West Indies vs Ireland

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at R. Premadasa Stadium - Group B

Date: 24th Sep 2012 Umpires: A Rauf and H D P K Dharmasena

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

West Indies



129/6 (19.0 Overs)

Match abandoned due to rain

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  • All over I'm afraid. The decision has been made to call the match off and a no result means West Indies progress to the Super Eight stage. Ireland go home. A disappointing end to a frustrating day. Thanks for joining us - we'll be back tomorrow with commentary on the final first-round match between Pakistan and Bangladesh. It starts at 1500 BST.
  • Not looking great in Colombo as the cut-off approaches - we need action by around 1810 BST for this game to get a result. We'll keep you posted.
  • The Windies will need to bat for at least five overs for us to get a result today but time is running out. The scheduled close is at 1830 BST so a five-over thrash would need to start shortly after 1800 - that's half an hour away as I write.
  • Am afraid to report that rain is falling fairly heavily again in Colombo and the resumption will be delayed. If they do start again, the Windies' target will be adjusted. A reminder that if the game is abandoned, West Indies will progress to the next stage on net run rate and Ireland will go out.
  • Ireland finish on 129 for six. Chris Gayle finished with two for 21 but the pick of the bowlers was probably Sunil Narine with one for 21 from his four overs. Ravi Rampaul's figures were actually slightly better - 4-0-20-1 - statistically but Narine really caused the batsmen problems. West Indies will be hot favourites from here. Remember a win books their place in the Super Eight stage.
  • Over 19 IRE 129/6 (Johnston 15, Jones 14)

    Rampaul to bowl the final over - rain earlier means this is just a 19-overs-a-side contest. Jones gives Johnston the strike but can can manage only two twos in three balls. Rampaul, showing good control, makes it hard for the Irishman who can only cut a single off the penultimate ball. Jones repeats the shot off the final ball and Ireland finish on 129 for six from their 19 overs. It's hard to see the West Indies failing to chase that down with their batting line-up. The match will resume in around 10 minutes' time.
  • Over 18 IRE 122/6 (Johnston 10, Jones 12)

    Narine is back. His first three overs went for just 11 but Jones shows how to deal with him by swatting the ball over wide long on for six. A big hit that one. Later in the over Johnston tries another biggie, coming down the pitch but failing to get hold of it. Luckily it drops short of the fielder at long off. A free hit follows after a no-ball but a 'catch' is taken inside the boundary by Kieron Pollard to prevent serious punishment. One over to go.
  • Over 17 IRE 112/6 (Johnston 9, Jones 4)

    WICKET! O'Brien goes for 13, bowled by Rampaul after coming across his stumps, looking to hit to leg. He misses and the stumps are disturbed. The bowler watched his man there. Nigel Jones comes to the crease at number eight. He's quickly off the mark with two backward of square on the leg side. Only three more singles follow though. Time is running out for Ireland.
  • Over 16 IRE 107/5 (Johnston 8, K O'Brien 13)

    WICKET! Niall O'Brien goes for 25. Gayle pushes one through slightly faster and the full delivery crashes into the batsman's off stump. Again it's looking another strong over until the final ball when Johnston rocks back to and drills over cow corner for six. 11 from the over. Better from Ireland. Three overs remain.
  • Over 15 IRE 96/4 (N O'Brien 25, K O'Brien 11)

    Fidel Edwards returns. Varied levels of bounce keep the batsmen guessing and he concedes just two singles from the first five balls. However, the final ball - an attempted yorker - pitches slightly too short and Kevin O'Brien punishes it with a straight six.
  • Over 14 IRE 88/4 (N O'Brien 24, K O'Brien 4)

    A run comes from every ball of Gayle's latest over but there are no bit hits from Ireland, who seem content to nudge the ball around. This total isn't looking too competitive at present. It's 19 overs each now remember.
  • Over 13 IRE 81/4 (N O'Brien 20, K O'Brien 3)

    The first six of the innings arrives as an attempted hook from Niall O'Brien comes off the top of his bat and flies over the fine-leg boundary. Kevin soon gets off the mark with a flick to leg for two. A slower ball from Russell fails to surprise Kevin, a right-hander, unlike his brother. A wide - the first of the innings - doesn't prove too costly at the end of the over.
  • Over 12 IRE 70/4 (N O'Brien 13, K O'Brien 0)

    Chris Gayle comes on and O'Brien scores back-to-back twos. WICKET! A single puts Wilson on strike but he's then deceived and edges behind to Denesh Ramdin. Perhaps he expected turn but the ball skidded on. Wilson goes for 21 and Kevin O'Brien joins his brother at the crease.
  • Over 11 IRE 65/3 (N O'Brien 8, Wilson 21)

    Andre Russell comes on. Things are going well until the final ball when Wilson drives splendidly up and over mid-off for a fine four. Eight off the over.
  • Over 10 IRE 57/3 (N O'Brien 6, Wilson 14)

    Wilson tickles a sweep away as Narine goes to the boundary for the first time. Looks like it flicked off the pad but it's given as runs. Ireland keep things ticking over but the run rate remains below six.
  • Over 9 IRE 50/3 (N O'Brien 5, Wilson 9)

    Sammy continues and the over sees a single come off every ball. The pick? A decent pull shot from Wilson is cut off on the square leg boundary so only gets one. O'Brien also manages to time the ball well and hit square - this time on the off side - only for the sweeper to prevent a four.
  • Over 8 IRE 44/3 (N O'Brien 2, Wilson 6)

    Narine keeps it tight again - just two singles come from his second over. The Irish are trying to get a look at him but a T20 game isn't really the time to do that.
  • Over 7 IRE 42/3 (N O'Brien 1, Wilson 5)

    WICKET! After scoring two through the covers, Stirling tries to pull the ball to leg but the ball is too close to his body. He only succeeds in lifting it high into the air and Chris Gayle takes an easy catch running round from mid-on. Stirling goes for 19 and is replaced by Gary Wilson. Wilson gets a fortunate four when the ball comes off what looks like his forearm and, to quote Johnners, flies over the wicketkeeper's head for four.
  • Over 6 IRE 35/2 (N O'Brien 1, Stirling 17)

    Big off-spin from the very first ball from Narine sends the ball past left-hander Joyce's bat. The second also turns considerably past off. WICKET! The third is pitched on leg stump and doesn't turn. Joyce sweeps and misses and is bowled for 17. Fantastic start from the spinner. Niall O'Brien comes in at four and he gets off the mark with a quick single from his second ball. Stirling chips the last ball in the air but any chance of a caught and bowled is prevented by the non-striker being in the way. Great start from Narine that - just two conceded and a wicket taken.
  • OK, here we go. Sunil Narine is going to bowl the sixth over of 19.

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