New Zealand vs Pakistan

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium - Group D

Date: 23rd Sep 2012 Umpires: M Erasmus and B N J Oxenford

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

New Zealand

164/9 (20.0 Overs)



177/6 (20.0 Overs)

Pakistan win by 13 runs

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  • Pakistan win by 13 runs

    Pakistan win by 13 runs in their first game of the tournament. New Zealand did not have a good day in the field, dropping two important catches. Their batting line up was unpredictable and did not deliver the goods. Pakistan posted 177, the Kiwis in reply scored 164. A good performance from Pakistan, New Zealand have many things to work out. The man of the match is Nasir Jamshed for his fantastic innings.
  • Over 20 NZ 164/9 (Mills 0, Milne 0)

    19 needed from 6 balls. Ajmal the bowler. Southee swings and misses. WICKET! Southee top edges one to the third man who is inside the circle. Ajmal picks up another one. Mills comes in with 18 required from 3 balls. McCullum cover drives this for a four, the Kiwis now need 14 for 2 balls. This would have been a wide but McCullum tries to get a six and gives an easy catch to the match in the deep. WICKET! Ajmal picks up another one, McCullum not happy. Pakistan win by 13 runs.
  • Over 19 NZ 159/7 (Southee 1, N. McCullum 1)

    NZ need 34 from 12. Taylor finds the fence, four from the first ball. Another four this time at the point boundary. Gul under pressure. Third ball also gets the same treatment. A full toss from Gul goes to the boundary. WICKET! Umar Akmal with the flat throw and the keeper does the rest. A sharp throw and Taylor is short of his crease. There was no second run there, a bad call from the captain. The Akmal brothers put their side in front. Southee comes in and takes a single.
  • Over 18 NZ 144/6 (Taylor 12, N. McCullum 0)

    A short conference between Afridi, Hafeez, Gul and Tanvir. Gul gets the ball, the Tanvir gets it. This could be costly if it goes wrong for Pakistan. Six! Franklin starts the over with a flat six off the slower ball. Franklin goes again, this time on the off side for a four. Is this the chance that the Kiwis needed to sneak back into this game? The required rate comes down from 17 or 18 to under 15. WICKET! Franklin pulls it straight to Jamshed who takes an easy catch. Franklin goes and Nathan McCullum comes in.
  • Over 17 NZ 131/5 (Taylor 11, Franklin 2)

    So Ajmal continues and everyone tries to figure out the logic behind the batting order. WICKET! Oram plays a big sweep, misses it and Ajmal hits the leg stump. Oram is bowled and who know who will come in next. Franklin comes in. Ajmal drops Franklin! a difficult caught and bowled chance. Missed it and misses the run out chance too. Taylor picks it up and sends it out of the ground for a six!
  • Over 16 NZ 121/4 (Taylor 3, Oram 11)

    Gul comes in. A good performance from Pakistan overall. WICKET! McCullum edges this on to his pad then it bounces and hits the stumps, and is bowled! It was a good ball, but McCullum is disappointed to get out in that fashion. Taylor comes in, Franklin has not batted yet. The run rate now 14, surely Pakistan should win from here. Oram pulls one to long on and they get two. Oram walks outside the off stump and plays it to fine leg for four. We are in for some creative batting here from Oram, and it is needed too. Hafeez checks his field again. Oram slices it for four at third man.
  • Over 15 NZ 108/3 (McCullum 32, Oram 1)

    Ajmal provides the break through WICKET! The Vettori experiment has officially failed. The required rate now is 13 per over and Vettori goes after scoring 18 from 15. Oram coming before Taylor, is the captain injured? Oram tries to sweep Ajmal, missing it completely. A slip in place, Oram comes down the pitch and gets a single. McCullum reverse sweeps and top edges one to the boundary, a risky shot against Ajmal.
  • Over 14 NZ 102/2 (McCullum 28, Vettori 18)

    NZ need 86 more from 7 overs, out of which Ajmal will bowl 3. But here comes Hafeez for his last one. McCullum is the key to this chase, Vettori should try to take the pressure off by scoring some runs too. Another reverse sweep, just a single. Akmal completes a stumping, but Vettori's foot is grounded behind the crease. The keeper shakes his head, umpire refers it, not out says the third umpire. Vettori manages to get some bat on that after going outside the leg stump, just gets a couple for his efforts. McCullum hits a six from the last ball of the over. A much needed boost.
  • Over 13 NZ 92/2 (McCullum 21, Vettori 15)

