India vs England

Match info: India v England Test Series 2012 at The Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai - 2nd Test

Date: 26th Nov 2012 Status: Day 4 of 5 Umpires: A S Dar and A L Hill

Home team and score Away team score


327 All out (115.1 Overs)
142 All out (44.1 Overs)



413 All out (121.3 Overs)
58/0 (9.4 Overs)

England win by 10 wickets

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  • England win by 10 wickets

    Superb performance. Panesar and Swann completely outbowled Ashwin, Harbhajan and Ojha while Pietersen and Cook set the platform with a partnership of undoubted brilliance. Even the new boy Compton made his mark with an impressively swift 30 not out in the run-chase to prevent things getting even remotely nervy at te last.
  • Over 10 - England 58/0 (Cook 18, Compton 30)

    Compton crashes Ashwin through point for four before a ball fired down the legside evades Dhoni for four byes that seal a 10-wicket victory for England. They've been superb, and that result fully reflects their dominance here.
  • Over 9 - England 50/0 (Cook 18, Compton 26)

    Cook and Compton picking these runs off easily. India going through the motions, just seven runs required as England's new opening pair register their third successive partnership of 50 or more.
  • Over 8 - England 45/0 (Cook 15, Compton 24)

    Cook misses another sweep but he's way outside the line this time as the ball bounces away off his boot for a leg-bye. Compton picks up a run on the legside before Cook almost drags the ball into his stumps attempting another sweep.
  • Over 7 - England 43/0 (Cook 15, Compton 23)

    Harbhajan into the attack. Cook drives him down the ground for three before quick feet from Compton allow him to drive down to long-on for a leisurely single. Big lbw appeal against Cook on the sweep, but he's got just outside the line and then nurdles the last ball into the legside for a single.
  • Over 6 - England 38/0 (Cook 11, Compton 22)

    Cracking shot from Compton, dancing down the wicket to Ojha and keeping his head still and over the ball to cream it straight back over the bowler's head for a flat six. This is the way to deal with a small run-chase. Abu Dhabi: Don't.
  • Over 5 - England 31/0 (Cook 11, Compton 16)

    Three singles from the first three balls of Ashwin's over before a short ball is cut away by Cook for three more. Just 26 more needed now.
  • Over 4 - England 25/0 (Cook 7, Compton 14)

    Excellent from England's openers. They've taken away any chance of this becoming fraught. A sleepy nation thanks them.
  • Over 3 - England 21/0 (Cook 4, Compton 13)

    Good this from Compton, batting to the situation in just his second game, whipping the ball through midwicket for four and then reverse-sweeping for four more despite almost yorking himself. England desperate to avoid a repeat of the Abu Dhabi Incident, when their policy for chasing a low total appeared to be 'block everything and hope the target changes'.
  • Over 2 - England 13/0 (Cook 4, Compton 5)

    Nick Compton's plan clear here. The easiest time to bat is going to be the first few overs before the lacquer comes off the ball. He's down the track to Ojha's first ball but miscues it. Repeats the trick two balls later and clubs the ball past mid-off for four. A legside nurdle brings a single. That Cook sweep in the last over: definitely hit it, not sure it carried to short-leg. But if that was the query they'd surely have gone to the third umpire. Think they might've got the right decision for the wrong reason.
  • Over 1 - England 8/0 (Cook 4, Compton 0)

    Lovely start for England. R Ashwin's first ball skids low and through Dhoni's legs as Cook shoulders arms. Three body parts in the space of five words there; beat that. Four in 11 if you're being base. Four byes there, and Cook adds four more with a slashed cut between slip and gully. They've no chance of catching that. There was an appeal for a bat-pad catch earlier in the over as Cook tried to sweep, and the replays suggest he might well have got a feather on it. But the umpires have been missing far clearer edges than that this morning and Tony Hill doesn't see this one.
  • India 142 all out; England need 57 to win

    Part one of the day's task done in acceptable fashion by England in a faintly odd 45 minutes of cricket in which Alastair Cook didn't post attacking fields, Gambhir batted as if India had 27 wickets rather than the traditional 10 and the umpires continue their series-long bid to make the case for DRS overwhelming.
  • WICKET! Gambhir lbw b Swann 65

    No red-inker for Gambhir as Tony Hill joins in the umpiring errorfest by giving India's opener out leg-before despite a healthy inside edge. Swann and Panesar have 19 wickets between them and have been quite, quite brilliant. India's batting and the umpiring, not so much. England need 57 runs to level the series at 1-1 with two to play.
  • Over 44 - India 142/9 (Gambhir 65, Ojha 6)

    This is the first time since the 1950s that England spinners have taken 18 wickets in a Test match. Since Anderson got Gambhir with the second ball of the match there hasn't been a single wicket for a seamer. The lead creeps up to 55 with a leg-bye, and Gambhir gets a single from ball five as he shows some awareness of the match situation for the first time this morning.
  • Over 43 - India 140/9 (Gambhir 64, Ojha 6)

    Ojha scampers a single to get off strike and Swann then rips the ball past Gambhir's outside edge.
  • Over 42 - India 139/9 (Gambhir 64, Ojha 5)

    Ojha swipes to leg for a single before Gambhir scampers back for two runs from the fifth ball of the over. It's telling because: a) the second run isn't really on, Ojha would've been out with a direct hit, and b) it shows Gambhir's willingness to get himself off strike.
  • Over 41 - India 136/9 (Gambhir 62, Ojha 4)

    Gambhir plays out a maiden from Swann. He's not exactly looking to push things on. Well as he's played, he's looking after number one here. Great replays of the England players after that Ojha 'catch' in the last over. An impressive range to their open-mouthed astonishment.
  • Over 40 - India 136/9 (Gambhir 62, Ojha 4)

    Three men round the bat, everyone else on the boundary for Gambhir. Pretty clear what England want him to do, and sure enough he takes a single first ball. Playing for a red-inker here. Ojha survives a big leg-before shout and then clubs a defiant boundary down the ground for four to take the lead to 50. Shocking decision! Aleem Dar has had a really bad game here, and he's got another one wrong here. Ojha gets a huge inside edge on to his pad, and the ball pops up to Swann at leg-gully. England barely appeal so obvious is the dismissal and are almost heading for the pavilion before they realise Aleem Dar is shaking his head.
  • Over 39 - India 131/9 (Gambhir 61, Ojha 0)

    Big leg-before shout against Ojha first ball as the ball spins past the bat and into the back leg, but it's done too much. Missing off, and a good decision from Tony Hill. Ojha survives a maiden over. Gambhir surely has to play some shots now; not easy, but Ojha won't be around for long.
  • Over 38 - India 131/9 (Gambhir 61, Ojha 0)

    Panesar completes the second part of his job for the over, preventing Gambhir from collecting a single (the batsmen crossed while the ball was in the air) so Swann has a left-handed number 11 in his sights.

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