England vs India

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at R. Premadasa Stadium - Group A

Date: 23rd Sep 2012 Umpires: A S Dar and S J A Taufel

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


80 All out (14.4 Overs)



170/4 (20.0 Overs)

India win by 90 runs

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  • India win by 90 runs

    This is India's best victory in T20 cricket and England's lowest score in T20. India batted well to score 170 in their 20 overs. It looked like a good total, but it looked even better when the Indian bowlers picked up a few early wickets. Pathan got the first two wickets and then it was the Harbhajan Singh and Piyush Chawla show, the spinners really crippling the English middle order. England will try to forget this game like a bad dream and look forward to put in a better batting performance. We may have missed the Yuvraj-Broad battle, but we have witnessed a good T20 game.
  • Over 14.4 ENG 80/10 (Finn 8, Dernbach 12)

    Yuvraj Singh gets his first over of this match. England really struggling on this pitch against spinners. Chance of a run out, and it looked out. WICKET! Dernbach run out for 12. This is England's lowest T20 score. India beat England by 90 runs.
  • Over 14 ENG 78/9 (Finn 7, Dernbach 11)

    Chawla comes in to bowl his last one, two slips waiting for an edge. Finn tries a cross batted sweep and misses it completely. Only one slip in place now. Dhoni completes the stumping, asks the question, but Dernbach seems to be in. The third umpire review is a formality, given not out. Chawla finishes another good one, his last of the night.
  • Over 13 ENG 74/9 (Finn 5, Dernbach 9)

    Harbhajan finishes with 4-2-12-4. WICKET! Dinda back into the attack and picks up a wicket. Broad does not know what to do as he just gives Gambhir an easy catch out on the boundary. England have gone from 39 for 2 to 60 for 9. Dernbach in now. Finn gets a boundary just pulling it away. Dernbach swings the bat and hits it for four over covers. This is not good bowling for Dinda, he should be going full and straight. Dinda gives another boundary, England have surpassed their lowest total which is 67.
  • Over 12 ENG 60/8 (Finn 0, Broad 3)

    WICKET! Buttler goes, bowled by Harbhajan. What a game these two spinners are having, India have Ashwin on the bench, certainly a good position to be in. Swann comes in to bat, Buttler really played a nothing shot, especially under these circumstances. Harbhajan spinning it consistently now. WICKET! Harbhajan Singh! Swann goes, this is a procession of batsmen now. Swann comes down the pitch to do who knows what and Dhoni had all the time in the world to stump him. England out of ideas and out of batsmen as Finn comes in.
  • Over 11 ENG 60/6 (Buttler 10, Broad 3)

    Dhoni's gamble has paid off, there were a lot of questions about dropping Zaheer, Ashwin and Sehwag and the team has responded well. The two spinners, Chawla and Harbhajan, have really grabbed this opportunity with both hands. The new man in is the captain, Stuart Broad. The fielders are fired up and cutting down the angles, not giving anything away. Buttler plays an awkward reverse sweep. Eleven over gone, England 60 for 6.
  • Over 10 ENG 54/6 (Buttler 8, Bresnan 0)

    Harbhajan to continue. The required rate has jumped to around 11 runs per over. Bresnan reverse sweeps this one to Kohli at slips who is quick to collect the ball. A sharp chance for Kohli, not sure if that can be called a drop for first slip. WICKET! England losing their way, Bresnan hits this one straight to Gambhir who makes no mistake. The spinners causing all sorts of problems for England.
  • Over 9 ENG 51/5 (Buttler 6, Bresnan 0)

    Dhoni has done well, keeping the slip in and it has paid off. WICKET! Chawla turns one away from Kieswetter and he is caught at slip by Kohli. Bresnan the new man in, and the two spinners doing a great job for India. Dhoni is just completing stumpings even if the batsman is clearly safe, just showing the aggression. Chawla using his variations, the straighter one, the slider the conventional one. This is good spin bowler. Another wicket maiden.
  • Over 8 ENG 51/4 (Buttler 6, Kieswetter 35)

    Good tight slower bowling by India here. The variations in pace really confusing England. Dhoni is excited every time the ball does something. Buttler reverse sweeps Harbhajan for a four from the last ball, but other than that a very good over. India in control here.
  • Over 7 ENG 42/4 (Buttler 0, Kieswetter 30)

    Chawla, the other spinner comes on to bowl. He bowls the wrong one more than the traditional leg spinner, so not sure if he can be called a leg spinner. The spinner causing problems for the batsmen too, they are not picking him up. WICKET! Chawla does the trick and disturbs Bairstow's stumps. Bowled him! Dhoni's selection that seemed so outrageous has proved effective. Jos Buttler the new man with the bat. It was a good score, but with the fall of four wickets it looks mammoth now.
  • Over 6 ENG 39/3 (Bairstow 0, Kieswetter 30)

