England vs New Zealand

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium - Group 1

Date: 29th Sep 2012 Umpires: A Rauf and S J A Taufel

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


149/4 (18.5 Overs)


New Zealand

148/6 (20.0 Overs)

England win by 6 wickets

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  • England win by 6 wickets

    After a good all round performance, England have won this must-win game by 6 wickets. Finn and Swann bowled well and Morgan and Wright provided the runs. New Zealand will be disappointed with 148 from their 20 overs, which was a below par score. England will hope to take this form into their next game which will be against Sri Lanka.
  • Over 18.5 ENG 149/4 (Buttler 5, Bairstow 5)

    Bracewell gets the ball. WICKET! Wright hits it straight to Taylor, an easy catch puts an end to a good knock. Four, Bracewell bowls it short to Bairstow who swats it away for a four. England win! They win by 6 wickets and 7 balls to spare.
  • Over 18 ENG 141/3 (Buttler 3, Wright 76)

    Vettori brought back into the attack. A quiet over from him, England now need 8 runs from two overs.
  • Over 17 ENG 138/3 (Buttler 1, Wright 72)

    Mills comes back into the attack to bowl his last over. New Zealand really need wickets, they have needed them for a while now. WICKET! Morgan tries to clear the field, just the push it down to Bracewell who completes a great catch. Bracewell ran well, put in the dive to take a good low catch. Jos Buttler comes in to bat. Despairing grab from Guptill on the boundary as it goes past him to the boundary. Another boundary for Wright, making it twelve from the over.
  • Over 16 ENG 126/2 (Morgan 30, Wright 66)

    Nicol brought back into the attack. Six, Wright has switched gears nicely, just lifting it over the field for another maximum. Another six, two in a row, this time just walking down the pitch and hitting it sweetly. 15 from the over, England need 23 runs from 24 balls to win.
  • Over 15 ENG 111/2 (Morgan 29, Wright 53)

    The run rate now 9 runs per over, just 6 overs to go as Southee runs in with the ball. Surprisingly, Bracewell has not bowled yet. Six, straight down the ground from Wright and it is a big six. A good shot, just using the pace from Southee and hitting cleanly. Six, another big one from Wright to end a very good over. Strong, hard, clean hit.
  • Over 14 ENG 95/2 (Morgan 28, Wright 38)

    Franklin is replaced by Vettori, who will look to keep the runs down and get a wicket or two. Cut hard by Morgan, just a couple of runs and Nicol does well to stop it at the boundary. A good over for England, 9 from it.
  • Over 13 ENG 86/2 (Morgan 21, Wright 36)

    Nathan McCullum continues with the ball, NZ really need a wicket here. A quiet over, just three singles from it.
  • Over 12 ENG 83/2 (Morgan 20, Wright 34)

    NZ need to keep taking wickets. Franklin comes in to bowl, scored a useful 50 with the bat today. McCullum standing up to the stumps for Franklin. Six, full toss, medium pace and Morgan clears the boundary with ease. Morgan cuts and cuts hard for four behind point. 83 for 2 after 12.
  • Over 11 ENG 70/2 (Morgan 9, Wright 32)

    McCullum is bowling a few full tosses here, and they are not being put away. This time it is Morgan who misses out. Six, Wright top edges this one, did not look like a controlled shot but went for six at square leg.
  • Over 10 ENG 60/2 (Morgan 7, Wright 25)

    Good fielding from the Kiwis, Bracewell stopping a boundary this time. Four, Wright gets one through the off side for four. The flight from Nicol deceived him but he went through with the shot anyway. 10 overs gone, it is 60 for 2.
  • Over 9 ENG 50/2 (Morgan 6, Wright 16)

    Nathan McCullum to continue. Wright and Morgan looking to pick up singles and twos and build a partnership. Each dot ball will add pressure. A loose full toss to end the over, only a single from it.
  • Over 8 ENG 46/2 (Morgan 4, Wright 14)

    The run rate is over 8 now, Nicol gets the ball. The pitch seems to have slowed down and England's problems against spin continue. A good start from Nicol.
  • Over 7 ENG 44/2 (Morgan 2, Wright 11)

    A change in the bowling, Nathan McCullum run in. WICKET! Hales comes down the pitch, completely misses it and is bowled. McCullum who has fielded and batted so well today, chips in with the ball. Eoin Morgan comes in to face the Kiwi spin. After 7 overs, England are 44 for 2.
  • Over 6 ENG 37/1 (Hales 22, Wright 10)

    Vettori continues. A cut shot, nicely stopped at point by Nathan McCullum again. Wright coming down the wicket and not getting hold of that. Four, just pushes it into the leg side, there was no midwicket and it runs away for four. End of the powerplay, its 37 for 1.
  • Over 5 ENG 30/1 (Hales 20, Wright 5)

    Mills to continue, keeping it simple and wicket-to-wicket. Four, Mills drifting down leg side, a poor ball, just angled away for four. The fine leg was up in the circle so that was always going to be four. A single from the next ball which brings Hales on strike. Hales hits this one into the air but it lands safely, not a good shot but some good fielding by Nathan McCullum on to boundary to stop the four.
  • Over 4 ENG 22/1 (Hales 17, Wright 0)

    Vettori comes into the attack and Southee is replaced after just one over. Vettori has the best economy rate in this tournament, but can he pick up a wicket here. WICKET! Vettori has done it, through Kieswetter's defenses, bowled him! Wright comes in to bat. A good over for the Kiwis its 22 for 1.
  • Over 3 ENG 19/0 (Hales 16, Kieswetter 3)

    A very good over from Kills just one from it. Southee needs to support Mills in the bowling here, needs to get the ball in the right areas.
  • Over 2 ENG 18/0 (Hales 16, Kieswetter 2)

    Southee gets the new ball. Four, Hales times this one nicely and it runs away to the boundary for four behind point. Four, Hales pulls this away for another boundary, this time at square leg. It is turning out to be an expensive over from Southee. Another four behind point for Hales, good solid shots. Southee needs to rethink his line and length.
  • Over 1 ENG 2/0 (Hales 0, Kieswetter 2)

    Kieswetter and Hales to start this chase for England and Kyle Mills to bowl the first over. A good over to start from Mills, just two from it.

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