Pakistan vs Australia

Match info: Pakistan v Australia ODI Series in UAE 2012 at Sharjah CA Stadium, UAE - 3rd ODI

Date: 3rd Sep 2012 Umpires: A Raza and B F Bowden

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


244/7 (50.0 Overs)



250/7 (47.0 Overs)

Australia win by 3 wickets

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  • End of innings

    Australia take the series despite the marauding Saeed Ajmal. There were several key moments at which they prospered and Pakistan failed. The first came during Pakistan's middle-order wobble, when their innings lost momentum. Had they not lost middle order wickets in a clutch, they might well have scored closer to 280. Then came the decision not to review the lbw call on Mike Hussey when he'd just arrived at the wicket. He went on to add 67 for the sixth wicket with Maxwell, who seemed to pick all of Ajmal's variations and was utterly dismissive of the rest of the attack. Pakistan had a couple of chances, but Australia played the better game and were deserving winners.
  • Over 47 - Aus 250/7 (Maxwell 56, Johnson 1)

    Christian departs to a mistimed slog but Maxwell displays remarkable sang froid - especially considering the heat - to finish the match in remarkable fashion. He swings Khan to the square leg boundary, brings up a maiden ODI fifty from 36 deliveries, and then plants the ball into the stands with his third six to end the match and win the series for Australia.
  • Over 46 - Aus 238/6 (Maxwell 45, Christian 2)

    A one-handed six over extra cover from Maxwell! He then threads the gap on the off side with a firm drive to take the required runs to just seven. This Australia's game now.
  • Over 45 - Aus 227/6 (Maxwell 35, Christian 1)

    WICKET! Junaid Khan returns and Maxwell looks to attack him, pulling in the air off the front foot. The ball flies flat and hard but almost straight to Azhar Ali, who shells it. Pakistani heads droop ... until Hussey has an uncharacteristic heave across the line two balls later and has his stumps rattled by the left-armer. Dan Christian is then almost bowled by one that scuttles along the ground. Is there still a chance for Pakistan?
  • Over 44 - Aus 225/5 (Hussey 65, Maxwell 34)

    Maxwell sees off another Ajmal over. He's read the mystery spinner really well in this knock.
  • Over 43 - Aus 222/5 (Hussey 65, Maxwell 31)

    Maxwell takes the attack to Afridi, slamming a flat six over backward square leg and then dabbing a quicker delivery down to third man for four. Pakistan's hopes fade further when Hussey joins in on the act, reverse-sweeping with great panache for four more. Sixteen runs come from the over, and Australia should stroll home now.
  • Over 42 - Aus 206/5 (Hussey 60, Maxwell 20)

    Ajmal almost gets Maxwell with the doosra! He'd kept the delivery under wraps for a while, but unleashes it now and fizzes one past the right-hander's outside edge. Akmal whips the bails off and the umpire asks for a tv replay, but Maxwell's foot is just grounded in time. Despite the drama, Hussey and Maxwell find six runs in the over. This is increasingly looking like Australia's game, but it's not too late for a Pakistani fightback.
  • Over 41 - Aus 200/5 (Hussey 58, Maxwell 17)

    Just a one over spell from Ajmal as Afridi comes back. Could it be a change of ends for the offspinner? Hussey isn't even bothering with a cap now, and there's sweat dripping from his bare head. Maxwell slashes Afridi to third man off a thick edge for a boundary to end the over, eight runs coming from it.
  • Over 40 - Aus 192/5 (Hussey 56, Maxwell 11)

    Mike Hussey is tilting the balance in Australia's favour here. He collects his fourth four with a powerful sweep into the leg side, then goes to a 59-ball half-century with a superbly-executed reverse sweep past short third man. Another reverse sweep brings a third boundary in the over, despite Afridi's diving efforts close to the boundary.
  • Over 39 - Aus 180/5 (Hussey 44, Maxwell 11)

    Ajmal returns! He's cheered to the wicket like a fast bowler by a packed stadium. There's no sign of the doosra just yet, and the batting pair nudge him around for six runs in the over. They're helped by some slightly sloppy fielding. Pakistan need a lift. They need a wicket.
  • Over 38 - Aus 174/5 (Hussey 42, Maxwell 7)

    The start of the over goes Australia's way as a Rehman quicker one clips Maxwell's pads and runs away for four leg byes. Five singles from the remaining deliveries make it a very good over for Australia. The required rate is back under a run a ball now. How long will they hold Ajmal back for?
  • Over 37 - Aus 165/5 (Hussey 40, Maxwell 4)

    No Ajmal just yet as Hafeez is brought on. The offspinner/opener completes his spell with a tight over, just five singles from it. He's made up for some of the fearsome punishment he came in for earlier.
  • Over 36 - Aus 160/5 (Hussey 38, Maxwell 1)

    WICKET! Rehman comes back as Australia take the Batting Powerplay, and almost immediately breaks what was becoming a useful fifth wicket partnership. He spins the ball in between a yawning gap between bat and pad to bowl Wade for 22. Maxwell is off the mark with a nudge to leg. This match will be decided by the battle between Mike Hussey and Saeed Ajmal.
  • Over 35 - Aus 159/4 (Hussey 38, Wade 22)

    Hussey collects four vital runs with a sweep to deep midwicket off a rare Afridi full toss, and then slaps a quicker ball between point and gully to add four more. Just the sort of over Australia needed, and that takes the partnership between these two past fifty and the required run rate under six.
  • Over 34 - Aus 147/4 (Hussey 28, Wade 20)

    Azhar continues after the break, and the Australians collect two singles before Hussey gets two with a reverse sweep. Another single, to long off, makes it five from the over, and the required run rate creeps up a little more. The Batting Powerplay will arrive in two overs time and so too, I suspect, will Ajmal.
  • Over 33 - Aus 142/4 (Hussey 24, Wade 19)

    The required run rate edges over six an over as Afridi keeps the Australians to just five in the over. They might've had more, were it not for a very slick piece of fielding by Hafeez at backward point to stop a Wade cut. That over takes us to the drinks break.
  • Over 32 - Aus 137/4 (Hussey 21, Wade 17)

    Akmal misses a stumping! Azhar Ali frustrated Wade with a succession of flighted deliveries. Wade jumped out at him as Azhar speared one down the leg side, but Akmal fumbled the take. And that would've given Azhar his first ODI wicket. Is this man the best wicketkeeper in Pakistan?
  • Over 31 - Aus 133/4 (Hussey 20, Wade 16)

    This Afridi over includes a quicker one delivered at 128kph. There are international pace bowlers who don't bowl that quick. He uses all sorts of variations to keep Hussey and Wade to just five runs in the over, despite a powerful Wade sweep that goes for four.
  • Over 30 - Aus 129/4 (Hussey 20, Wade 11)

    Yet another spinner brought into the attack, it's Azhar Ali to bowl his quick legbreaks. He's not quite of the same standard as what's come before him, however, and concedes seven runs, including a booming Mike Hussey drive for four through cover.
  • Over 29 - Aus 122/4 (Hussey 15, Wade 9)

    Crikey. Afridi opens his over with a +125kph quicker one that Wade somehow has the presence to tap back. He then completes another economical over. Speaking of economy, Hafeez, Ajmal and Afridi are all in the top 10 of the most economical bowlers in ODIs since January 2011. In fact, Hafeez tops the list with a rate of 3.58. There's only one quick on the list, and I use the term loosely as I'm referring to Kyle Mills.

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