Bangladesh vs Pakistan

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium - Group D

Date: 25th Sep 2012 Umpires: S J Davis and I J Gould

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


175/6 (20.0 Overs)



178/2 (18.4 Overs)

Pakistan win by 8 wickets

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  • Pakistan Win By Eight Wickets

    This is Paksitan's highest successful chase in T20I cricket, and affords them graduation to the Super Eights stage of the World Twenty20. Bangladesh, meanwhile, crash out - and will rue a torrid day in the field after doing so well with the bat. Thursday's fixtures see Sri Lanka lock horns with New Zealand and England take on the West Indies. Catch you then. Cheers.
  • Over 18.4 - Pak 178/2 (K Akmal 22, Jamshed 29)

    Islam is back into the attack too, soon slapped down the ground by Akmal, who finishes the one-sided chase with a typical flourish for four.
  • Over 18 - Pak 171/2 (K Akmal 17, Jamshed 28)

    Razzak returns to the attack, at least keeping the boundaries at bay and prolonging the forgone conclusion to another over.
  • Over 17 - Pak 167/2 (K Akmal 15, Jamshed 26)

    Mahmudullah back into the attack. Jamshed eager to finish this quickly, smearing four and then six down the ground. The long-off fielder almost held onto the latter, but his backfoot touched the boundary. Shame, good effort.
  • Over 16 - Pak 150/2 (K Akmal 10, Jamshed 15)

    Jamshed lambastes four through the off-side and follows it up with six nailed over midwicket and, with that, Bangladesh are officially out of the tournament and Pakistan are through to the Super Eights. The Tigers must fight on, though, there is consolation in the form of victory in this match to achieve. Hasan can't find a consistent length, however, with Kamran crashing him through the on-side and then the off-side for back-to-back boundaries. 19 runs off the over. So arrives Pakistan's 150.
  • Over 15 - Pak 131/2 (K Akmal 2, Jamshed 4)

    Pakistan can really afford to take it relatively easy from here on in, and Jamshed and Kamran are fully aware of this, duly milking the punctuation of singles on offer. Al Hasan completes his four-over complement. 45 runs from 30 balls to win the match, or nine runs from 30 balls to gain a berth in the Super Eights.
  • Over 14 - Pak 126/2 (K Akmal 0, Jamshed 1)

    Hasan back into the attack, and quickly heaved across the line, with Nazir fetching four at midwicket thanks to somewhat of an agricultural hack. Then a couple swatted down the ground, and those are his last runs of the day, with his latest loft falling into the hands of the substitute fielder - Reza - at long-off. 16 more runs and Nazir would have achieved the highest score in T20I cricket by a Pakistani, but Misbah-ul-Haq's 87 not out against Bangladesh four years ago keeps pole position. Jamshed in now, watching from the non-striker's end as his captain falls. WICKET! A fat drive, but a thin edge to the wicketkeeper, ends Hafeez's stay. The bowler is delighted with his brace, screaming in jubilation. Kamran to the crease now. Perhaps there is a late twist in this tale after all...
  • Over 13 - Pak 118/0 (Hafeez 44, Nazir 66)

    Shakib continues. Bangladesh can't even keep it together in the field now, conceding easy singles, misfielding and missing run-out opportunities. A game last two halves, and no matter how good their first was, the Tigers haven't match it with an appropriate second section. They will exit the tournament, soon. Pakistan will clinch a berth in the Super Eights.
  • Over 12 - Pak 112/0 (Hafeez 41, Nazir 62)

    Hafeez leads by example, orchestrating a short-arm flick up and through midwicket for four, following it up with four more, a lot squarer. Razzak is bowling far too short to be taken seriously.
  • Over 11 - Pak 101/0 (Hafeez 32, Nazir 61)

