Sri Lanka vs West Indies

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium - Group 1

Date: 29th Sep 2012 Umpires: A S Dar and S J Davis

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

130/1 (15.2 Overs)


West Indies

129/5 (20.0 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 9 wickets

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  • Sri Lanka Win By 9 wickets

    After a good all round performance Sri Lanka win the game by 9 wickets. West Indies will have to rethink some aspects of their game, the batting got off to a slow start and the bowling changes were uninspired with Samuels, Bravo and Pollard not bowling at all. Sri Lanka will be happy with all departments, especially their fielding that restricted Windies to a low score.
  • Over 16 SL 130/1 (Jayawardene 65, Sangakkara 39)

    Sri Lanka needs two runs to win and now Gayle gets the ball. Sri Lanka win from a couple of runs due to the misfield, that sums up the day for West Indies. Sri Lanka win by 9 wickets with 28 balls to spare. These are useful points for them and will help their run rate too.
  • Over 15 SL 128/1 (Jayawardene 65, Sangakkara 37)

    Rampaul gets the ball, and Sangakkara plays a great straight drive for four. This time he pulls it to square leg for another four, that flew to the boundary the fielder had no chance to cut that one off. A fumble by the keeper and they get a single. Windies should be looking to drag this out as much as possible to keep Sri Lanka's net run rate low. They seem to be doing the exact opposite as Mahela plays the scoop for four to third man. Another boundary, inside out shot from the captain for four through the covers. SL now need just 2 to win.
  • Over 14 SL 111/1 (Jayawardene 57, Sangakkara 29)

    Mahela brings up his 50, a display of controlled batting with some good cricket shots. SIX! What a shot, pulled away for a big one by Mahela over square leg. He seems to be in a hurry to finish this. Sanga inside edges it to fine leg for a single, it is 111 and Sri Lanka need 19 more to win.
  • Over 13 SL 98/1 (Jayawardene 49, Sangakkara 26)

    Sri Lanka controlling this game very well, in all departments. Finally Andre Russell gets the ball. Mahela walks across the crease and hits it just over mid on for four. He must be thinking about net run rate. Sri Lanka have not done anything rash, they have planned it and then executed the plan. Mahela going inside out, for four through the covers, moves on to 48 now. Sri Lanka now need 32 from 42 balls.
  • Over 12 SL 87/1 (Jayawardene 39, Sangakkara 25)

    Even Marlon Samuels has not bowled today, not sure what the strategy is from Sammy. Mahela top edges one but it just goes over the keeper's head and lands safely, no luck for Windies. After 12 overs it is 43 for 1.
  • Over 11 SL 81/1 (Jayawardene 38, Sangakkara 22)

    Narine runs in to bowl his last over, shouldn't Gayle or Pollard get a chance to bowl? If Sammy is out of ideas and not getting wickets from his main bowlers, part timers deserve a chance. Forget the part timers, even Bravo and Russell have not bowled yet. After 11 it is 83 for 1.
  • Over 10 SL 81/1 (Jayawardene 37, Sangakkara 21)

    Sammy continues, bowling his second of the day. Mahela pulls this one away for a one bounce four, it was slightly short from Sammy and Mahela onto it in a flash. 81 for 1 after 10 overs, Sri Lanka in control
  • Over 9 SL 75/1 (Jayawardene 32, Sangakkara 20)

    Narine continues. The required rate is now around 5 per over, with 9 wickets in hand, that should not be a problem for Sri Lanka. Mahela reverse sweeps with the spin of Narine, very well controlled boundary. Just watched it, waited for it and played it fine for four by Mahela. This pair not only getting the singles and twos, but also getting a regular boundary. 75 for 1 after 9 overs.
  • Over 8 SL 69/1 (Jayawardene 26, Sangakkara 20)

    The captain, Darren Sammy, comes in to bowl. Sammy running out of options now, Sanga pulls this one for another boundary. It was a risk free shot all along the ground for four. Mahela tries to play a scoop, there is no need for that here, gets a single for it. Seven runs from the over.
  • Over 7 SL 62/1 (Jayawardene 25, Sangakkara 15)

    Narine comes in, Sammy having a chat to him. Sri Lanka need less than 6 per over, so they are under no pressure with Mahela and Sanga batting well. West Indies need to do something different and put pressure on them. Sangakkara punches it off his back foot through the leg side for four. Another good over for Sri Lanka.
  • Over 6 SL 55/1 (Jayawardene 23, Sangakkara 10)

    Fidel Edwards comes in to bowl, it bounces over the keeper and the batsman for four byes. Windies can not afford to give these runs away. Mahela drives it through the covers for another four, everything seems to be finding the middle of his bat. Another good shot in the same area, three runs this time. Twelve from the over and Windies need some wickets here.
  • Over 5 SL 43/1 (Jayawardene 16, Sangakkara 10)

    Rampaul runs in to bowl. In the air, and Mahela gets it just over point for four. Mahela switching gears just lifting this one nicely on the leg side for four, there were no fielders there. A nice cut shot for a single from Mahela who is looking dangerous here. A good over for the Lankans, 11 from it.
  • Over 4 SL 32/1 (Jayawardene 7, Sangakkara 8)

    Narine comes into the attack, to pick up some wickets. Four, Sangakkara just picks it up early and helps himself to a four on the leg side, solid shot. Good running between the wickets too, completing the second run easily. After 4 it is 32 for 1.
  • Over 3 SL 24/1 (Jayawardene 6, Sangakkara 1)

    A hit-and-run from Mahela giving Dilshan the strike, against Rampaul. Another wide from Rampaul, Gayle is at first slip waiting for a nick. After four balls in the over, Gayle comes out of the slips. WICKET! Dilshan gets a nick on that one and Ramdin makes no mistake, the ball climbed as it reached Dilshan and Windies have an early wicket. Sangakkara comes in and Rampaul bowls another wide.
  • Over 2 SL 18/0 (Jayawardene 4, Dilshan 12)

    Fidel Edwards sharing the new ball with Rampaul. Beautiful cover drive from Dilshan, four, good balance and a great shot. Another four, this time in front of point, hammered away to the fence. Another exquisite cover drive, same result and one more great shot. Three balls, three fours! Three fours and three dots for Dilshan.
  • Over 1 SL 6/0 (Jayawardene 4, Dilshan 0)

    Ravi Rampaul starts the innings for Windies. Sammy will look to put pressure on the batsmen, Dilshan will have other ideas though. A big wide outside off from Rampaul, giving Sri Lankans their first runs. Mahela playing the same cut shot the whole over, just not getting it past the gully and point fielders. Another wide from Rampaul, so far two runs from two wides. Finally gets the cut shot right, through the fielders for four, it raced to the fence in no time.
  • End of Innings

    The West Indies have scored 129 from their 20 overs, after a slow start. Some very good fielding and bowling by the Sri Lankans, also clever captaincy from Mahela. We will be right back with the chase.
  • Over 20 WI 129/4 (Sammy 1, Russell 19)

    Mathews to finish the bowling innings for Sri Lanka. Samuels tries to hit this out of the park, only to find Dilshan on the boundary. WICKET! Samuels caught Dilshan bowled Mathews. Sammy is the new man in, but is off strike as they crossed. West Indies will end up with 129 for 5 after their 20 overs.
  • Over 19 WI 122/4 (Samuels 50, Russell 13)

    Malinga comes in to bowl the 19th, his last over of the day. Malinga is mixing his pace and length to good effect, just slowing it down as Samuels looks to swing his arms. A single to third man, brings up the 50 for Samuels. A good over under pressure from Malinga, just three from it.

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