    Vettori reverse sweeps to Tanvir who fires the ball in to the keepers gloves. It looked close, but McCullum is in by a mile. Vettori comes down the wicket and hits it straight down the ground for four. A good shot from him. Afridi bowls a wide, this will help the Kiwis. 9 from the over, the required rate now 12.28
  • Over 12 NZ 83/2 (McCullum 19, Vettori 9)

    Saeed Ajmal comes in to bowl for the first time today. McCullum dancing in and around the crease trying to attack Ajmal, but unable to do so. Vettori will face Ajmal after a single. McCullum reverse sweeps Ajmal for a four, the bowler won't mind this as there is a chance of a wicket. Jamshed misfields at the boundary, McCullum get a four from his cover drive.
  • Over 11 NZ 73/2 (McCullum 10, Vettori 8)

    The Vettori experiment has not worked so far, Afridi continues with his sliders and faster ones. Vettori tries the reverse sweep and misses. Seven from the over, the run rate required is now 11.66.
  • Over 10 NZ 66/2 (McCullum 8, Vettori 3)

    Vettori plays his elaborate sweep, NZ need more than 10 per over now. Ajmal has not bowled yet, Hafeez continues. The singles and twos wont hurt Pakistan here, the boundaries have dried up. Hafeez tries the pause before bowling, like Ashwin. Just four from the over, after 10 NZ are 66 for 2.
  • Over 9 NZ 62/2 (McCullum 7, Vettori 1)

    Afridi starts with a wide. Taylor has promoted Vettori for some reason. A big shout by Afridi, started appealing late, the umpire amused. McCullum under edges one, it goes through the keeper for four. Six from the over it is 62 for 2.
  • Over 8 NZ 55/2 (McCullum 2, Vettori 0)

    Hafeez brings himself on, Ajmal kept for later. A chance of a run out at the non striker's end. Pakistanis look confident, Jamshed fires it to Hafeez who does the rest. Williamson is out WICKET! The Kiwis have lost both their openers.Vettori comes in, before Taylor! Are they trying to confuse Pakistan in thinking they have taken more wickets than they have? Not sure about the logic here. Hafeez bowls another good over.
  • Over 7 NZ 54/1 (McCullum 1, Williamson 15)

    Spin introduced in the form of Afridi, Williamson cuts him past Gul for four. The fifty partnership comes up for NZ. WICKET! Afridi goes through Nicol's defenses, a really good ball. Nicol bowled, Brendon McCullum comes in at three. He should have opened the innings. Afridi breaks the partnership, a good over from him.
  • Over 6 NZ 47/0 (Nicol 31, Williamson 10)

    Gul changes ends, bowling with the wind now. Nicol top edges this one, and it flies over the keeper for four. Nicol dances down the pitch, misses the ball, the ball misses the stumps, keeper collects it safely. It is run down the fine leg, Tanvir cuts it off and keeps it down to two. After the powerplay the Kiwis going nicely, 47 for no loss.
  • Over 5 NZ 38/0 (Nicol 24, Williamson 9)

    The asking rate now 9.5 as Arafat comes in to bowl. Williamson walks across his stumps and Arafat bowls it on the leg stump, good fielding by Tanvir at fine leg. Nicol looks to cut loose with a boundary at long off, powerful stroke but slightly mishit. Arafat responds with a wide. The movement in the crease from both these batsmen, forcing the change of line. Nicol replicates the previous four with another one, this one was a bit better. A good over for NZ, 12 from it.
  • Over 4 NZ 26/0 (Nicol 14, Williamson 8)

    Pakistan have lots of bowling options. NZ will look to take risks and run hard between wickets to keep up with the scoring rate. Tanvir is bowling a better over than his previous one. A clean shot from Williamson to finish the over, one bounce four.
  • Over 3 NZ 18/0 (Nicol 11, Williamson 3)

    Gul replaces Hafeez, Afridi talking to him about something. A good ball to start with, Nicol comes down the wicket and misses it completely. Gul is disappointed that the ball missed the stumps. A wide down leg to follow. After starting with a good ball, Gul has strayed in line and length. But he finishes with a good over, just 5 from it. NZ need to score faster than this rate.
  • Over 2 NZ 13/0 (Nicol 11, Williamson 1)

    Tanvir runs in to bowl, the wrong footed bowlers and Nicol picks it up over the fence for a six, he can be dangerous if he gets going here. It is a surprise that Tanvir is picked instead of Razzaq and his given the new ball instead of Gul. He has not bowled that well and is giving run away. A wide, this is turning out to be a big over for the Kiwis. 12 from that over, 13 for no loss after 2.

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