Pakistan vs India

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at R. Premadasa Stadium - Group 2

Date: 30th Sep 2012 Umpires: R A Kettleborough and R J Tucker

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


128 All out (19.4 Overs)



129/2 (17.0 Overs)

India win by 8 wickets

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  • India win by 8 wickets

    India win against Pakistan by 8 wickets. The score of 128 was a below par score on this wicket, but India bowled well and batted well in this must-win game. They will be third on the points table, just below Pakistan in terms of net run rate, but get the 2 points to stay alive in the competition.
  • Over 17 IND 129/2 (Kohli 78, Yuvraj 19)

    India will look to get these runs quickly to go ahead of the net run rate and this pair seems to be aware of that fact. The two singles means, India win with 8 wickets in hand. A very well controlled innings, from Sehwag, Kohli and Yuvraj. It was a must win game from them and they have won it in style.
  • Over 16 IND 126/2 (Kohli 77, Yuvraj 17)

    Five overs to go, Gul comes in to bowl. Nazir drops Kohli, it was a very difficult catch, but Kohli survives again. Yuvi playing another pull shot for a single, India will also have an eye on the net run rate. Kohli comes down the wicket, hits it through the covers for four. His cover drives are a treat to watch. India need to get these runs in 16.4 overs to go ahead of Pakistan in terms of net run rate. A no ball from Gul, and Kohli gets a couple of runs and the field can't be changed. Nothing going Pakistan's way. Kohli drives hard through the covers again for four. What a shot! Where are all the fielders!
  • Over 15 IND 110/2 (Kohli 64, Yuvraj 15)

    Afridi taking his time to set the field before he bowls. Yuvraj powers one through long on for four, there was a fielder standing slighter wider than long on but he had no chance. Another powerful chance from Yuvi, sweeping it square of the wicket for two runs, Ajmal's fancy footwork stopping the four. India need 19 from 30.
  • Over 14 IND 100/2 (Kohli 62, Yuvraj 7)

    Kohli comes down the wicket for Ajmal and hits a six straight down the ground. A good shot from the first ball of the over, putting pressure on the bowler. India doing well, keep the scorecard ticking and getting a few boundaries too. Nine from the Ajmal over, India need 29 from 36.
  • Over 13 IND 91/2 (Kohli 58, Yuvraj 6)

    Hafeez brings himself into the attack. A very strong sweep from Yuvraj for a four, it flew to the square leg boundary. After a few singles, India also get the boundary.
  • Over 12 IND 84/2 (Kohli 52, Yuvraj 1)

    Ajmal finally, into the attack. the fields are quite defensive from Hafeez. Kohli gets this one past Arafat at third man for four, a skillful boundary. Virat Kohli runs and runs hard to get a couple of runs, gets his 50 in a must-win game for India. India need 45 from 48 balls.
  • Over 11 IND 77/2 (Kohli 45, Yuvraj 1)

    Afridi to continue with the ball, Sehwag cuts it just behind point for four. A late cut, waited for the ball, a powerful shot for four. WICKET! Gul takes a very good catch on the boundary to get rid of Sehwag. He was trying to hit a six, but holds out the long on, India 75 for 2. Yuvraj Singh comes in to bat.
  • Over 10 IND 70/1 (Kohli 43, Sehwag 25)

    Yasir Arafat comes into the attack. Kohli drives it through the covers for four, a very good shot and Jamshed on the boundary had no chance to stop it. A poor effort in the field from Hasan at third man, Kohli just guides it there and the ball goes for four. This would have been a great catch, a really great catch by Umar Akmal at point but drops Kohli. It was a very difficult chance, but Kohli survives.
  • Over 9 IND 59/1 (Kohli 33, Sehwag 24)

    Afridi comes back, Ajmal is held back for later. Indians happy to pick up singles here. Kohli comes down the wicket again and edged it past the absent slip for four. A lucky four for Kohli, he was trying to emulate the six he hit earlier. Sehwag comes down the wicket this time and only gets a single. Eight from the over it is 59 for 1 after 9 overs.
  • Over 8 IND 51/1 (Kohli 27, Sehwag 22)