    Harbhajan to bowl the last over of the powerplay. WICKET! Harbhajan gets Morgan, clean bowled him. It was the quicker delivery that came into Morgan and went right through him to get the middle stump. Bairstow walks out, earlier than he would have liked. Harbhajan is very good when he gets a wicket early, this should help him. A chance of a stumping against Bairstow. An excellent delivery from the bowler, but the batsman is not out. The Indian fielders were confident in their appeal, but not out. A glimpse of the old and attacking Harbhajan back. A wicket maiden in a powerplay, that is solid gold from the spinner to start.
  • Over 5 ENG 39/2 (Morgan 2, Kieswetter 30)

    Pathan to continue, Dhoni will probably bowl him out. It will be good if he can pick up another wicket. England is eager to get on with the game, they need to settle down. Kieswetter plays this fine for four down fine leg. Another boundary for Kieswetter this time to third man. Two good shots from him will put pressure on Pathan.
  • Over 4 ENG 30/2 (Morgan 1, Kieswetter 22)

    Replays show that Taufel was correct in giving Wright out, very good decision for a world class umpire. Dinda into the attack instead of Balaji. Short ball that hurried Morgan, was in the air but lands safely. Kieswetter slaps this one for a six down the ground, that is his comfort zone. Dinda under pressure now, four more for Kieswetter. After 4 overs England are 30 for 2.
  • Over 3 ENG 18/2 (Morgan 0, Kieswetter 11)

    Wright against Pathan now, who brings it back nicely into the right hander. Good line, good length and a good comeback to international cricket from him. Six! Both batsmen looking to hit sixes, this time its Wright down the ground. WICKET! A good appeal for lbw, Taufel gives him out after careful thought. The danger man Wright goes for six, Pathan getting the double breakthrough. Morgan comes in, another explosive batsman. Pathan beats the outside edge of Morgan who seems to be in a hurry to score. 18 for 2 after 3 overs.
  • Over 2 ENG 12/1 (Wright , Kieswetter 11)

    Luke Wright comes in, he played well against Afghanistan. This is a slightly different scenario though. Balaji with the ball now. Everyone will have one eye on the dreaded D/L method and the dark clouds. Balaji starting with a few tight dot balls. Six! Kieswetter hits straight down the ground for a six. The field changes, but Balaji gives him some room and Kieswetter cuts him for a boundary.
  • Over 1 ENG 2/1 (Hales 0, Kieswetter 1)

    Pathan who started with the bat, now starts with the ball. Risky single for Kieswetter, to get him off the mark and off the strike. This could have been costly for England. Pathan brings one back into the right handed Hales and the stumps are rattled. WICKET! Hales, bowled by Pathan for a duck.
  • End of Innings

    England need 171 to win from 120 balls, on what seems to be a slower pitch than expected. The required rate is already 8.5 per over. Let's hope the rain stays away!
  • Over 20 IND 170/4 (Sharma 55, Raina 1)

    Dernbach to bowl the last one, not happy with the ball for some reason. The ball is changed. Taufel calls a wide, it was outside off, the bowler not happy. Sharma gets hold of this one and puts it over the rope for a big six! Useful runs these for India. Dernbach has bowled two full tosses now and this time its a four to bring up Sharma's fifty. Dhoni and the selectors have been patient with him and he has scored a good one here. Dhoni is clever enough to leave the wide ball alone, Taufel calls it wide. WICKET! Its a wonderful catch, completed by two fielders on the boundary. Buttler throws the ball over to Hales as he goes over the boundary and Hales takes a easy catch. Good piece of fielding. Broad complaining about the wides, can he be fined for that? A good over for India, even with the wicket of Dhoni. India finish on a 170 for 4 from their 20 overs.
  • Over 19 IND 153/3 (Sharma 42, Dhoni 9)

    The last two overs, Bresnan to Sharma. It would have been a wide, but Sharma paddle sweeps it for a couple, a wasted wide really. The ball hits the toe end of Sharma's bat for four at third man. Two really bad balls from Bresnan. A rare dot ball. 150 comes up for India with 8 balls left in the innings. They will be looking to score 160 or 170, that would be a good score. Dhoni tries to go over midwicket but hits it straight on to his pad. A wide from the bowler, this is not the best 19th over.
  • Over 18 IND 143/3 (Sharma 35, Dhoni 7)

    A mix up between the batsmen as the ball is stuck in Dhoni's pad from the last ball of the last over. The ball was dead and it would not have been out anyway. A misfield from Finn again gives the batsmen two more runs. The pitch does look slower, Dhoni calls for a new bat after playing 2 balls, wonder what that is about. Dhoni cuts this one, using the toe end of the new bat for four after reaching for it outside off. Another couple of runs as there is a fumble in the field, Indians putting pressure on Swann this time. Dhoni is very eager to run the extra runs, just disturbing the English fielding. Eleven from the over.

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