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West Indies vs New Zealand

Match info: West Indies v New Zealand ODI Series 2012 at Warner Park - 4th ODI

Date: 14th Jul 2012 Umpires: R K Illingworth and P J Nero

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

West Indies

264 All out (49.5 Overs)


New Zealand

240 All out (49.3 Overs)

West Indies win by 24 runs

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  • 3-1, but there's one more game to play

    Monday sees the final ODI in this series at the same venue, and New Zealand will be hoping for a consolation victory to narrow the margin of defeat. It would also give them some confidence ahead of the two-Test series, starting on July 25th at North Sound in Antigua. We hope you'll join us for those games right here on Cricket365.com - thanks for enjoying this great contest with us today. I'm Gareth Allison, take care and see you soon.
  • The man of the match is...

    ...the little wizard, Sunil Narine.
  • The presentation

    Ian Bishop is the man presenting the post-match awards down on the field. First up for a chat with him, it's Ross Taylor: 'Their middle order batted well, and the cameos from Sammy and my Delhi team-mate Russell. We would have liked to put the foot down on the throat, but we didn't execute well. You have got to back yourself to get 79 off the last 10, but you have to give credit to Narine. We are slowly improving in a lot of areas, but 2-3 looks much better than 1-4, so we need to come back.' A smiling Darren Sammy is next up: 'Tino didn't start too well, but the way he came back and picked up wickets was great. The good thing for us today was that the lower order came through. NZ improved as the series went on, but it was good to see we kept our cool.'
  • West Indies win the series 3-1

    ..and it's their first series victory over any team aside from Zimbabwe or Bangladesh in four years. After their drawn home series earlier in the year against Australia, this victory will be sweet. It wasn't easy for them today though, with a stronger challenge from the tourists bolstered by Ross Taylor and Brendon McCullum.
  • Over 49.3 Bravo 0-0-W-

    Southee refuses the single off the first ball, backing himself rather than Boult. He swings generously at the next one, but misses it. He misses the third, and they chance a bye, but Southee is run out by the 'keeper after confusion with Boult and that is that! A win by 24 runs for the West Indies, and it's been an exciting finish here in Basseterre! They take the series 3-1 with one game in hand, and look at those celebrations. New Zealand came so close on the back of a quality innings from their captain Ross Taylor, but it was just too far for the men in black today.
  • Over 49 Best 0-W-1-1-1-0

    Wicket! Wicket! Ross Taylor is out, sliced a full-toss into the air, and who should take the catch but his counterpart, Darren Sammy. Huge rejoicing around the ground, Best has got the man they wanted, and it could just be too far for New Zealand now. Trent Boult is last man in, joining Tim Southee as the side's last hope. The pair pick up a single each; Best has four wickets now and has put his side on the brink of a series victory. Great over from the fast man, fiery stuff and 4/46 from his ten allotted is his reward.
  • Save the Best for last?

    Tino Best will bowl this second-to-last over, meaning that either Bravo or Russell take the last; both were expensive in their last respective overs.
  • Over 48 Narine W-1-0-0-1-1

    OUT - it's Bracewell though, and not Taylor. Long-off takes the catch, and the batsmen cross to ensure that Taylor will have the strike. Tim Southee is more than capable at bludgeoning the ball, but he'll have to try and pick Narine after Taylor takes a single off the ball after the wicket. Southee hasn't a clue, and tries to sweep a ball that started on off and turned away. The appeal from the 'keeper means that the third umpire is called into play to see if it's a catch behind. Well folks, you won't believe this, but it looks to be a no-ball from the spinner Narine. Drama, that entitles them to a free-hit, and that's a terrible mistake from the spinner! Here comes the decision - massive tension! No, no NO-BALL! Well now, I think that it probably should have been called. The verdict for the caught-behind appeal was not out, but how big is that decision?
  • Over 47 Bravo 1-0-1-1-1-6

    Dwayne Bravo it is. his third over bowled now. He needs to bowl as straight as he can and avoid wides and no-balls at this stage. He puts one out there, wide and full, and Bracewell gives the umpire a stare, but it was within the white line - legitimate delivery, and a dot ball. Full deliveries to follow, but low and tapped for a single each. Can he end the over well? No! Oh dear, full toss and it's slapped away behind square for a big SIX, and Taylor won't miss out on that. Dwayne, Dwayne, Dwayne...a good over up until then. That could be crucial.
  • Over 46 Narine 1-1-1-1-0-0

    Ross Taylor tickles one square and runs his 99th run - all eyes will be on him the next time he takes strike. Bracewell prods a confused shot out to cover and they race through for a tight run, brisk it was! Easy single on offer for Taylor, and he's gone to the milestone with a late cut down to third-man. It's been an exemplary innings from the captain, starting slowly and accelerating at the right time to keep his team in the hunt. The job needs to be finished now, and he's still there with four overs to play. 41 runs needed from those 24 balls - one left for Tino, one left for Narine.
  • Over 45 Best 0-0-1-1-W-1

