Sri Lanka vs New Zealand

Match info: Sri Lanka v New Zealand Test Series 2012 at P Sara Oval - 2nd Test

Date: 29th Nov 2012 Status: Day 5 of 5 Umpires: M Erasmus and N J Llong

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

244 All out (94.0 Overs)
195 All out (85.5 Overs)


New Zealand

412 All out (153.0 Overs)
194/9 Dec (54.0 Overs)

New Zealand win by 167 runs

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  • Final result - NZ win by 167 runs

    A hard-fought and well deserved win by New Zealand. Their victory ends a five-match losing slump, and helps them to their first win on Sri Lankan soil since 1998. Interestingly the scoreline - a 167-run win - is exactly the same as their last victory here. The result here was set up by Williamson and Taylor's first-innings centuries and some tireless work from the seamers. Southee finishes with eight wickets for the match, Boult seven. The series is squared at 1-1. If only there was a third Test to be played! We do hope you've enjoyed our coverage of this game. Your commentator today has been Liam Brickhill, and you can find me on Twitter under the handle Gomorezvidinha. Until next time, goodbye!
  • Over 85.5 - SL 195 all out (Herath 6)

    WICKET! It's all over for Sri Lanka. New Zealand have a win after five consecutive losses. Herath provided some drama before Boult ended proceedings. He began Boult's over with a neat little clip to the fine leg boundary before surviving a vociferous lbw appeal and splicing the next ball agonizingly short of a diving point fielder. A drive brings Mathews on strike, and he lines up a heave into the leg side but succeeds only in sending a thick edge to Guptill in the slips.
  • Over 85 - SL 190/9 (Mathews 84, Herath 1)

    Well, Mathews is having some fun before the end! He may well be on for a ton here if he can keep this up. A tiring Tim Southee has been dispatched for four fours in this over, all off Mathews' bat. The first came off a top-edged pull, but the next three were all superb shots in the arc between fine leg and wide long-on. Mathews is into the 80s, but can't keep the strike at the end of the over ...
  • Over 84 - SL 173/9 (Mathews 68, Herath 0)

    Mathews offers the couterpunch of a fabulous punch past mid-off, but there's barely a murmur from the batsman. The Test match almost comes to an end as a leading edge from Mathews is deflected back towards the stumps by Boult with Herath well short of his ground at the non-striker's end ... but the ball scoots past the wicket and they play on. Surely not long now.
  • Over 83 - SL 169/9 (Mathews 64, Herath 0)

    WICKET! What a catch. Williamson has already taken a couple of blinders in this game, and he's pulled off another one to put Sri Lanka nine down. Or has he? The umpires tell Eranga to hang around as they look at replays of the dismissal. Southee snaked one away from the bat, taking a thick edge, and Williamson tumbled to his right at gully, grasping the ball one-handed inches from the turf. Yep, that's a fair catch and Eranga trudges off.
  • Over 82 - SL 168/8 (Mathews 63, Eranga 0)

    WICKET! Boult strikes immediately, whanging down a lifter at Kulasekara that is guided straight to Kane Williamson at gully. Shaminda Eranga comes in ahead of Herath, with New Zealand surging towards a historic and series-leveling win.
  • Tea

    Sri Lanka are clinging to survival with a session to play on the fifth day in Colombo. Mathews has had a good game with the bat, and he's unbeaten on 63. Nuwan Kulasekara also deserves a mention. He's been at the crease for over an hour for his 18. New Zealand are still overwhelming favourites, but these two have now put on 46 for the eighth wicket. Their teammates will ask for a lot more during the interval. Join us in 15 minutes for the final session.
  • Over 81 - SL 168/7 (Mathews 63, Kulasekara 18)

    There's plenty of swing for Tim Southee with the new ball, curving away from Mathews' bat, but he starts most of his deliveries too far outside off and Mathews only has to play at half of them. He survives, seeing out a maiden, and that'll be tea.
  • Over 80 - SL 168/7 (Mathews 63, Kulasekara 18)

