England vs Afghanistan

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at R. Premadasa Stadium - Group A

Date: 21st Sep 2012 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and S J A Taufel

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


196/5 (20.0 Overs)



80 All out (17.2 Overs)

England win by 116 runs

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  • End of innings

    And so ends another horribly one-sided encounter. Afghanistan promised much when Shapoor opened the innings with a wicket maiden, but things quickly fell apart from that point on. Umpteen dropped catches and misfields helped to inflate England's total well beyond their reach, and Luke Wright cashed in with an unbeaten 99. Afghanistan never stood a chance of chasing down all those runs, and England's pace attack scythed through their top order before Gulbodin's entertaining 32-ball 44, which included sixes off Swann and Dernbach, brought the match to an entertaining end. That's all from me today. Goodbye!
  • Over 18 - Afg 80 all out

    WICKET! Well, the fun had to end some time. Looking for his fifty, Gulbodin swings wildly at Dernbach and spoons an easy catch to Morgan in the covers. He's out for 44, and Afghanistan have sunk to a massive defeat, but he'll never forget this knock.
  • Over 17 - Afg 80/9 (Naib 44, Dawlatzai 0)

    If you've watched the documentary 'Out of the Ashes', you'll remember young Gulbodin gets dropped from the team. They'll never drop him again after this. He's creamed a pull to wide long on, the awkward bounce beating Bairstow and giving the batsman four, and then played an astonishing paddle-lap off Finn to move into the 40s. Great batting. He's smiling from ear to ear.
  • Over 16 - Afg 70/9 (Naib 35, Dawlatzai 0)

    Zadran takes his team beyond that dreaded record for the lowest score with an astonishing one-handed six off Swann, but is trapped lbw immediately afterwards by one that rushes on straight from around the stumps. He departs, with one job done. Can Naib guide his team to the twenty over mark?
  • Over 15 - Afg 64/8 (Naib 35, Zadran 3)

    Naib continues to protect Shapoor from England's quicks ... and what's more, he smites Jade Dernbach straight down the ground for a huge six! Not content with that, he clears the left leg and smokes a slower ball over wide long on. Afghanistan are closing in on that lowest score ...
  • Over 14 - Afg 50/8 (Naib 22, Zadran 2)

    Naib farms the strike as Broad comes back into the attack, turning down a single into the leg side in order to protect Shapoor. He also adds four runs to his name with a massive mow which is edged over the slip fielder and down to third man. A flat-batted slog clears Dernbach at deep mid-off, bringing a single and takes Afghanistan's score to 50!
  • Over 13 - Afg 45/8 (Naib 17, Zadran 2)

    There won't be too many occasions when Luke Wright, who bowls a brisk medium pace, will have bullied someone with the short ball, but he does just that to Shapoor, fizzing several balls past his chest. Afghanistan's No. 9 does enough to survive the over, and there's just seven more to come.
  • Over 12 - Afg 44/8 (Naib 17, Zadran 2)

    Naib on the attack! The young allrounder, who fancies himself as something of a body-builder, crunches Swann down the ground for his first four, and then swings him into the leg side for his second. He's not done there, however, and adds the first six of the innings with a monstrous blow over the leg-side field. He takes 16 from the over!
  • Over 11 - Afg 28/8 (Naib 1, Zadran 2)

    The tall, skinny left-handed Zadran survives an over from the short, pudgy left-arm spinner Patel. Zadran even adds two to the score with a pretty well-struck sweep out into the deep, Buttler pulling off a clean slide and stop close to the ropes.
  • Over 10 - Afg 26/8 (Naib 1, Zadran 0)

    This is actually something of an achievement for Naib, as he blocks his way through a Swann maiden.
  • Over 9 - Afg 26/8 (Naib 1, Zadran 0)

    WICKETS! Nope, it looks like both the twenty-over mark and the 100 will evade Afghanistan as Nabi - their best batsman - charges Patel and misses a swipe to be bowled. Dawlat Zadran sees fit to dance down the track second ball. He, too, completely misses with the slog, but this time the dismissal is stumped. Afghanistan are in very real danger of overhauling Kenya's record for the lowest score in a Twenty20 - their nadir being 67 all out against Ireland.
  • Over 8 - Afg 25/6 (Nabi 1, Naib 0)

    WICKET! Shenwari nails a reverse sweep against Swann ... but the ball goes in the air and too square, landing right in Finn's lap at deep point. It was actually an admirable choice of shot, but the execution was off. Young allrounder Gulbodin Naib wanders out to the crease. Can Afghanistan go the distance at least? Can they beat Luke Wright, and reach 100?
  • Over 7 - Afg 25/5 (Nabi 1, Shenwari 2)

    There's some respite for Afghanistan as Samit Patel is brought into the attack to twirl down his slow left-armers. Both batsmen are off the mark with singles, and just three come from the over. The required rate's already above 13 an over, and Afghanistan will do well just to last the full 20 here.
  • Over 6 - Afg 22/5 (Nabi 0, Shenwari 0)

    WICKETS! England are giving Afghanistan a valuable fielding masterclass here. They'd do well to heed the lesson. Buttler is first, with a diving stop at midwicket and a throw to Broad at the stumps to run Sadiq out. Next it's Bairstow at fine leg, who runs in and tumbles forward to hold a top-edged hook from Stanikzai inches from the turf.
  • Over 5 - Afg 22/3 (Sadiq 5, Stankikzai 4)

    Finn's class is too much for either of the batsmen, both of whom are late on their strokes. Sadiq does manages a neat little clip to leg, but they don't look like finding the boundary and are rather more intent on survival.
  • Over 4 - Afg 17/3 (Stanikzai 3, Sadiq 2)

    WICKET! Broad wins the battle of the captains, Mangal splicing a short-ish ball back to Broad's right. The bowler stuck out his hands and held onto a sharp chance, 0.64 seconds the reaction time. Stanikzai, the new batsman, is, predictably, given nothing to drive.
  • Over 3 - Afg 12/2 (Mangal 6, Sadiq 2)

    Afghanistan do have some experience against true pace, having faced Steyn and co. before, but Finn's heat is too much for Mangal when the ball is pitched short. When it's full, Mangal is happy to have a go, and collects four with a swipe to wide long on. Finn responds by sending down two bouncers, both called leg-side wides by Umpire Taufel, before reverting to a full length.
  • Over 2 - Afg 4/2 (Sadiq 2, Mangal 1)

    WICKET! Shafiqullah heaves at his first delivery, which is short of a length outside off, and the ball balloons straight up in the air to present Ravi Bopara with an easy catch. We've a clue as to England's approach as Dernbach pings Sadiq's helmeted head first ball - and a hint at Afghanistan's as Sadiq slogs wildly but doesn't connect.
  • Over 1 - Afg 2/1 (Mangal 1, Shafiqullah 0)

    WICKET! Afghanistan's chase is off to a muted start, Mohammad Shahzad nudging a single to get off the mark and then slicing a huge slog straight up in the air. A backpedalling Stuart Broad holds the catch at deep mid-off.
  • End of innings

    Afghanistan have only themselves to blame for this massive English total. Incredibly, they started with a wicket maiden, and then completely lost control of things. No-balls, misfields, dropped catches - so many dropped catches - this innings had it all. A par score would've been about 150, and Afghanistan don't have a hope of chasing down this many. One thing's for sure - they'll still try, and provide some great entertainment in the process. Join us in a few minutes for the chase.

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