Sri Lanka vs New Zealand

Match info: Sri Lanka v New Zealand Test Series 2012 at Galle International Stadium - 1st Test

Date: 19th Nov 2012 Status: Day 3 of 5 Umpires: M Erasmus and N J Llong

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

247 All out (80.2 Overs)
93/0 (18.3 Overs)


New Zealand

221 All out (82.5 Overs)
118 All out (44.1 Overs)

Sri Lanka win by 10 wickets

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    Sri Lanka win, convincingly, with two full days and an evening session to spare. The visitors never really looked like they were going to win, but when they came out this morning they would never have thought the game would end before Tea. Sri Lanka's chase has been sublime, with Paranavitana and Karunaratne ensuring things get done quickly, with the latter picking up his maiden half-century in the process. A solid performance all round for the hosts, and a solid victory to end off with.
  • Over 19.3 Bracewell 4-0-4

    Beautiful twist and turn as Karu dispatches the bowler for four past a sprinting fine-leg. Karu hooks the next one up, again toward fine leg, and McCullum can't do anything about it - four runs! AND THAT'S IT!
  • Over 18 Williamson 0-1-2-0-2-1

    85/0 - Karu gets his maiden half-century - decent achievement given he got a duck in his first-innings debut. A good over for Sri Lanka, just 8 to win now.
  • Off Breaks

    Kane Williamson gets a bowl...
  • To Win

    Just 14 runs needed to win now...
  • Over 17 Bracewell 0-0-4-1-0-0

    79/0 - Para gets one pitched short and wide, he's equal to it with a high cut up and over cover for four - a bit of urgency now as you feel they're ready to get things wrapped up sooner rather than later. Tea isn't too far away, about 15+- minutes.
  • Over 16 Patel 0-4-1-0-1-3

    74/0 - Para decides to go for the slog sweep and picks his spot beautifully - four runs! Para gets a single followed by a single for Karu. Para flicks the last ball through midwicket and collects a healthy three from the effort. Ever so close to victory, 19 runs to go.
  • Over 15 Bracewell 0-0-0-2-4-0

    65/0 - So, Bracewell is back and there's no sign of Southee having a bowl. Not sure why, may as let the wicketkeeper have a bowl then too? Anyway, Karu grabs a four as he helps one off the thigh to the fine-leg boundary.
  • Over 14 Patel 0-1-0-0-0-0

    59/0 - Just a single from the over as Patel returns to action after the short drinks break.
  • Over 13 Franklin 1-0-0-0-1-1

    58/0 - Tidy of from Franklin, just three singles from it. Sri Lanka now needing just 35 to wrap things up and go home early...
  • Over 12 Patel 0-0-0-0-0-0

    55/0 - A maiden over, would you believe it. They know they've got this in the bag, so why not take it easy for an over or so.
  • Over 11 Franklin 0-0-4-0-0-0

    55/ - No clue why, but Franklin continues and gets cut away for four on the third. Karu doesn't feel like he needs to be punished anymore, and takes it easy for the reaminder of the over.
  • Over 10 Patel 0-0-0-4-0-6

    51/0 - Para takes advantage of the shoddy bowling with a four - cut hard behind point. Just when we thought he may take it easy he goes up up up and over for a huge SIX over the bowler's head!
  • Over 9 Franklin 0-4-4-0-0-0

    41/0 - Franklin gets a bowl - you wonder what the point of this actually is, why not just split the total needed between the two batsmen, shake hands and call it a day? Anyway, Karu gets four through square before going for four through midwicket on the very next ball.
  • Over 8 Patel 0-1-0-0-0-1

    33/0 - Jeetan Patel gets a bowl now. Para works a single to square leg. Karu gets one away to short fine leg for another quick one.
  • Over 7 Boult 0-4-0-0-2-0

    31/0 - Stunning four as Karu punches one off the back foot through extra cover for four. Two more for Karu off the fifth as he drives one through the off-side for the couple.
  • Over 6 Bracewell 0-1-0-1-2-1wd-1

    25/0 - Sri Lanka keeping things ticking over as Karu takes a single steering one into the slips, Para gets one behind square, Karu takes another two through midwicket before ending the over with a single down to square leg.
  • Over 5 Boult 0-2-0wd-0-0-0-0

    19/0 - Para gets a couple as he works away one full and pitched on middle - he sends it wide of square leg as they come through for the two.
  • Over 4 Bracewell 0-0-0-1-0-4

    16/0 - A quick single from Para almost ends in misery, but thankfully both batsmen are pretty quick between the wickets and make it through safely. Karu ends the over in style with a four-run boundary. Nicely done. Just 77 needed to win.
  • Over 3 Boult 0-0-0-4-2-0

    11/0 - Boult's second is nicked behind but bounces inches short of first slip - Karu is off the hook this time, lucky! Fine bowling by Boult but there's another outside edge, between the gap in the slips, and that's four more runs.

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