    No less than five Blackcap fielders crowd around Kulasekara as Patel continues. Guptill, at silly point, and McCullum, at short leg, are standing with a foot each on the cut strip. Neither is wearing a helmet - although, hopefully, they do have a pair of boxes at hand. Kulasekara is content to block out a maiden, after which the fourth umpire runs on with the new ball, which is taken immediately. We'll have just the one over before tea. Southee will bowl it.
  • Over 79 - SL 168/7 (Mathews 63, Kulasekara 18)

    Astle comes round the wicket for the first time today, looking to land the ball in the rough outside leg stump. He does just that, but Mathews is equal to the task and keeps a couple of deliveries out before punching one through the covers for two.
  • Over 78 - SL 166/7 (Mathews 61, Kulasekara 18)

    Patel sends down a mixed bag, switching from over to around the wicket as he tries to unstick the limpet-like Mathews from the crease. A single brings Kulasekara on strike with two deliveries to play, the second of which he inside edges very close to short leg's waiting hands ...
  • Over 77 - SL 165/7 (Mathews 60, Kulasekara 18)

    Taylor sticks with Astle, and he bounces back well to send down a maiden. There's turn and bounce aplenty, but he's bowling very slowly indeed and so Kulasekara has time to adjust to it.
  • Over 76 - SL 165/7 (Mathews 60, Kulasekara 18)

    Sri Lanka will go down fighting! After Kulasekara's brace of sixes in the last over, Mathews steps down the wicket to loft Patel majestically down the ground. The shot takes him to 60, and Sri Lanka now need under 200 to win. They surely won't be thinking of that result ...
  • Over 75 - SL 159/7 (Mathews 54, Kulasekara 18)

    Time, I think, to yank Astle out of this attack. At least for the moment. Kulasekara takes advantage of a full toss and a long hop to spank two mighty sixes over midwicket, taking Sri Lanka beyond 150. New Zealand will have the new ball in five overs' time, and will probably be able to give their quicks a crack at these two before tea. In the meantime, it's spin from both ends as Jeetan Patel is called upon.
  • Over 74 - SL 147/7 (Mathews 54, Kulasekara 6)

    There's yet another unscheduled ball change in the course of a maiden from Bracewell. Mathews had the chance for a single off the first ball, having turned one into space on the leg side, but decided not to run and blocked out the rest of the over. Do Sri Lanka still have a chance of saving this match?
  • Over 73 - SL 147/7 (Mathews 54, Kulasekara 6)

    Taylor has, perhaps, kept Astle on an over too long. He's flagging a little, and offers Kulasekara a gentle full toss that is hammered to the leg side boundary.
  • Over 72 - SL 143/7 (Mathews 54, Kulasekara 2)

    Doug Bracewell comes back into the attack, and immediately asks a question of the umpire as Kulasekara is rapped on the pad. There were two noises though - bat and pad, it would appear - and so it's rightfully not given. Kulasekara does well to get off strike immediately afterwards, with Mathews seeing out the over but unable to farm the strike at the end of it.
  • Over 71 - SL 142/7 (Mathews 54, Kulasekara 1)

    Nuwan Kulasekara has two slips, a leg slip and a short leg waiting for an error as Astle continues, but he manages to get off strike and Angelo Mathews brings up a fighting half-century with a crunchy pull to deep midwicket off a long-hop.
  • Over 70 - SL 134/7 (Mathews 46, Kulasekara 1)

    Mathews moves closer to his fifty with a slapped cut to the cover point boundary, Tim Southee having been brought back into the attack. Kulasekara, for the moment, looks fairly solid at the crease, coming forward to drive Southee into the covers with a high left elbow. It is surely only a matter of time before New Zealand wrap this up.
  • Over 69 - SL 129/7 (Mathews 41, Kulasekara 1)

    Ah, we finally see some variation from Astle now that he's bowling at the tail. Mathews hands the strike to Kulasekara with a single, and Astle spears down a quicker one that rushes straight one off the track. Kulasekara jabs down hurriedly in defense to keep it out.

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