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South Africa vs New Zealand

Match info: South Africa v New Zealand Twenty20 Series 2012 at Kingsmead - 1st Twenty20

Date: 21st Dec 2012 Umpires: J D Cloete and S George

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score

South Africa

87/2 (12.1 Overs)


New Zealand

86 All out (18.2 Overs)

South Africa win by 8 wickets

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  • South Africa won by eight wickets

    New Zealand were completely blown away by South Africa tonight. The 17,000 who filled Kingsmead will have been hoping for a better contest, but a young New Zealand outfit missing several key batsmen was woefully under par. The batsmen who did play seemed unable to adapt to the conditions, perishing to cross-batted strokes on a pitch that displayed variable bounce. The South African batsmen - Levi aside - had no such problems, and cantered to victory with just under eight overs to spare. One can only hope for a better match in the second T20I at East London on Sunday. Do join us then. Goodbye!
  • Over 12.1 - SA 87/2 (du Plessis 38, de Kock 28)

    And there's the game. Jimmy Neesham, on debut, comes on and du Plessis immediately delivers the last rites with a square drive and a hard-run two.
  • Over 12 - SA 85/2 (du Plessis 36, de Kock 28)

    That's better from de Kock. He helps himself to four runs with a shoveled cover drive off Nicol, and then adds another boundary with a deliberate uppercut that beats short third man. At the end of an over that brings 11 runs, South Africa need just two runs to win.
  • Over 11 - SA 74/2 (du Plessis 34, de Kock 19)

    Faf du Plessis takes South Africa closer to their target with a champagne cover drive that bisects the off-side field and runs away for four as Hira continues. De Kock - who hasn't really looked convincing in this knock - helps him to take 9 runs from the over.
  • Over 10 - SA 65/2 (du Plessis 28, de Kock 16)

    New Zealand's spinners are stringing a couple of good overs together here, but it's all pretty meaningless with South Africa under no scoreboard pressure. It's McCullum again, bowling in miserly fashion to keep the batsmen to just three singles from the over.
  • Over 9 - SA 62/2 (du Plessis 26, de Kock 15)

    Hira offers less in the way of pace variation, but his lines are good as he spears delivery after delivery at the leg stump. Du Plessis glances a single, but a swinging de Kock can't get the ball off the square.
  • Over 8 - SA 61/2 (du Plessis 25, de Kock 15)

    There's definitely some purchase off the track for the offspinning McCullum, and it's a shame he doesn't have more runs to work with. He varies his pace to great effect to keep de Kock pinned to the crease for five deliveries, but his sixth is too short and too wide, and is duly slammed through the off side field.
  • Over 7 - SA 57/2 (du Plessis 25, de Kock 11)

    Corey Anderson comes on to bowl for the first time. He's got an ambling approach and a quick arm action, but bowls pretty basic medium pace seamers. An untroubled de Kock biffs the second ball over mid-off and then spanks the fifth one through cover to take his strike rate up above 180. This game won't last much longer.
  • Over 6 - SA 46/2 (du Plessis 24, de Kock 1)

    WICKET! A slogging Davids is bowled by a quick Hira offspinner, but there's more shambolic fielding from New Zealand after his dismissal as Munro tumbles over the ball clumsily at extra cover. The misfield allows Quinton de Kock to get off the mark for the first time in international cricket.
  • Over 5 - SA 41/1 (du Plessis 24, Davids 16)

    Oh dear. It's all coming apart for New Zealand. There's a roar of laughter from the crowd as a misfielding Hira palms the first ball of McClenaghan's third over beyond the boundary rope. Anderson, at mid-on, then walks over the ball at mid-on to gift wrap four more runs. A deflated McClenaghan is then thumped to deep midwicket for the third boundary of the over and finally slapped over wide long off for the fourth. An expensive over for New Zealand, and South Africa are cruising towards an easy win.
  • Over 4 - SA 25/1 (Davids 16, du Plessis 8)

    The approach by South Africa's batsmen has not been all that different from New Zealand's, but they're getting away with it. Davids begins Bracewell's second over by charging out and aiming for the stands beyond extra cover. The shot is instead sliced to third man, but it still goes for six, and du Plessis rubs it in by scooping a length delivery down the ground for four.
  • Over 3 - SA 13/1 (Davids 9, du Plessis 3)

