New Zealand vs England

Match info: New Zealand v England ODI Series 2013 at Seddon Park - 1st ODI

Date: 17th Feb 2013 Umpires: G A V Baxter and S Ravi

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

New Zealand

259/7 (48.5 Overs)



258 All out (49.3 Overs)

New Zealand win by 3 wickets

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  • That brings our commentary to a close. Thank you for joining us through the night and be sure to do so again for the second ODI on Wednesday morning.
  • New Zealand win by three wickets

    McCullum pulls Broad for six with the first ball of the over and that surely settles it. Broad then bowls a bouncer about three feet above head height and it is predictably called a wide. A flick down to mid on takes the target down to five before Guptill blasts another one through the covers for four to tie the scores. A single follows shortly after and it's all over! Guptill grabs the glory after coming back out with a hamstring injury to see his side home, with McCullum also providing a crucial innings at the death. First blood to the Black Caps and England will have to win two in a row to take the series.
  • Over 48 - New Zealand 246/7 (McCullum 62, Guptill 22)

    Now time for Woakes to show his mettle as he bowls his final over. The first ball is short and pulled to the boundary by McCullum, who then runs a single. Woakes recovers with a brilliant yorker and another full-length delivery, drawing two dot balls. The fifth ball is wide though and Guptill slashes it square through the off side for another four. Guptill then smashes one down the ground for another four. New Zealand are well on their way!
  • Over 47 - New Zealand 233/7 (McCullum 57, Guptill 15)

    Guptill looks to moving a bit better now and lofts one over the covers for four before tapping one over fine leg for six! The second one was a marevellous, perfectly timed shot. He then runs a single before Finn has a lapse and bowls a wide. McCullum rounds off the over with a single to keep the strike.
  • Over 46 - New Zealand 219/7 (McCullum 55, Guptill 3)

    Guptill is back! The opener hobbles his way back out to the middle to partner McCullum.
  • WICKET! Ellis c Finn b Broad 13

    The first three balls of Broad's over are all hit for singles before the seamer bowls a wide. The next ball is also hit for a single before Ellis scoops one to Finn at fine leg. The England man just manages to pin it to his body with his arms. Not the most convential of catches but a wicket all the same
  • Over 45 - New Zealand 213/6 (McCullum 52, Ellis 11)

    Finn is brought back into the attack and almost gets McCullum twice. First a pull falls just short of Trott coming in from the boundary before the New Zealand skipper almost plays onto his stumps with the next ball. Just three runs from the over is a great result for England, however.
  • Over 44 - New Zealand 210/6 (McCullum 51, Ellis 9)

    Some good running brings up McCullum's 50 before a single brings Ellis on strike. Ellis edges an attempted pull past fine leg for four and a single off the last ball makes it eight off Broad's eighth over.
  • Over 43 - New Zealand 202/6 (McCullum 28, Ellis 4)

    Four singles off Swann bring up the 200 before two more make it six off the over. That's it for Swann, he finishes with figures of 1-53.
  • Over 42 - New Zealand 196/6 (McCullum 45, Ellis 1)

    Brendon McCullum has to carry on and smashes a four off the first ball of Woakes' over. The next four deliveries go for two before McCullum whips a wild full toss for four, despite the best efforts of a diving Root on the boundary
  • Over 41 - New Zealand 186/6 (B McCullum 36, Ellis 0)

    Nathan clearly wasn't happy with that but it hit in line and was hitting the stumps accoring to hawkeye, with hotspot and video evidence inconclusive in terms of whether it hit bat or pad first.
  • WICKET! N McCullum lbw b Swann 14

    Swann comes back into the attack as the power play ends. Brendon and Nathan swap singles before the latter smashes a huge six over cow corner. But Swann then turns one into Nathan's pads and the finger goes up. It's reviewed straight away and the decision is confirmed. Nathan goes and New Zealand are running out of wickets. Nathan doesn't look happy - there may have been a bit of bat invovled but there was not conclusive evidence to overturn it.
  • Over 40 - New Zealand 178/5 (B McCullum 35, N McCullum 7)

    Finn starts by keeping things tighter as Brendon takes a single to lose the strike, but Nathan steers one square to the boundary and then clips one through the leg side for a single. Morgan stops Brendon's powerful square cut from the last ball of the over.
  • Over 39 - New Zealand 172/5 (B McCullum 34, N McCullum 2)

    Here goes B McCullum. He pulls Anderson for six off the first ball of the over then edges one through Buttler's leg for four. The third ball is short again from Anderson and McCullum pulls it away fo another four. A single follows before Nathan blocks one then runs two to give his brother the strike at the start of the next over.
  • Over 38 - New Zealand 155/5 (B McCullum 19, N McCullm 0)

    Kust two runs and a wicket from that over from Finn. This power play is rapidly turning into a disaster for the hosts.
  • WICKET! Franklin c Buttler b Finn 3

    Franklin tries to pull a short one from Finn but it glances his glove and goes though to the wicket-keeper. It is not the prize wicket of McCullum but you feel this contest is leaning firmly in England's favour now.
  • Over 37 - New Zealand 153/4 (McCullum 18, Franklin 2)

    Anderson gets a nice line and length going in the second over of the power play to force Franklin to go defensive and keep McCullum off strike. The skipper does get to face the last ball but can only play a back-foot defensive. Just one from the over.
  • Over 36 - New Zealand 152/4 (McCullum 18, Franklin 1)

    Here comes the five-over batting power play and it will be a crucial one for New Zealand. Finn steps up to bowl the first over. A combination of good fielding and disciplined bowling keeps the run count down to just two from the first five balls but the sixth is pitched short and McCullum pulls it over the ropes for six.
  • Over 35 - New Zealand 144/2 (McCullum 10, Franklin 1)

    Quiet over from Swann yields just two and New Zealand's required run rate is rising steeply now.
  • Over 34 - New Zealand 142/4 (McCullum 10, Franklin 0)

    What a great piece of fielding that was from Bell and Woakes. Could prove to be what wins the match for England.

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