grass banks behind midwicket for six and then adding four more with a very well executed late dab to the third man boundary. Twelve runs come from the over, and this fifth wicket partnership is now worth 49.
  • Over 13 - Bang 74/4 (Hossain 20, Mahmudullah 14)

    It's back to accumulation against McCullum, although Hossain does attempt some heave-ho into the leg side from the final delivery. It doesn't quite come off, but lands safely in the outfield and they run two.
  • Over 12 - Bang 69/4 (Hossain 17, Mahmudullah 12)

    Finally some real aggression from the batsmen, Mahmudullah stepping down the track to lift Vettori straight down the ground for six. Ten runs come from the over, but the required rate is up to 15 now. Still, they need to get as close as possible to up their net run rate. Not the most exciting scenario for the remainder of this match, but there you go.
  • Over 11 - Bang 59/4 (Hossain 16, Mahmudullah 4)

    Not much turn for McCullum, but his drift away through the air means he's constantly flirting with both batsmen's outside edges. Hossain finds two with an outside edge down to third man, but only five runs come from the over and Bangladesh slip further behind.
  • Over 10 - Bang 54/4 (Hossain 12, Mahmudullah 3)

    The run rate dips below six an over as Hossain and Mahmudullah continue to accumulate without any big shots.
  • Over 9 - Bang 47/4 (Hossain 7, Mahmudullah 2)

    Spin from both ends, with Nathan McCullum brought on. He spears in his darts flat and fast, and concedes just four runs in an over that includes one wide. Are Bangladesh playing for their net run rate, and hoping for a win over Pakistan?
  • Over 8 - Bang 43/4 (Hossain 5, Mahmudullah 1)

    Vettori's into the attack, and finds drift through the air and a hint of grip off the surface. That's not enough to deter Nasir Hossain, who heaves to leg for his first boundary, but still only six runs come from the over - which is half what they need.
  • Over 7 - Bang 37/4 (Mahmudullah 0, Hossain 0)

    WICKET! Bangladesh are adrift and rudderless now, as Southee cuts down another batsman. After his explosive start, Ashraful had just started to meander. He tries to break free with a swipe across the line, but is struck on the pad and sent on his way by Umpire Nigel Llong. Southee rushes through a wicket maiden, and the required rate shoots up to 12 an over.
  • Over 6 - Bang 37/3 (Ashraful 21, Mahmudullah 0)

    Oram continues, and trundles through another stiff-limbed over. He's mighty effective, though, and concedes just three from the over with Mahmudullah yet to get off the mark.
  • Over 5 - Bang 34/3 (Ashraful 18, Mahmudullah 0)

    WICKET! Mills grabs another as Rahim perishes in the desperate pursuit of runs. He was aiming for the stands beyond deep midwicket, but got more height than elevation on the ball and Williamson settled underneath the swirling chance. Bangladesh have no choice but to go for it, but they're stumbling through this chase.
  • Over 4 - Bang 29/2 (Ashraful 16, Rahim 1)

    Jacob Oram, who was the top wicket-taker at the recent Sri Lankan Premier League, comes into the attack and almost has a wicket as Rahim flashes at his first ball and presents an easy nick through to McCullum ... who drops it! Ashraful, meanwhile, keeps Bangladesh afloat with a swivel-pull to deep square leg and a bunt straight down the ground off a full toss. He cracked the ball in the air back at Oram, but it's hard to call it a missed chance. It was really traveling.
  • Over 3 - Bang 19/2 (Ashraful 7, Rahim 0)

    WICKET! Shakib flays a length delivery between extra cover and mid off with superb timing but is the undone by a good slower ball. He'd stepped away, looking to open up the off side field, but sliced to early at it and presented a looping chance to Williamson, who took a good catch falling forwards. Off the field, we're treated to footage of Bangladesh's bowling coach, the great Saqlain Mushtaq, as Mills bowls his second successful over. He's got an awesome beard, and an aura that hums of mystery.
  • Over 2 - Bang 14/1 (Shakib 7, Ashraful 6)

    The second over is much calmer than the first, both Shakib and Ashraful content to manoeuvre Southee around for singles. Good bowling from the young Kiwi too, giving them nothing to hit and finding a probing length.

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