    Another impressive over from McClenaghan. He stirs du Plessis' blood with a painful, stinging blow to the elbow and then finds the inside edge of Davids' bat - but can't force the dismissal. A troubled du Plessis gets underneath an attempted lofted stroke down the ground, the ball arcing up into the night sky, but Anderson can't get back to the chance from mid-on in time, and the ball falls safely. New Zealand are desperate for another breakthrough.
  • Over 2 - SA 9/1 (Davids 8, du Plessis 0)

    There wasn't much swing at all for South Africa's seamers, but Bracewell finds enough wobble in his first over to trouble Henry Davids. Bracewell's first delivery was a filthy wide which barely landed on the cut strip, but he recovered quickly and there was even a speculate lbw appeal as Davids was hit on the pad. Davids was obviously eager to get off the mark, but in his over-enthusiasm his first international runs come from a wild French cut down to fine leg. His second scoring stroke is rather more authoritative: a scything drive over mid-off.
  • Over 1 - SA 0/1 (Davids 0, du Plessis 0)

    WICKET! There's more than a touch of Blue Steel in Mitchell McClenaghan's visage, and his bowling is equally as eye-catching. I'd never seen him bowl before. He's got a strong, chesty action - complete with a grunt at the point of release - and generally seems to just angle the ball across the right-hander. That, it appears, is enough for Richard Levi, who pokes tentatively at his fifth delivery and is easily caught by Fulton at first slip. McClenaghan's international career begins with a wicket maiden. Not bad. That is just the start New Zealand wanted - but will they be able to maintain the pressure?
  • End of Innings

    The scorecard suggests that New Zealand's batsmen have been eviscerated by South Africa's bowlers, but this has been a case of harakiri. New Zealand expected South Africa to bowl short to them, formulated a gameplan to deal with the tactic, and then stuck to it even as the conditions rendered their plan useless. With the variable bounce in the track, more often than not South Africa's seamers simply aimed to hit a good length. Every bowler prospered as false strokes found fielders, with Kleinveldt picking up an impressive 3 for 18. It's hard to imagine him bowling an easier spell for the rest of his international career. Join us in a few minutes as New Zealand attempt to defend this meager total.
  • Over 19 - NZ 86 all out

    WICKET! And that is that. No. 11 McClenaghan heaves at his third delivery in international cricket to present mid-on with a simple catch. How many times has that happened today? Umpteen Blackcap batsmen have fluffed attempted pull shots at length deliveries, and they've been bowled out for 86 with a full 10 deliveries remaining.
  • Over 18 - NZ 86/9 (Bracewell 21, McClenaghan 0)

    WICKET! Another atrocious shot, and another dismissal. This time it's Hira, who clears his front leg and heaved with precious little control at a Steyn length delivery and hits a straightforward catch straight to Kleinveldt at mid-off. The horror show is almost over for New Zealand when Bracewell is flummoxed by a slower ball, but the skied stroke falls short of Davids - running in from long on - and Bracewell survives. He's reached a career-best 21 not out, and New Zealand are - mercifully - no longer in danger of being bowled out for a record low score.
  • Over 17 - NZ 81/8 (Bracewell 17, Hira 5)

    There's turn and bounce in Peterson's final over, and a moment of alarm for Bracewell as the ball scoots past his defenses and pings him on the front pad. The umpire calls not out, but Peterson still has cause to celebrate as he finishes his spell with the most economical figures for a South African bowler in T20Is: 4-0-8-2
  • Over 16 - NZ 79/8 (Bracewell 16, Hira 4)

    With all these new faces about, it's hardly surprising that there's the odd moment of confusion in the field. Bracewell finds his first boundary by chopping a length ball down to third man - where no fielder is positioned! Du Plessis waves his arms wildly about for a few moments, there are a few smiles, and a fielder is sent down there. Bracewell aims for another gap with a lofted off drive that skips over a leaping Dale Steyn at mid-off, and makes it three boundaries in three balls with an edge down to third man that the fielder - who is in place - can't quite get to.
  • Over 15 - NZ 66/8 (Hira 4, Bracewell 3)

    Hira rockets to a career-best 4 not out with a chopped cut for two down to third man, prompting McLaren to come round the stumps and cramp him for room. The tactic works, and the rest of the over is played out defensively. This isn't the most gripping cricket, with South Africa utterly dominant. Having said that, if New Zealand can get to 100 they will at least have a chance of making this competitive.

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