    Hasan comes back to bowl his last over. Sehwag playing against the spin of Hasan, and doing so comfortably. Good fielding by Umar Akmal on the boundary, stopping the second run and the throw was good too. That single brings up the 50 for India. Six singles from the over.
  • Over 7 IND 45/1 (Kohli 24, Sehwag 19)

    Afridi comes in to bowl, Hafeez changing the bowling from both ends. Kohli charged down the wicket and finds the middle of the bat for a six, not afraid of Afridi's pace. It was a good shot, solid and commanding. Nine from the over, India moving along nicely.
  • Over 6 IND 36/1 (Kohli 16, Sehwag 18)

    Saeed Ajmal the star spinner, comes into the attack. He starts with the doosra, Sehwag plays and misses. Indians are good players of spin, but Pakistan has some good spinners. Kohli hits a sweet cover drive for four, nicely worked away using the depth of the crease. A good over from Ajmal, India 36 for 1.
  • Over 5 IND 30/1 (Kohli 11, Sehwag 17)

    Hasan gets a third over. The young spinner has responded well to the captain's faith, has bowled well during this powerplay. Sehwag sweeps it fine for four, slowly settling down at the crease and a four to fine leg.
  • Over 4 IND 22/1 (Kohli 9, Sehwag 11)

    Gul continues from the other end. Sehwag hits it like a bullet in front of point for four. Sehwag swings and misses, it is important for India that he stays out there. Afridi, Gul and Hafeez have a chat about Gul's length. A wild throw from Umar Akmal giving away a single, Gul upset with the fielder. Good running from Kohli, hits it to mid on and takes the run straightaway. Short ball to end the over and is given as a wide. Sehwag leaving it alone and rightly so. The extra ball costs a four, as Sehwag picks it up and places it into the leg side for four.
  • Over 3 IND 11/1 (Kohli 8, Sehwag 2)

    Hasan to continue, he is a good prospect for Pakistan and has a lot of role models that he can follow in this team. Another good over from the young spinner, just two from it.
  • Over 2 IND 9/1 (Kohli 7, Sehwag 1)

    Umar Gul gets the ball, spin and swing to start for Pakistan. There is swing for Gul, he should hit the correct areas today. Sehwag on strike, he needs some runs, he was dropped from the side and is making a comeback. No timing in that shot from Sehwag, but gets a single for it. Kohli picks up a single to third man. With this low total, Ajmal, Hafeez and Afridi will come into play. After two overs it is 9 for 1.
  • Over 1 IND 6/1 (Kohli 4, Sehwag 0)

    The Delhi boys, Gambhir and Sehwag, to start for India and Raza Hasan gets the ball for Pakistan. Hasan is only 20 years old, starts off with a wide. WICKET! Gambhir hits it straight back to the bowler who takes a sharp catch, no one could believe it for a second. Early wicket for Pakistan. Kohli comes in, another Delhi boy, he cuts it away for four past first slip. Not a very convincing shot from Kohli, but some useful runs for India. An eventful first over, 6 for 1.
  • End of Innings

    Pakistan are bowled out for 128 runs in 19.4 overs. India started poorly, but pulled Pakistan back with regular wickets. The Malik-Akmal partnership helped Pakistan to get to a decent score, but 128 is still below par on this pitch. India need 129 runs to win.
  • Over 19.4 PAK 128 (Hasan 0, Ajmal 1)

    The last over, Balaji runs in to bowl it. Balaji gives Gul a full toss and he helps himself for an easy six, not a good ball especially in the last over. Gul was looking to hit that in the stands again, just top edges it to Dhoni. Balaji gets another WICKET! Raza Hasan is the new man in. Ajmal tries to play the scoop and Dhoni takes another catch, Khan almost colliding with Dhoni. Pakistan bowled out for 128 runs in 19.4 overs.

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