New Zealand vs England

Match info: New Zealand v England Twenty20 Series 2013 at Westpac Stadium, Wellington - 3rd Twenty20

Date: 15th Feb 2013 Umpires: G A V Baxter and C B Gaffaney

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

New Zealand

139/8 (20.0 Overs)



143/0 (12.4 Overs)

England win by 10 wickets

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  • England win by 10 wickets

    And with a mere 44 deliveries to spare. A cake walk at the Cake Tin. Those of us who described the first two games as one-sided or convincing victories have been shown the folly of our limited imagination. An absolutely crushing victory for England here, with Lumb's six to win it the most incredible hit I've seen from an England batsman since Eoin Morgan walloped Dale Steyn out of the Wanderers a few years back.
  • Over 13 - England 143/0 (Lumb 53, Hales 80)

    Cricket. What a game it is. Butler bowled four overs and took 2/9 in the last game. He's now gone for 41 in 2.4 here as Hales dispatches him for two more legside boundaries before Lumb picks up his half-century and wins the game in EXTRAORDINARY style by pulling Butler high, high, high over square-leg and over the huge stands at the Cake Tin. That is a heck of a roof to clear, and Lumb did it easily.
  • Over 12 - England 128/0 (Lumb 47, Hales 71)

    It was Lumb who actually got this innings up and running for England before being so comprehensively overshadowed by Hales, but he's back front and centre now with a couple of twos before a glorious inside-out drive over cover for six. Tough shot to play against a spinner like McCullum, who then misses the chance to run Lumb out as he misses the stumps after collecting Guptill's throw.
  • Over 11 - England 116/0 (Lumb 36, Hales 70)

    Hales' 50 comes up in fine style as he advances at McClenaghan and swivel-pulls the resulting short ball into the stands behind square-leg for six before the next ball is clubbed down the ground for four more. McClenaghan goes back to the bouncer, and Hales absolutely hammers it way, way back over the square-leg fence. Almost a tennis smash rather than a hook shot. Outrageous hitting. The next shot is aimed down the ground and slightly mistimed but still has enough on it to carry the boundary. Impossible to believe this is the same batsman who so cluelessly shambled his way through McClenaghan's first over.
  • Over 10 - England 93/0 (Lumb 35, Hales 48)

    Hales here providing a textbook example of how quickly form can return. For three overs he looked like he'd never held a cricket bat before. Now he's the master of all he surveys as he smacks Nathan McCullum down the ground for four to move closer towards his half-century.
  • Over 9 - England 85/0 (Lumb 33, Hales 42)

    Franklin picked up some cheap wickets as England shambled towards defeat in Hamilton. Different story today. All he can try and do is stem the flow of runs. He succeeds to some extent, with only seven runs coming form it. The most interesting part of the over is a Lumb straight drive that cannons into the stumps at the non-striker's end but doesn't dislodge the bails. Must be using the heavy bails in windy Wellington.
  • Over 8 - England 78/0 (Lumb 31, Hales 37)

    Lumb has played some glorious shots today. The two sixes he hit off McClenaghan were magnificent, and now he's deposited Nathan McCullum over the legside boundary for six more.
  • Over 7 - England 69/0 (Lumb 24, Hales 35)

    New Zealand have first missed chances to remove Hales early, and then pumped him up to such an extent that he's angered himself back into form. Well done, Kiwis. Boult back into the attack, Boult smashed over midwicket for a huge six.
  • Over 6 - England 60/0 (Lumb 23, Hales 27)

    Good over from Nathan McCullum to restore some sanity, but the fact is England can afford a quiet over or two now. The treatment being meted out to the short balls from New Zealand's quicks shows you just how well the England pacemen bowled theirs.
  • Over 5 - England 57/0 (Lumb 22, Hales 25)

    That sound you can hear is New Zealand's wheels falling off. Twenty-three runs in the end from a horror show of an over from Butler as Hales takes advantage of poor lines and worse lengths to pick up three legside boundaries to go with five bonus runs for a ludicrous bouncer that flies way over his head and clears McCullum as well. Butler pumped up after his previous over, but lost all control there. Hard to see England messing up from here.
  • Over 4 - England 34/0 (Lumb 21, Hales 12)