    Speed-monger Tino Best it is, and he keeps Jacob Oram quiet for the first two deliveries. Who will crack under the pressure here? A single to the man down at the mid-wicket boundary brings Taylor the chance to continue his onslaught whilst also reaching the century mark. Jacob backs away to free the arms and swings mightily...thud! OUT! Bowled by Tino, the middle stump flies out the ground, and that's quite the celebration from the bowler! Roaring, clenched fists, he strikes a pose in the centre of the pitch. Goodness me, this contest really is intriguing. Doug Bracewell in now, and he gets one run. One over remains for Best, and his captain will have loved this last one especially.
  • Over 44 Narine 1lb-0-0-0-1-0

    Oram is clueless against Narine, not picking him in the least. A stumping appeal goes up, but his back foot was anchored, the big left-hander. A slip goes in as well to turn up the heat on Oram just a scootch. He gets one away finally, Taylor trying to cut the last ball to keep the strike but it's way too close to do - no run. Who will Darren Sammy turn to for the next over, seeing as Russell was carted so unceremoniously? Bravo perhaps? Best?
  • Over 43 Russell 6-6-2-4-2-1

    Crack - Taylor picks up a ball from outside off and that echoes solidly off the bat as it flies away over mid-wicket for a massive SIX. It's a repeat of a few overs ago as the second ball of the over goes for SIX as well, a full-toss that looked to be a slower ball gone wrong. That is powerful from the captain, and he swings another away for two runs to enter the nineties. Huge pressure on Andre Russell with 14 off the first three balls, and Taylor continues his onslaught, an aerial cover drive for FOUR. Full ball, punished. It's all going wrong for Russell after such a good last over, and he's given away 21 runs from these last six. Game-changing stuff, only 50 runs needed now from 42. The equation suddenly much easier for the New Zealanders, but it's definitely not game over just yet.
  • Over 42 Narine 1-0-1-1lb-1-1

    Here comes the faux-hawked Narine, and Jacob Oram doesn't seem to be picking him so far. Leg bye yields a feeble appeal, nowhere near out but a valuable run. Oram gets one a little shorter and tries to pull viciously, but the timing isn't there and it's yet another single. Five runs gleaned from that over from the young magician.
  • Over 41 Russell 1-1-0-0-0-1w-0

    Andre Russell will want to vary his pace, especially to someone as fresh to the crease as Oram is. Keep Taylor off strike and choke Oram up, will be the message out there. Narine warming up again in the field, and he could still have a vital part to play in the outcome of this match - he's bowled at the death a lot in IPL games this past season with devastating effect. This is going to be an exciting last few overs, ladies and gentlemen. Russell spoils a good over with a wide, but the extra delivery is a dot ball with Oram swinging at it outside off. No contact, no run, and the required rate is above 8 runs per over again.
  • Over 40 Samuels 6-6-2-0-1-1

    OK, time to shine says Ross, and back-to-back slog-sweeps go for SIX each, the second one MUCH bigger than the first one. Wow, that is power hitting from Taylor, and he loves to hit out in that area over mid-wicket in front of square. How's that for taking the initiative? A sharp single, and Pollard has hit the stumps with a great throw but Taylor is quick and he is safely home. Can Oram take strike now and support his captain with a couple of large blows himself? He certainly is capable of it, although he hasn't shown much of that form in his last few ODI games. That's Marlon's ten overs, and he was economical apart from this last over. 79 runs needed from 10 overs.
  • Over 39 Best 1lb -1-2-1-W-0

    Best beats Ross outside off with a shorter one, and sticks his tongue out at the non-striking McCullum in response. Taylor clouts one out into the cover region, but it's not sweetly struck and he gets two instead of a boundary. His shoulder still appears to be bothering him slightly as well. Tino goes full and fast - oh, and that's OUT! Darren Sammy takes another catch, easily too. Squeezed to point, Nathan McCullum falls and that's another blow to New Zealand's chances. We'll have big Jacob Oram in next, and he can certainly hit them out of most parks on his day. But can he stay with his captain to haul his side over the line? He doesn't have a lot of time to play himself in here; advantage West Indies.
  • Over 38 Sanuels 1-0-0-0-1-1lb

    Not Narine-time juuuust yet, loyal followers. Marlon Samuels continues, fires a wide leg-side full-toss that yields a scampered single, and another one to end the over sees the batsman lose his shoe on the way to the non-striker's end. Hit on the foot - ouch.
  • Over 37 Best 1-1w-1-1-1-0

    Our man Tino re-enters the fray, but he brings with him yet another wide. A slower ball after that, quite a change for the batsman who is used to him frequently pushing the 150 km/h mark. The singles are coming quite comfortably at the moment, New Zealand haven't whipped out any big slogs just yet. Sunil Narine is warming up - fascinating to see how these two will play him in a powerplay situation. 162/5 are the Black Caps at the end of over 37.
  • Over 36 Samuels 0-1-1-1-1-2

    Taylor clips one to leg and brings up his fifty - celebrations will be brief, as he knows that there is a much more important task at hand for him. More singles and a two round out the over, Dwayne Bravo's speed to get to the ball was negated by a wide throw that allowed the batsman time to complete the double.

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