New Zealand vs England

Match info: New Zealand v England ODI Series 2013 at McLean Park, Napier - 2nd ODI

Date: 20th Feb 2013 Umpires: R J Tucker and C B Gaffaney

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

New Zealand

269 All out (48.5 Overs)



270/2 (47.4 Overs)

England win by 8 wickets

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  • England win by eight wickets

    A really smartly-judged run-chase from England. Perfectly set up by Bell and Cook at the top of the order, with their good work carried on by Trott before Root raced to the finish line with a flourish. His collection of impressive England innings grows by the match, but that one was perhaps the best yet. Ross Taylor and Brendon McCullum played superb innings for New Zealand, but as it transpired they were left too much to do after superb new-ball spells from Anderson and Finn. Series level at 1-1 heading to the decider as these two teams continue to exchange victories.
  • Over 48 - England 270/2 (Trott 65, Root 79)

    Root doesn't muck about, effortlessly flicking Mills over the admittedly-short boundary at square-leg for six before placing a drive into the covers to level the scores before punching the winning run off the back foot. Superb innings from a young player of such rare and exciting promise.
  • Over 47 - England 261/2 (Trott 65, Root 70)

    Another four for Root, levered over mid-off as he gives himself room, and he takes England's target to single-figures with a single from the next ball. Just secure yourselves a couple of red-inkers now, lads. You've earned them.
  • Over 46 - England 256/2 (Trott 65, Root 65)

    Trott launches Franklin over midwicket for four before Root shortarms a pull to the square-leg rope for a second boundary in the over. He, like Trott, follows the four with a single allowing his partner to play a really clever shot to end the over, getting right across his stumps to pull a short ball away so fine on the legside that long-leg has no price. Start the *whatever vehicle they have in New Zealand*.
  • Over 45 - England 242/2 (Trott 56, Root 60)

    Root continues to play some outrageous shots here, Rootscooping the first ball of Boult's over to the fine-leg boundary. Root gets closer than anyone bar Dilshan himself to putting his head directly in the line of fire when playing that shot. Drop! Should've gone now, though, but Taylor drops a stinging but pretty straightforward chance at square-leg. However well Root's played, that's both Kiwi batting heroes who've given him a life now. Just 28 runs to win from 30 balls now.
  • Over 44 - England 234/2 (Trott 54, Root 54)

    Trott completes his 50 with a dabbed single to third-man. So often (and so unfairly) criticised, he's had the measure of this run-chase throughout and has paced the innings perfectly. Even having a bit of fun now as he backs away and sends the last ball of Franklin's over arcing over cover for two more. He's caught up with Root again.
  • Over 43 - England 228/2 (Trott 49, Root 53)

    Root brings up a 50 of real class. And he does it in fittingly attractive style with an elegant punch off the back foot that makes a mockery of this slow outfield. He's racing towards the finish now. Trott cuts for two and clips to leg for a single to move within a run of his own half-century.
  • Over 42 - England 220/4 (Trott 46, Root 48)

    That miss from Brendon McCullum is looking increasingly like the moment any faint hopes of a New Zealand win were extinguished. Root slog-sweeps Williamson over the midwicket ropes for six as he overtakes Trott with the winning line now in sight.
  • Over 41 - England 209/2 (Trott 45, Root 38)

    Root clubs Southee over midwicket for a two-bounce four as England collect the seven runs required from the over without too much fuss. This lad Root's going all the way. Irresistible blend of talent and temperament. If he doesn't play 100 Tests I'll eat a supermarket lasagne.
  • Over 40 - England 202/2 (Trott 44, Root 32)

    Huge slice of luck for Root as he top-edges an attempted pull shot. Looks to be the easiest of catches for Brendon McCullum behind the stumps as he jogs into position underneath it only to discover he's not underneath it at all. Doesn't even lay a hand on it in the end as he makes a desperate grab for the ball. Root cashes in by scooping the next ball to the fine-leg boundary to take England past 200 and reach a little milestone of his own: he's the first batsman to score 30 in his first six ODIs.
  • Over 39 - England 192/2 (Trott 43, Root 24)

    Lovely shot from Root, advancing at Mills and hitting him down the ground for four. A pull shot to midwicket brings two more runs before Root tries and fails with an audacious yet utterly unnecessary reverse ramp after third-man comes up inside the circle. Back to orthodox cricket shots after that, with another two coming from a pull to midwicket as Trott scampers to good effect. Root keeps the single with a single to deep midwicket. Nine runs off the over, leaving England needing 78 off 11.
  • Over 38 - England 183/2 (Trott 43, Root 15)

    England's plan with the powerplay is clear. Get through it at a run a ball without chucking a whole bunch of wickets away. So far, so good. Couple of nice shots from Root in particular as Boult is picked off for six.
  • Over 37 - England 177/2 (Trott 41, Root 11)

    MIlls back into the attack. Six runs off the over. England still in full control of the run-chase here, although unlike in the New Zealand innings the powerplay will be interrupted by drinks, which seems a bit daft.
  • Over 36 - England 171/2 (Trott 36, Root 10)

    Trott takes advantage of the gap on the point boundary to pick up four when offered width by Southee as England pick up six runs from the first powerplay over.
  • Powerplay

    Mandatory Powerplay. Good name for a band that. 'Please welcome to the stage... Mandatory Powerplay!' Maybe it isn't.
  • Over 35 - England 165/2 (Trott 31, Root 9)

    Williamson back on. Five runs from the over. England in perfect position now - don't even need to do anything beyond bat properly in the batting powerplay. Which is now MANDATORY. Doing something silly in this powerplay is probably the only thing that can lose this game for England now.
  • Over 34 - England 160/2 (Trott 29, Root 7)

    Trott uppercuts a single to third-man before a silky cover-drive brings Root three as Southee overpitches. Two more singles on the legside to end another sound over for England.
  • Over 33 - England 154/2 (Trott 27, Root 3)

    McCullum through his 10 overs for a tidy-enough 46, but you just think New Zealand needed a wicket or two from him bowling through those middle overs. England only needed to milk him, and they did so without too much fuss or alarm.
  • Over 32 - England 150/2 (Trott 25, Root 1)

    Root's the new batsman. Off the mark straight away with a single on the legside.
  • WICKET! Cook c&b Southee 78

    Tiniest glimmer of hope for New Zealand as Cook, to his utter astonishment, cloths a knee-high full-toss straight back to bowler Southee.

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