    Eventful. Lumb starts the over with two sweet swings of the bat for back-to-back sixes, the first a full delivery eased over long-off before the left-hander correctly anticipates a short ball to follow up and swats it over midwicket. Hales then gets a huge top edge that sails high towards square-leg, and Brendon McCullum decides it's his catch even though he has 30 yards to cover and Ross Taylor had about five from square-leg. McCullum doesn't get there, and Hales gets another life. Taylor in a strong position to complete the job, before McCullum comes charging in from a weaker position and makes a mess of it. Where have we seen that before?
  • Over 3 - England 19/0 (Lumb 7, Hales 11)

    Drop! Hales' charmed life continues as he top-edges an attempted pull shot off Butler and sends the ball looping to slip where Taylor mistimes his leap and is on the way back down as he tries to take the catch one-handed. He can't hold on. Hales struggling here, and attempts an ugly, desperate slog to leg that achieves nothing other than collecting a bruise on the thigh and some words of encouragement from the bowler. This is better, though, as Hales holds his shape to thump the last ball of the over straight back past the bowler for four.
  • Over 2 - England 12/0 (Lumb 5, Hales 6)

    Mitch McClenaghan, probably New Zealand's best bowler in this series so far, shares the new ball and starts well. First Lumb survives a close leg-before shout - probably a touch high - before a nip-backer beats Hales' inside edge and whistles over the bails. A swing and a miss outside the off stump from Hales is followed by a chipped drive that almost carries to Nathan McCullum at cover. Superb maiden over from McClenaghan, and he could very easily have had a wicket or two as well.
  • Over 1 - England 11/0 (Lumb 5, Hales 6)

    Trent Boult takes the new ball, and his first ball is down the legside and flicks the pad on its way through to Brendon McCullum. He thinks there's bat involved. No-one else does. The next ball is legside again, and this time there is bat on it. Plenty of bat, as Lumb clips it away behind square-leg for four. A push down the ground brings a single before Hales carves to third-man for two and then repeats the shot, this time getting it finer and a bit more top-edgier to pick up four. Fast start for England. Boult not quite getting his line right to either left- or right-hander in that over.
  • Maths

    England need 140 to win. That's seven an over, to save you digging out the old calculators.
  • Betting

    Sky Bet certainly expect England to get the job done here. They make the tourists just 2/9 to chase this target, with the hosts 3/1. Head to for a full range of in-play markets.
  • Chase

    The side batting second have won all four previous T20Is held here at the Cake Tin. England will be confident of making that five and taking out this series to start their NZ tour in good style.
  • Over 20 - New Zealand 139/8 (Butler 1)

    Ian Butler gets a single before Franklin collects a crucial pair of boundaries, the first driven impressively over mid-off and the second nicked streakily past Buttler's despairing dive. WICKET! Franklin c Tredwell b Dernbach 15 Franklin carves the last ball of the innings to cover where Tredwell takes a simple catch. England have bowled superbly well, and you'd have to think New Zealand are 15 or 20 short of par there.
  • WICKET! N McCullum c Buttler b Dernbach 0

    The batsmen scurry a bye from the first ball of Dernbach's closing over, but the second one is a quick short ball that Nathan McCullum tries to run down to third-man but can only nick through to Buttler.
  • Over 19 - New Zealand 128/6 (Franklin 7, N McCullum 0))

    Drop! Really tough chance put down by Finn at mid-off, diving forward to just get his fingers underneath Franklin's drive but he can't quite hold on. Would've been spectacular, but he's saved three runs there. More significantly for England, Finn is off for treatment on his fingers. WICKET! Guptill c & b Broad 59 The short ball does the trick again for Broad as Guptill departs for 59, trying to help the ball on its way behind square and only managing to poke it back to the bowler. Sensational from Broad, who ends with 3/15 from his four overs. England's two big fast bowlers have done a near-perfect job here.

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