Sri Lanka vs India

Match info: Sri Lanka v India ODI Series 2012 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium - 5th ODI

Date: 4th Aug 2012 Umpires: B N J Oxenford and T H Wijewardene

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

Sri Lanka

274 All out (45.4 Overs)



294/7 (50.0 Overs)

India win by 20 runs

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  • End of the Match.

    India seal the series 4-1 and move up to number two in the ICC ODI rankings. Great effort from the Indians with the bat and then with the ball as Pathan led his team well, claiming five scalps for himself.
  • Over 46 Dinda 4-4-0-W

    274 - Its all over here as Malinga makes one last attempt at victory and receives 2 boundaries for his efforts over long-off. He tries one to many though and is caught brilliantly by Raina on the boundary, who snatches it from a certain six. So victory to India by 20 runs.
  • Over 45 Pathan 2-0-1-0-1-W

    WICKET!!! Senanayake is out! Five wickets to Pathan as he clean bowls Senanayake for 7. He plays all round a straight one and Pradeep comes to the wicket with little to no hope left for Sri Lanka
  • Over 44 Khan 1-0-1-2-1-0

    261-8 - Khan in to bowl as the crowd has gone quiet and looks anxious. Senanayake gets two to mid-wicket as Sharma.
  • Over 43 Pathan 1-1-W-0-4-W

    256-8 - WICKETS!!! Pathan delivers the goods for his team. He has Perera caught at deep cover off a mis-timed drive. The batsmen cross and Mendis is lucky with an outside edge for four through the vacant slips, his luck runs out the next ball and the edge finds the gloves of Dhoni and the Indians celebrate an almost certain victory at this point.
  • Over 42 Dinda 1-1-1-1-4-0

    246-6 - Mendis and Perera trade singles, Mendis on strike for the fifth ball and a fantastic shot from the man. Leans back and smashes the ball thorugh mid-wicket before the fielder an even move. What great timing from the all-rounder.
  • Over 41 Pathan 2wd-0-1-1-1-2-1

    242-6 - Mendis on 61* as the Lankans hit hard, looking for boundaries but are only able to find the fielders. At this stage Indi were 222-6; they had Dohni though, can Mendis do the same for Sri Lanka and see his side home?
  • Over 40 Dinda 0-3-1-0-0-1

    234-6 - Last over of the batting powerplay as Sri Lanka need 61 off 60 for victory. Mendis is dripping sweat as he continues the charge for victory. Thick edge off the last ball sees the ball sky to third man but bounces in no mans land and a lucky escape.
  • Over 39 Ashwin 1-0-4-1-4-1

    229-6 - Maiden ODI fifty for Mendis. Ashwin is to short and wide and Mendis guides it through Cover to the vacant boundary. Where are the fielders?
  • Over 38 Khan 4-1-1-1-4-1

    218-6 - Perera up against India's finest, first up and Khan finds the leading edge and instead of going over square leg it flies over point for a lucky boundary. Mendis on strike for the fifth ball as Khan puts on way to short and without any power. Mendis easily pulls it to the boundary as it out runs the fielder who comes accross from deep square.
  • Over 37 Ashwin 1-0-0-0-1-0

    206-6 - Ashwin given the ball again and does a great holding job as only two singles are taken.
  • Over 36 Khan 4-6-wd-

    204-6 - WICKET!!!! The ball is thrown to Khan to break this partnership. Thirimanne has other plans for the game though and dispatches the first and second ball for a four and six respectively. Zaheer drops short and Thirimanne leans back and smashes the ball out the ground for six over mid-wicket. A breakdown in communication sees Thirimanne RUN OUT by Khan off his own bowling as they take a suicidal run which sees both batsmen staring at each other at the bowers end. That is exactly what India needed and what Sri Lanka did not need.
  • Over 35 Pathan 1-0-1-0-1-1

    191-5 - After that Tiwary over, Dhoni brings back his strike bowlers to regain control, Pathan does exactly that against these two, who have single handedly brought Sri Lanka back into this game.
  • Over 34 Tiwary 0-6-1-0-1-6

    187-5 - Another spinner into the attack, this time in the form of Tiwary who batted well. He does not bowl well though as he is smashed for two massive sixes to revitaliize this sleepy crowd. Both times Thirimanne moves down the wicket and dispatches the ball onto the bank over mid-wicket. Good batting form the lankan number three.
  • 0ver 33 Raina 2-1-0-0-2-0

    173-5 - Mendis is playing a good innings here along with Thirimanne as they each slash away into the deep to gather two runs.
  • Over 32 Sharma 0-1-1-1-1-0

    168-5 - Sharma continues as the spinners apply the pressure, if the Lankans can go another 10 overs without losing a wicket they will be in with a great chance.
  • Over 31 Raina 4-0-0-1-1-1

    164-5 - Raina into the attack and the Lankans immediately jump at the chance and hit the first ball to the boundary with a sneaky little reverse sweep from Mendis.
  • Over 30 Sharma 0-1-0-1-0-4

    157-5 - If India win this game, they will thank their middle order for the great running between the wickets during the middle overs. The Lankans are trying to do the same but battling... so they decide to go for boundaries instead and smash the last of the over to the boundary. Thirimanne plays the shot in the air but its good enough, as he relieves some of the building pressure
  • Over 29 Ashwin 1-1-1-0-0-1

    151-5 - Ashwin drawing the batsmen forward as punch singles down to long-off and mid-wicket.
  • Over 28 Sharma 2-1-1-0-0-1

    147-5 - Sharma continues to fly through his overs as Mendis crunches the ball to extra cover for two. Maybe deserved more for the shot?

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