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Sri Lanka vs South Africa

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at Mahinda Rajapaksha International Cricket Stadium - Group C

Date: 22nd Sep 2012 Umpires: R A Kettleborough and R J Tucker

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

46/5 (7.0 Overs)


South Africa

78/4 (7.0 Overs)

South Africa win by 32 runs

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  • Over 7 SL 46/5 (Mendis 7, Thirimanne 5)

    Albie to bowl the last over, SL in all sorts of trouble. AB not happy as Albie starts with a wide. WICKET! Behardin takes the catch, as Munaweera goes. A quick celebration from SA who wants to get this match done. SA win, after some good cricket overall, by 32 runs.
  • Over 6 SL 38/4 (Mendis 5, Munaweera 13)

    Steyn starts with a big wide. South Africans keeping things tight, really not giving anything away. WICKET! Steyn slows this delivery down and Perera pulls him to Duminy who takes a easy catch. Mendis comes in, the batsmen really struggling against Steyn, Kallis and Morkel. Four! A rare four for the home team. Mendis puts up a fight, again. SL need 41 from 6 balls.
  • Over 5 SL 31/3 (Perera 1, Munaweera 12)

    Kallis into the attack, what a great allrounder he is. Sanga has been dropped again this time by Albie Morkel. He was nicely balanced and was steady as the ball went high up in the air, but dropped it in the end. Munaweera top edges one down to fine leg for four, Steyn giving chase but the ball wins in the end. WICKET! Sanga after being lucky so far edges one to de Villiers who does not make any mistake. A soft dismissal in the end. SL in more trouble now. Perera comes in, run rate now 22.6rpo.
  • Over 4 SL 22/2 (Sangakkara 10, Munaweera 7)

    Botha comes into the attack, a very clever operator in this format. The Sri Lankans trying to hit every ball now, as the pressure piles on. Sanga drives one hard through the covers for four, that was a good shot. They will need a lot more of that. A good over for SL, only 3 more remaining.
  • Over 3 SL 13/2 (Sangakkara 2, Munaweera 6)

    Sanga walks in, can he do it for SL? Morkel continues after the powerplay. A cracking shot from Sanga, some good fielding by Duminy keeps it down to a single. A few more singles for SL here. AB de Villiers wont mind that too much, as the run rate goes up and above 14rpo. Dropped! Sanga has been dropped by du Plessis, who puts in a good effort.
  • Over 2 SL 8/2 (Jayawardene 4, Munaweera 4)

    Dale Steyn comes into the attack as expected. Munaweera struggling against some quality pace bowling here, trying to go hard at the ball and missing it. WICKET! Behardin completes the catch, Mahela tries to score off Steyn. The dot balls creating the pressure, just three from the over and the important wicket. South Africa on top now.
  • Over 1 SL 5/1 (Jayawardene 4, Munaweera 1)

    AB decides to start with Morne Morkel, Mahela and Dilshan to start for SL. A big shout for lbw against Mahela, the umpire is not interested. Mahela lifts this one on the off side for a four, a good shot played nicely on the up. WICKET! Misunderstanding between the batsmen and de Villiers makes no mistake and completes a great run out. AB almost collided with Dilshan and the stumps, but the wicket will make him happy. Munaweera comes in to bat. A good fielding start from SA, just 5 from 1 over.
  • End of Innings

    The game was shortened to 7 overs per side due to rain, and South Africa made the most of that by posting a total of 78 for 4. Sri Lanka need 79 to win, which means they will need to score at 11.29 runs per over.
  • Over 7 SA 78/4 (Morkel 0, Duminy 12)

    Duminy walks in to replace his captain, as Perera gets the ball. The bowlers keeping it full and straight, giving the batsmen nothing to work with. WICKET! Faf tries to hit the ball over long on and finds the fielder. He makes way for Albie Morkel. Duminy hits a four and a six from the last two balls, both really good shots. So after 7 overs South Africa end on 78 for 4. Sri Lanka need 79 to win.
  • Over 6 SA 65/3 (du Plessis 13, de Villiers 30)

    Malinga starts with a wide, Mahela not holding him back for the end. AB pulls another one for a big six in the same area as the previous one, a good shot. AB living dangerously as he edges one straight into the air, but it lands safely and he gets a couple of runs. Good fielding at third man stops the four, keeping it down to just two runs. AB gets two more runs as he edges another one into no man's land, its a chip shot but not a controlled one. The batsmen running well between the wickets, attacking Malinga. WICKET! AB hits one straight to Mendis at mid on who catches it with ease. The captain has done a good job for SA, 30 in quick time.
  • Over 5 SA 50/2 (du Plessis 13, de Villiers 16)

    Herath continues and AB reverse sweeps it for four on what would have been his off side. Some top quality cricket here from both sides, good running between the wickets, good catching and good batting. AB gets hold of this one and dispatches it over the ropes for a six. This is the first T20 between SA and SL. The run rate is now 10 on the dot.
  • Over 4 SA 35/2 (du Plessis 10, de Villiers 4)

    The captain comes in to bat, Matthews has the ball. AB and Faf are really quick between the wickets, picking up twos easily. A chance of a run out, Munaweera misses the stumps and AB would have been in trouble. The end of the 4th over, its 35 for 2.
  • Over 3 SA 27/2 (du Plessis 6, Amla 16)

    SA will be looking to score around 70 to 80 runs. Herath brought into the attack. Amla making his intentions clear, coming down the pitch straightaway to Herath. The crowd cheering the rare dot ball. The batsmen picking up the twos very well, they seem to have a plan. WICKET! Amla comes down the wicket again, misses the ball and Sanga on to it in a flash. Amla stumped for 16.
  • Over 2 SA 21/1 (du Plessis 1, Amla 15)

    The last over of the powerplay and second over of the 7-over innings. Malinga has the ball, Mahela setting the field. Amla hits a great cover drive, a proper cricket shot over the covers for four. Malinga with his famous yorker, Amla dancing around in the crease gets a single in the end. A slight misfield gives Faf a single to open his account for the night. Amla goes through the off side again for a four, a glorious shot. Amla walking across and Malinga drags it down leg, called a wide.
  • Over 1 SA 9/1 (du Plessis 0, Amla 5)

    Herath comes in for Ajantha Mendis who has a side strain. Kulasekara to start with the first over, instead of Malinga. Levi and Amla start the innings for South Africa. Levi angles one on the leg side for a couple, the crowd roaring already. Amla wanted the run, Levi sent him back, in the end both remain not out. The outfield will be slightly damp, the pitch will be quick and bouncy. The ball slowed down as it went to fine leg. WICKET! Levi looking to score fast, top edges one to Munaweera who completes a brilliant catch. Amla carries on where he left off, hitting a four through the off side. End of the first over, SA 9 for 1.
  • To:ss

    Sri Lanka win the toss and decide to bowl first. Play will start soon. Faf comes in for SA in place of Peterson and the Sri Lankan team remains unchanged, except for Ajantha Mendis who wont play today. Just to confirm it's 7-overs a side, 2-over Powerplay, and two bowlers can bowl two overs and three can bowl one over.
  • The talk is about a 7-over-per-side game starting at 6pm local time, which is 30 mins away. The toss will be in 15 mins. The powerplay will be 2 overs. Thanks to the weather, we have a shortened version of the shorter version of the game!
  • Good news

    The rain has finally stopped and the covers are off. The number of overs per side will be decided soon followed by the toss.
  • The covers were coming off, but the ground had to be covered again as there is a slight drizzle, the clouds look threatening too.
  • The ground staff have not removed the covers yet, they are expecting more rain. So the toss and the match are delayed further.

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