    The off-spin of Mahmudullah into the attack, and soon thrashed to the cover fence for four by Nazir, whose 60 not out is now the highest score of his T20I career. The century partnership arrives too. This is one-way traffic. No coming back from Bangladesh. Surely. This pitch has been really, really good for batting.
  • Over 10 - Pak 92/0 (Hafeez 29, Nazir 56)

    Al Hasan continues. HALF-CENTURY! Nazir graduates to his 50, from just 25 deliveries, seven fours and a trio of handsome sixes included. It's the second-fastest half-ton by a Pakistani in T20I cricket. That surely answers his critics, who wanted him dropped from the team and Jamshed promoted to the top of the order.
  • Over 9 - Pak 84/0 (Hafeez 28, Nazir 49)

    The man who dropped what would have been an important catch, Abul, is into the attack. The man he dropped, Nazir, keeps going, pasting four to the fence on the pull. There is just no bowling short successfully to this man. The bowler quickly cleans up his act, though, managing to send down the rest of the over on the relative quiet.
  • Over 8 - Pak 77/0 (Hafeez 26, Nazir 45)

    Razzak continues. Stroke of the Day this, as Nazir dances down the track to meet the ball at its pitch, duly following through with a full flow of the bat. That races to the fence, no stopping it, ever. Four well earned runs. This is getting away from Bangladesh now.
  • Over 7 - Pak 68/0 (Hafeez 25, Nazir 37)

    Shakib into the attack with his left-arm spin. He almost traps Nazir lbw, but the line is missing the leg-stump by enough to keep the umpire's finger in his pocket. This is a key juncture in the contest. If Pakistan can get through the next three or four overs relatively safely, they'll win the match, or at least score the required 140.
  • Over 6 - Pak 64/0 (Hafeez 24, Nazir 35)

    Right on cue, it's time for some spin, inside the last over of the Powerplay. It's the left-armers of Razzak. Immediately, the scoring rate is slowed, with Hafeez and Nazir's collective ambition to find the fence stifled. Mere singles have to suffice for the duo, until Nazir slices a shorter delivery through point and cover for four.
  • Over 5 - Pak 58/0 (Hafeez 23, Nazir 30)

    Too full from right-arm seamer Mortaza, with Hafeez happy to punish the rubbish over mid-off for four. Nazir then planks for over cover to bring up the half-century stand in less than five overs, with six more heaved over fine-leg adding to the feat. Bangladesh must bring a spinner into the attack, they need to slow this rapid response down.
  • Over 4 - Pak 43/0 (Hafeez 18, Nazir 20)

    Islam is convinced he has trapped Hafeez lbw, but the umpire isn't buying the appeal, for the line was headed down the leg-side entirely. Nazir later dances down the wicket, flatbatting four over mid-off. Then five wides, which Bangladesh really cannot afford. They've done all the hard work with the bat, and must keep it together with the ball here. But they don't yet, with Nazir's four and six on the pull instead closing a very expensive over.
  • Over 3 - Pak 23/0 (Hafeez 17, Nazir 6)

    Only marginally wide from Mortaza, but Hafeez punishes it to the fence with full disdain. The fielder threw himself in the line of the ball, but didn't really stand a chance of stopping that bullet. Nazir, meanwhile, almost has his block knocked off by a scary bouncer.
  • Over 2 - Pak 18/0 (Hafeez 12, Nazir 6)

    Right-arm fast bowler Islam shares the new ball with Mortaza, and almost makes a break through straightaway, but Abul grasses a sitter at mid-off. DROPPED! Nazir looked to pull a short ball, but miscued it far too straight, but gets away with his error. That's three dropped catches today, and later might prove the most costly of the lot.
  • Over 1- Pak 10/0 (Hafeez 9, Nazir 1)

    Unlike Pakistan, Bangladesh don't open their attack with a spinner, instead the seam of Mortaza. The choice almost enjoys immediate success, with Hafeez riding a fortunate edge wide of first slip for four, and then fetching another lucky boundary thanks to another thick edge.

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