South Africa vs Pakistan

Match info: South Africa v Pakistan ODI Series 2013 at Kingsmead - 4th ODI

Date: 21st Mar 2013 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and S George

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score

South Africa

234/9 (50.0 Overs)



236/7 (48.4 Overs)

Pakistan win by 3 wickets

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  • Pakistan win by 3 wickets

    Some good performances from both sides, but in the end Pakistan win by 3 wickets to level the series 2-2. This series has been nicely set up for the 5th ODI in Benoni.
  • Over 48.4 Pak 236/7 (Ajmal 5, Malik 19)

    Tsotsobe coming in to bowl. Miller pulls what could be a great run out, third umpire is consulted. WICKET! Miller runs out Wahab Riaz, what a piece of fielding. Ajmal cuts it away for four, a calm collected shot. Pakistan need 4 runs to win. Ajmal takes a quick and dangerous single. Pakistan win with a great cut shot from Malik for four.
  • Over 48 Pak 227/6 (Riaz 0, Malik 15)

    Quick run, just dropped it near the stumps. Steyn continues, this is out. Another great catch from Behardien. WICKET! Farhat goes out for 93 Steyn gets a wicket. Pakistan need 9 runs, can Steyn make something special happen. Riaz is the new man in. Tsotsobe keeps it down to one run, good fielding at third man. There is a slip in place and Steyn bowls a dot to end his spell.
  • Over 47 Pak 224/5 (Farhat 92, Malik 13)

    Big appeal for caught behind, but called a wide as it was over his head. After 47 overs, Pakistan need 11 from 18 balls.
  • Over 46 Pak 222/5 (Farhat 91, Malik 12)

    Steyn comes into the attack without any slips. Steyn thinks it is caught behind, but AB does not. Replays and hot spot show no edge. Farhat hits it in the air straight down the ground for six, strong shot. Eight from the over.
  • Over 45 Pak 214/5 (Farhat 84, Malik 11)

    de Villiers sticking to Rory Kleinveldt, SA need a tight over here. And another wide, that is the 13th one today. Cut away for four from Malik, superb shot, good execution. Eight from the over.
  • Over 44 Pak 206/5 (Farhat 81, Malik 7)

    Tsotsobe brought into the attack, no sign of Steyn. Phangiso does not let the ball go through the covers, runs denied brilliantly. Farhaan at square leg keeps it down to a single. Tsotsobe does well, following Farhat just for a single. Edged and four, Malik edges this one to the third man boundary, bringing up the 200. Wide called, this time outside the off stump. Well bowled, but they still get a single. Amla puts in the dive and keeps it to one. Good fielding.
  • Over 43 Pak 197/5 (Farhat 79, Malik 1)

    Peterson finishes his quota of overs with a very important over. Kleinveldt to continue. A good quick single, but suddenly the momentum has shifted again. In the air and over the top for four, Farhat getting a four from the last ball.
  • Over 42 Pak 191/5 (Farhat 74, Malik 0)

    Pakistan need 49 more runs from 54 balls. Misbah hits it straight in the air and Farhaan makes no mistakes, takes a great catch running back. WICKET! Misbah falls, Peterson picks up a wicket and Misbah misses a century again. Out comes Afridi. Peterson makes a crucial stop, AB shouts 'turning point right here men'. Afridi comes down the wicket and the ball disappears for four through the covers. WICKET! Peterson gets Afridi early, Afridi goes for 4. SA just think they have a chance. Malik walks out.
  • Over 41 Pak 186/3 (Farhat 74, Misbah 80)

    Steyn into his 8th over. Farhat trying to accelerate but misses. Farhat smashes this one through the covers for four, 150 run partnership comes up. Farhat tries to run the ball to third man and misses again. Another good over from Steyn.
  • Over 40 Pak 182/3 (Farhat 70, Misbah 80)

    Ryan McLaren comes into the attack with SA needing a wicket. McLaren bowls another wide, Surely Morkel will play in the next game, replacing either McLaren or Kleinveldt. Another wide, a look of resignation from McLaren. Five from the over.
  • Over 39 Pak 177/3 (Farhat 69, Misbah 78)

    Steyn looking for a wicket. Just three singles from the over, Steyn continues to impress.
  • Over 38 Pak 174/3 (Farhat 68, Misbah 77)

    Rory bowls straighter and Farhat lifts it on the leg side for four. Another wide, sloppy work from McLaren and Kleinveldt in terms of wides. It is timed beautifully from Misbah and gets a boundary through midwicket, delicate stroke nicely put away. Ten from the over.
  • Over 37 Pak 164/3 (Farhat 63, Misbah 73)

    Steyn brought back into the attack to manufacture a wicket. Farhat setting off for a couple of quick runs, Steyn does well to stop any runs. A good over from Steyn, just two from it.
  • Over 36 Pak 162/3 (Farhat 62, Misbah 72)

    The batting powerplay has been inforced and Rory Kleinveldt comes back into the attack. Dale Steyn does well to stop the boundary but overthrows and costs an extra run. A wide, extras costing SA in this game. The extra ball gives away a boundary.
  • Over 35 Pak 153/3 (Farhat 54, Misbah 72)

    Another wide from McLaren. Misbah has really played well, his calm temperament has helped Farhat at the other end. Misbah gets a four from the last ball of the over.
  • Over 34 Pak 146/3 (Farhat 53, Misbah 67)

    Peterson into the attack after the drinks break. SA need wickets. Farhat sweeps and hits it through square leg for four. Farhat moves on to 49 with the paddle sweep. Farhet gets his 50 with a cover drive, it was hit on the up but it is safe and goes for four.
  • Over 33 Pak 135/3 (Farhat 44, Misbah 65)

    McLaren bowls a wide, unnecessary extras given away. Then Farhat plays it fine down the leg side for a couple of runs. The 100 run partnership comes up. Follows it up with a quick single. After 33 overs, Pakistan are 135 for 3.
  • Over 32 Pak 130/3 (Farhat 42, Misbah 64)

    Four, Misbah launches and hits it in his favourite spot for a one bounce four. SA need wickets, Misbah is looking too comfortable. Six from the over.
  • Over 31 Pak 124/3 (Farhat 41, Misbah 59)

    Misbah is moving around the crease. That is over the top of mid on and it will be safe. Three from the over.

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