Sri Lanka vs New Zealand

Match info: Sri Lanka v New Zealand Twenty20 2012 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium - Only Twenty20

Date: 30th Oct 2012 Umpires: R Martinesz and R S A Palliyaguruge

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

6/0 (2.0 Overs)


New Zealand

74/7 (14.0 Overs)

No Result

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  • Live photo
  • Match abandoned

    And that's the end of that, it's a no-result. What a waste of time. Come back for the first ODI, on 1 November, where hopefully matters will be a bit more exciting.
  • Ra:in

    Darn. The covers are coming on as the rain gets heavier. They need to play five overs for this to count as a match. The Duckworth-Lewis target is 72.
  • Over 2 Oram 1-0-0-0-1-1

    6-0 - Jacob Oram takes the new ball rather than Southee, and Muna taps it away for a single first ball. Dilshan tries to get it away but can only hit it to the fielders as the rain starts. He takes a single and then Muna is dropped by Hira at point. Sharp chance, but should have been nabbed. Maybe the ball is slippery...
  • Over 1 Mills 1-1-1-0-0-0

    3-0 - Kyle Mills kicks off the Kiwi defence and Munaweera immediately gets off the mark with a single, before Dilshan does the same. Mills does a good job and no boundaries are scored, just one more single. Nothing flashy from the Lankans yet.
  • Sri Lanka's Chase

    The umpires, openers Munaweera and Dilshan and the New Zealand XI head back out to the middle for the pursuit. Strap in for the ride, hold thumbs the rain doesn't return.
  • New Zealand End On 74 For Seven

    The Kiwis have Southee to thank for a total they will consider marginally defendable. These conditions are pretty tough for batting, and this truncated contest is by no means decided. Stick around for Sri Lanka's pursuit.
  • Over 14 Kulasekara 1lb-0-2-1-1-2

    74-7 - Kulasekara to bowl the final over of the innings, duly driving a full length into the batsman's toes, before Southee's swift footwork affords him a two pushed to long-on. Largely robbed of the strike by his partner's dominance, Oram tries to get in on the act belatedly. Utlimately, though, its Southee who ends the innings by nurdling two to short fine-leg. A ricocheted overthrow helped his cause.
  • Over 13 Eranga 0-4-4-0-4-0

    67-7 - Southee gifted a full toss, but only manages to clout it to mid-on. Then something a touch too short, which he does punish, scooping four over cover, later riding his luck for four more off a thick edge past the wicketkeeper. Doesn't matter how they come, as long as they come, any tail-ender will tell you, with Southee's late lap shot adding a third boundary for the over past short fine-leg. A second full toss makes it four boundaries for the over, with Southee finishing the most expensive over of the innings with a flourish through midwicket.
  • Over 12 Dananjaya 1-1-1-W-0-0

    51-7 - The spinner isn't giving an inch, so Oram has to take it by offering himself to the leg-side, but not with much success. WICKET! Ellis later looks to go big over the on-side again, but this time he get under it enough, with Thirimanne hanging onto an easy enough catch at midwicket. New Zealand seven down. Southee in now, and he can't afford any sighters. Boundaries by the bucketload are the order of the day for the Black Caps lower order.
  • Over 11 Perera 0-2-4-1-1-6

    48-6 - And, yes, the rain is back, but not hard enough to force the players off the field. Ellis isn't fazed by the weather around him, instead fixing his focus on the task at hand by lacing four through the covers. Perera's line has been found wanting since the rain delay. The stop-start nature of the contest certainly has not helped his quest for rhythm. He then errs in length, with Ellis swatting the first six of the match over midwicket. Almost a one-bounce four, but there was enough carry in it in the end, as Ellis becomes the first New Zealander to reach double figures today.
  • Over 10 Dananjaya 0-0-W-4-1-1

    34-6 - Spin into the attack in the form of the 19-year-old rookie, who debuted in the World Twenty20. Immediate success for him, with Watling's sweep amounting to nothing more than a top edge, which falls tamely into the hands of Chandimal at short fine-leg. Oram in now, and he'll want to give it a real wallop if New Zealand have any ambition whatsoever to post a formidable total against the odds. The big all-rounder is off to a promising enough start, fetching the finest of glances for four and then pushing a single to a shallowish cover.
  • Over 9 Perera 1-3

    28-5 - Perera concludes his over broken by the rain, with Ellis moving off the mark and Watling slicing three to deep cover, where the fielder puts in superb diving-stop to prevent the boundary.
  • Play Resumes

    So, to recap, New Zealand are struggling at 24 for five. Ellis and Watling are currently at the crease.
  • It's Official

    The game has been reduced to 14 overs per side, and play will resume at 21:45 local, (16:15 GMT). That's in five minutes' time.
  • 21:31

    And so the seesaw weather tilts again, with the Sri Lankans now on the field and warming up. If no more rain, we'll have a resumption soon.
  • 21:22

    So much for that. The rain has resumed. Sigh. *Twiddles thumbs*
  • 21:11

    The rain has stopped and the groundsmen are wandering around. That's about all we've got for you at the moment.
  • Over 8.4 Perera 0-0-W-0

    24-5 - WICKET! Taylor's ambition to be the backbone of this otherwise fragile innings amounts to diddlysquat. He tries to cut, but his execution of the shot is questionable, and the line of the ball is probably too close to his body for a stroke of such a cross-bat nature. The faintest edge ensues, the bowler hardly notices it, but the wicketkeeper does. Up goes the umpire's finger. In comes Ellis, and as he arrives at the crease the umpires decide the rain is too much to continue playing in. On come the covers, and so the wait begins again at 20:35 local time (15:05 GMT).
  • Over 8 Eranga 0-0-0-0-4-0

    24-4 - Watling the recipient of some vicious movement off the track, with the ball screaming into his bat handle, and it might've cracked. His next shot emits a lame sound, and it's time he change his willow - this one is ready for the wood-chipper. Not before he affords it a finally least on life, though, by driving four through the covers. Maybe he will hang onto it after all.
  • Over 7 Perera 0-0-1-1-W-1wd-1

    20-4 - Perera's introduction makes it four right-arm seamers on the trot from Sri Lanka. Not the greatest line to a left-hander from the bowler, who coughs up some leg-side fodder. Franklin glances at 'em both, with the second one far too fine - as Sangakkara hangs onto a great catch on the dive. That's a real steal for Perera, and he will know full well Lady Luck paid him a visit. Watling in now, no Oram yet.

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