India vs England

Match info: India v England ODI Series 2013 at HEC International Cricket Stadium Complex - 3rd ODI

Date: 19th Jan 2013 Umpires: S J Davis and S Ravi

50-over match

Home team and score Away team score


157/3 (28.1 Overs)



155 All out (42.2 Overs)

India win by 7 wickets

  • India beat England by seven wickets

    And with over 20 overs remaining. England's batting collapsed horrendously from a solid if not exactly rapidly-built platform of 68/1 and there was no way of defending 155 on here. Tredwell did his best with 2/29 from seven but the result was never really in doubt at any stage of the Indian run-chase. Tredwell's efforts merely ensured sufficient wickets fell for Dhoni to come in and hit the winning runs.
  • Over 29 - India 157/3 (Kohli 77, Dhoni 10)

    Dhoni hammers the first ball of Finn's over to the square-leg boundary, and Ranchi does have the finish it wanted all along. Dhoni hits the winning runs, England annihilated.
  • Over 28 - India 153/3 (Kohli 77, Dhoni 6)

    Dhoni calls for a - presumably heavier - bat, discards his helmet, and then blocks five balls before taking a single from the last ball of Tredwell's over. Back comes the helmet and the original bat for Finn.
  • Over 27 - India 152/3 (Kohli 77, Dhoni 5)

    Pull shots off the returning Finn bring Kohli a two and a single to bring Dhoni back on strike. He scores an extraordinary boundary, the ball beating the fielder to the rope at long-off despite taking a massive ricochet off the non-striker's stumps. Absolutely hammered that. The next ball is a short ball, and Dhoni accepts the challenge but miscues the ball for only a single. So that's now four runs to win, Dhoni on strike, spinner bowling...
  • Over 26 - India 144/3 (Kohli 74, Dhoni 0)

    Dhoni, who has a keen sense of sporting theatre, ramps up the tension and drama by playing out three dot balls when everyone knows he could just as easily have whacked two sixes over long-on.
  • WICKET! Yuvraj Singh b Tredwell 30

    A wicket celebrated more by the Indian fans than England's players as Tredwell straightens the ball past Yuvraj's outside edge to knock back the off stump. Fine delivery in fairness, and it allows Dhoni to come in to apply the finishing touches to a thumping India win.
  • Over 25 - India 143/2 (Kohli 73, Yuvraj 30)

    Can't really blame England's bowlers for this defeat, but this is still a shocking performance from Dernbach. Kohli drives a long half-volley past extra-cover for four before a looping bouncer sails way over Yuvraj's head for a clear wide. The next ball is a half-volley with a subtle difference - it's bowled out of the back of the hand. Yuvraj simply waits, and whacks it for four. The over ends with a long-hop that disappears behind square-leg.
  • Over 24 - India 129/2 (Kohli 68, Yuvraj 22)

    Kohli toying with England now, skipping down the track to Tredwell and wristily depositing the ball over the ropes at midwicket. Required rate about to dip below one an over.
  • Over 23 - India 120/2 (Kohli 61, Yuvraj 21)

    Dernbach into the attack, and hit straight to the midwicket fence by Yuvraj who adds two more with a miscued pull shot that just clears the inner ring. Not a hint of a miscue next ball, though, as Yuvraj stands stock still and creams a drive through extra-cover for four. No Dhoni, but the fans have been treated to some wonderful batting nonetheless.
  • Over 22 - India 109/2 (Kohli 60, Yuvraj 11)

    Shot! Kohli advances down the track and hits Tredwell dead straight back down the ground for the first six of the night. India racing to victory now.
  • Over 21 - India 100/1 (Kohli 52, Yuvraj 10)

    It's taken 93 innings for Kohli to reach 4000 ODI runs - only some chap called Viv Richards (88) got there quicker. He's now got another 50 for his record as well with a clip into the legside, and Yuvraj adds another boundary with a pull over midwicket that bounces only a foot inside the boundary rope.
  • Over 20 - India 90/2 (Kohli 49, Yuvraj 4)

    A two and a single take Kohli to the neat ODI career stats of 4000 runs at 50. Yuvraj marks the occasion by skipping down the track to Tredwell and depositing him over extra-cover for four.
  • Over 19 - India 83/2 (Kohli 46, Yuvraj 0)

    Kohli absolutely monsters a pull shot to the midwicket boundary before sauntering up the other end with a single to deep square-leg. Bresnan is then absolutely convinced he's bowled Yuvraj off the inside edge but the ball somehow misses the stumps.
  • Over 18 - India 78/2 (Kohli 41, Yuvraj 0)

    Yuvraj in at number four for India. Meanwhile, it's been confirmed that the wicket of Gambhir means Tredwell maintains his 100% record of Not Letting England Down.
  • WICKET! Gambhir c Root b Tredwell 33

    Tredwell's had a fine series with the ball, and bags another here as Gambhir tries to hit him down the ground but can't clear a leaping Root at mid-on.
  • Over 17 - India 78/1 (Gambhir 33, Kohli 41)

    Loose ball from Bresnan straight after the drinks break, too full and too wide, and Gambhir smacks it through point for four. Not quite out of the middle but gets to the boundary easily.
  • Over 16 - India 73/1 (Gambhir 28, Kohli 41)

    Tredwell into the attack. Gambhir picks up a single, Kohli cuts to deep point for a single. Cameramen more interested in trying to see whether Dhoni has his pads on or not.
  • Over 15 - India 70/1 (Gambhir 27, Kohli 39)

    Kohli slow with his pull shot against a short ball from Finn, but gets enough glove on it to get it away from Kieswetter and down to fine-leg for four. He adds two through point and a single to deep square-leg before Gambhir splices a pull shot but still hits it well enough to pick up three as Root is forced to dive full length to prevent the boundary. Great outfield here.
  • Over 14 - India 60/1 (Gambhir 24, Kohli 32)

    Another maiden from Bresnan, and another blow for people who for some reason think 'at this stage of the innings' comparisons have any value. After 14 overs, England were 66/1.
  • Over 13 - India 60/1 (Gambhir 24, Kohli 32)

    Good over from Finn, but still three singles from it. Which is ample, as far as India are concerned.

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