South Africa vs Pakistan

Match info: South Africa v Pakistan ODI Series 2013 at Supersport Park - 2nd ODI

Date: 15th Mar 2013 Umpires: B F Bowden and A T Holdstock

44-over match

Home team and score Away team score

South Africa

191 All out (43.2 Overs)



192/4 (39.2 Overs)

Pakistan win by 6 wickets (D/L method)

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  • Pakistan win by 6 wickets

    Pakistan win the 2nd ODI comfortably by 6 wickets after a good overall performance. Good captaincy and fielding by South Africa, but in the end they did not have the runs to defend.
  • Over 39.2- Pak 192/4 (Misbah 57 Malik 35)

    Misbah on strike with one run needed, Abbott to bowl and Misbah taking his time. A wide ball called and Pakistan win this 2nd ODI.
  • Over 39- Pak 191/4 (Misbah 57 Malik 35)

    McLaren back into the attack and Misbah plays his signature shot down the ground for four. The short and slow bouncer and Misbah angles it away on the leg side to get his 50, good knock from the captain. Misbah hits it out of the ground for a six, good shot from him. Scores level and Pakistan need 1 to win.
  • Over 38- Pak 178/4 (Misbah 45 Malik 34)

    Abbott bowling some good bouncy deliveries, extracting something out of the pitch and surprising Misbah. A quick drop and run single from Malik. Misbah running it down to third man for a single.
  • Over 37- Pak 175/4 (Misbah 43 Malik 33)

    The powerplay has to be taken now and Steyn will continue. An overthrow makes the run possible. Malik gets it over the slips for a couple of runs to third man. End of the over, Pakistan need 17 more.
  • Over 36- Pak 172/4 (Misbah 42 Malik 31)

    Abbott into the attack now. Malik manages a single, after playing and missing a few. A couple of singles from the over.
  • Over 35- Pak 170/4 (Misbah 41 Malik 30)

    Steyn to bowl with Pakistan needing 23 runs. The ball almost goes on to hit the stumps, and Malik kicks it away. Misbah plays and misses, and misses it again.
  • Over 34- Pak 169/4 (Misbah 41 Malik 29)

    A half tracker from Peterson and Malik puts it away for a comfortable six. Good piece of fielding from McLaren, throwing himself in the way on the ball and saves two. Four runs as Peterson bowls a full toss, a poor over from him.
  • Over 33- Pak 156/4 (Misbah 35 Malik 22)

    Steyn drifting down leg and Misbah plays it fine for four. Steyn is asking for a change of ball as it is slipping, umpire checking the seam. Ball has been changed. Steyn is not happy with Tsotosbe's lazy fielding. Another good over for Pakistan, they need 36 to win.
  • Over 32- Pak 148/4 (Misbah 29 Malik 20)

    Tsotsobe strays down the leg side and it goes for four, leg glance employed by Malik. Same ball and same shot from Malik, and same result. Tsotsobe releasing the pressure. Malik upper cuts it for another boundary at third man. Three boundaries, and Pakistan need less than 50 to win. Words exchanged between Malik and Tsotsobe, and Malik has the last laugh as he punches this one through the covers for four.
  • Over 31- Pak 132/4 (Misbah 29 Malik 4)

    Steyn is back into the attack and this is good thinking from AB. If they can pick up a wicket here, they will put more pressure on Pakistan. Three from the over.
  • Over 30- Pak 129/4 (Misbah 28 Malik 2)

    Pakistan will miss Asad Shafiq today if they lose another wicket here. Shouts of catch it, but Misbah has hit it cleanly out of the park for a big six. First runs for Malik, after 10 balls. Ten from that over, Pakistan need 63 more.
  • Over 29- Pak 119/4 (Misbah 20 Malik 0)

    Abbott into the attack now, South Africa playing the waiting game to perfection. Just keeping the runs down, picking up wickets when needed and inching their way back. A single from the over, required rate now 4.8 per over.
  • Over 28- Pak 118/4 (Misbah 20 Malik 0)

    Peterson stopping everything off his bowling, fielding very well. The fielders again really helping the bowlers to bowl dots. Misbah tries to hit it but only gets a single.
  • Over 27- Pak 117/4 (Misbah 19 Malik 0)

    McLaren from the other end. SA feel they have a chance. Faf has been on the ball today, stopping everything in the field. Just two from the over. Pakistan need 75 more.
  • Over 26- Pak 115/3 (Misbah 18 Malik 0)

    Peterson brought back into the attack, Misbah may look to attack him. Khan hits it in the air, no one there to take the catch, and it runs away for four. Farhaan cuts it off at the boundary, Khan picks up another two. WICKET! Peterson celebrates, the important partnership is broken and Amla makes no mistake with the catch. The dangerous Khan falls straight to square leg. Malik comes to the crease.
  • Over 25- Pak 108/3 (Misbah 17 Khan 26)

    An inside edge for Khan. Pakistan ticking along nicely now, this game is in their comfort zone. SA need to work hard to make things happen.
  • Over 24- Pak 103/3 (Misbah 8 Khan 16)

    Abbott to continue, almost 8 overs without a boundary now. Six, Misbah hitting it straight and over the field for six, stand and deliver stuff. Pakistan need 89 from 120 balls.
  • Over 23- Pak 91/3 (Misbah 9 Khan 18)

    A chance of a run out, but Farhaan misses. It would have been a sure run out had he hit, but Khan survives again. A couple of bad shots from Khan, trying to swat this one through the off side.
  • Over 22- Pak 88/3 (Misbah 8 Khan 16)

    Abbott continues, looking for wickets. Just three from the Abbott over, this pair taking their time.

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