Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe

Match info: ICC World Twenty20 2012 at Mahinda Rajapaksha International Cricket Stadium - Group C

Date: 18th Sep 2012 Umpires: I J Gould and R J Tucker

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

182/4 (20.0 Overs)



100 All out (17.3 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 82 runs

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  • Sri Lanka Win By 82 Runs

    That's a resounding message from the tournament hosts. Zimbabwe were totally outgunned in all departments, and certainly didn't help themselves after an abject day in the field. Jeevan Mendis and Kumar Sangakkara walloped them with the bat before Ajantha Mendis and Jeevan, again, completed the job with the ball. Tomorrow sees the Australians face Ireland and, later, Afghanistan challenge India. Catch you then.
  • Over 17.3 - Zim 100/10 (Vitori 7)

    Sri Lanka call their star pace ace back into the attack to finish the job - and he does just that as Mpofu loops and easy catch to mid-off. Game over.
  • Over 17 - Zim 93/9 (Mpofu 0, Vitori 0)

    WICKET! Cremer cleaned up by his fellow leg-spinner. He read it correctly, but it didn't turn as much as he expected, also sneaking through the gate to rattle the stumps. Mpofu is the last man in, and soon showing his ability (or lack thereof) with the bat with a weird forward-defence.
  • Over 16 - Zim 87/8 (Cremer 11, Vitori 0)

    WICKET! Utseya's lavish drive succeeds only in spooning and edge to slip, with Mendis welcoming a whopping five-wicket haul. These are the second-best figures in the history of the tournament, bettered only by Pakistan seamer Umar Gul's five for six. WICKET! Soon he has the best ever, though, trapping Jarvis dead in front of the stumps with a wrong'un. Easy lbw decision, that. He ends the match with figures of six for eight. Record-breaking. Crazy.
  • Over 15 - Zim 80/6 (Cremer 11, Utseya 1)

    Zimbabwe must, at least, bat out their full 20 overs. That will serve as a bit of consolation amid impending doom. Cremer and Utseya are fully aware of this, dropping anchor across this over from Jeevan.
  • Over 14 - Zim 80/6 (Cremer 7, Utseya 0)

    Too straight from Ajantha, whose rogue line his helped around the corner for four by Chigumbura. WICKET! Those are his last runs for the day, though, as the next delivery - straighter, sharper, faster - crashes through the gate to castle the stumps. Clever variation from Mendis, who has a four-four now. Zimbabwe crumbling. Utseya in now.
  • Over 13 - Zim 75/5 (Cremer 6, Chigumbura 15)

    Chigumbura won't go down without a fight, hoisting the leg-spin of Jeevan high and hard over midwicket for six. Cremer, meanwhile, can't pick the wrong'uns despite being a leg-spinner himself.
  • Over 12 - Zim 66/5 (Cremer 5, Chigumbura 8)

    Perera continues, and induces an edge from Cremer but it falls just short of the slip in place. The next ball is also edged, but flies to the third man boundary for four.
  • Over 11 - Zim 59/5 (Cremer 0, Chigumbura 7)

    Jeevan Mendis is on now for some leg-spin, hoping to add to his good effort with the bat. Then, Sanga does a great job behind the stumps and WICKET! Ervine must go after failing to get his foot down in time. The Mendis duo are having a great match here, as Waller comes to the middle. Heavens, so much turn! WICKET! Easy peasy decision for Rod Tucker, Wallter trapped in front for a duck while standing right back on the stumps. Cremer comes in and faces a leg-side wide first up.
  • Over 10 - Zim 57/3 (Ervine 10, Chigumbura 5)

    Mendis makes way for Thisara Perera, who is no stranger to taking wickets. The first ball beats the bat, and the second is wide and smacked with a cut but there is a man on the point boundary. Ervine hits a lovely pull off the final ball for six, while the run rate has now crept closer to 13.
  • Over 9 - Zim 48/3 (Ervine 3, Chigumbura 3)

    Yet another leg-bye adds to the Zim total as Mathews hits the pads. The risky running continues as they pair try for a second and get it, but if the bowler had collected the throw it may have been curtains. A single ends the over, down to fine leg off the pads.
  • Over 8 - Zim 43/3 (Ervine 0, Chigumbura 3)

    Mendis continues and gets another WICKET! Masakadza departs as he is bowled neatly, having scored 20 runs. There's an appeal for LBW against Craig Ervine, but a) the bowler was in the umpire's way so he couldn't see, and b) it hit the gloves. Wicket maiden!
  • Over 7 - Zim 43/2 (Masakadza 20, Chigumbura 3)

    Angelo Mathews is into the action, and Chigumbura takes a single off the first ball, before Masakadza does the same with a push past point. The all-rounder is bowling a good line though, and his pace is that tricky in-between speed that's tough to get away. They only get four runs off it, as Zimbabweans the world over grumble about the earlier stumping.
  • Over 6 - Zim 39/2 (Masakadza 18, Chigumbura 0)

    Spinner Ajantha Mendis is brought into the attack, and the Zim lads take a risky single. Then, WICKET! Sibanda is out for 11 after finding his bails scattered, beaten all ends up as the ball hits the middle stump. The skipper Brendan Taylor comes to the middle and there is immediate action, as he is stumped and they call for a replay. It's OUT, his toe is a millimetre off the ground. This leaves Mendis on a hat-trick, but Elton Chigumbura is all defence.
  • Over 5 - Zim 36/0 (Masakadza 17, Sibanda 11)

    Sibanda tries to emulate his partner, but swings and misses against Kula first ball, before edging it behind but they run for a single as Sangakkara misfields. Next ball is misfielded too, at short fine leg, so there must be something on the grass tonight because the fielding from both sides has been poor. Sibanda takes a step forward and flashes hard, getting a thick top edge that flies for four. Zim are keeping pace with where Sri Lanka were at this stage.
  • Over 4 - Zim 28/0 (Masakadza 17, Sibanda 4)

    Masakadza is letting rip now, whipping Malinga off his pads for a boundary off the first ball, this time getting it in the middle of the bat. It's easy to get a single off the next ball as the fielders are quite far out, so he pops it square. Good running gets them two off the penultimate ball, before Hamilton bashes it back over Malinga's head for four. Superb shot, and it's 11 off the over for Masakadza.
  • Over 3 - Zim 16/0 (Masakadza 6, Sibanda 3)

    Kulasekara tries for an LBW appeal, but it hits outside the line and it's half-hearted. Sibanda takes a leg-bye single as a result, before Masakadza gets off the mark with a push for a single. Once back on strike, Hamilton bashes it with brute force past Kula, not timing required, for a boundary. He ends the over with a risky single that would have sent him packing had mid-off struck the stumps.
  • Over 2 - Zim 8/0 (Masakadza 0, Sibanda 2)

    Lasith Malinga steams in and beats the bat nicely, though Sibanda manages to push it into the covers for a single. Four leg-byes come off Masakadza's hip, much to Mahela's amusement, and Hamilton is yet to get off the mark. Malinga's bowling it full and straight, looking good.
  • Over 1 - Zim 3/0 (Masakadza 0, Sibanda 1)

    A very good start for the hosts, with lots of swing for Nuwan Kulasekara. Sibanda gets a single but the other two runs comes from a wide and leg bye. The run rate is 9.47 now.
  • The Pursuit

    Batsmen Sibanda and Masakadza, umpires Gould and Tucker and the Sri Lankan head out to the middle for the resumption of play. Zimbabwe chasing a target of 183 at a rate of a little more than nine runs per over.

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