India vs England

Match info: India v England Twenty20 Series 2012 at Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium - 1st Twenty20

Date: 20th Dec 2012 Umpires: S Asnani and C Shamsuddin

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


158/5 (17.5 Overs)



157/6 (20.0 Overs)

India win by 5 wickets

  • India win by five wickets with 13 balls remaining

    A thumping victory for a full-strength India side over an England side that has more than half-an-eye on development. In that sense it's not a completely wasted endeavour for England, with Hales and Wright offering further encouragement for the future and Lumb offering further evidence that he's short at this level. Meaker was erratic but genuinely quick. India's fielding was much improved from the Tests, and they never looked like failing to chase down a target that was always 20 runs light.
  • Over 17.5 - India 158/5 (Dhoni 24, Jadeja 0)

    Dhoni doesn't let that run out affect him, pulling and driving boundaries before chipping over the infield for the two runs needed to complete victory.
  • WICKET! Raina run out (Morgan) 26

    For IPL team-mates, Dhoni and Raina have had some iffy moments between the wickets tonight. It finally, and far too late to matter, brings a wicket as Dhoni sets off on a run before sending Raina back to no avail as Morgan this time hits the target.
  • Over 17 - India 148/4 (Raina 26, Dhoni 14)

    Raina swats Bresnan over the ropes at midwicket. The end is nigh.
  • Over 16 - India 137/4 (Raina 17, Dhoni 12)

    Wright bowls a wide - the 10th England have given up in this innings. Unlikely to be the decisive factor, but stil too many. Other than that, it's not a bad over from Wright, ending with Dhoni getting an inside edge just past the stumps.
  • Over 15 - India 132/4 (Raina 15, Dhoni 10)

    Easy game when you need under a run a ball. Dhoni and Raina knocking the ball around with ease.
  • Over 14 - India 126/4 (Raina 13, Dhoni 6)

    That run-out chance probably England's last to stay in this game. Raina drives Tredwell for a glorious four in an over when ones and twos are picked up all too easily. Only 32 runs needed from the last six overs.
  • Over 13 - India 115/4 (Raina 6, Dhoni 2)

    Chance! Great opportunity for England to remove Dhoni early as he sets off for a single but is sent back by Raina. He stumbles and falls as he attempts to turn, but Morgan sends his throw way wide of the target with Dhoni on his backside in the middle of the pitch. Morgan had time to throw the ball to Buttler, but went for the direct hit and got it horribly wrong.
  • WICKET! Kohli b Meaker 21

    Game not quite over yet. Required rate down to a run a ball, but Meaker sends Kohli packing as he knocks back the off stump via a bottom-edged pull.
  • Over 12 - India 109/3 (Kohli 21, Raina 5)

    Kohli takes on the boundary-scoring mantle with Yuvraj back in the shed, flaying Wright over extra-cover for four amidst some more steady accumulation of singles. A boundary and a few singles; that will do the job just wonderfully for India now.
  • Over 11 - India 100/3 (Kohli 15, Raina 3)

    Raina joins Kohli in the middle and embarks on some mid-innings nurdle-scamp. Five singles followed by a two from the last ball of Tredwell's over.
  • Over 10 - India 93/3 (Kohli 11)

    Keeps England just about in the game, but you wonder whether Yuvraj needed to do that. He'd just hit a six and was winning this game for India with plenty to spare. Just tried to manufacture something there.
  • WICKET! Yuvraj c Meaker b Wright 38

    Key wicket falls. Yuvraj had already had a stroke of good fortune when top-edging a bouncer over fine-leg for six but no such luck next ball as he aims over square-leg and doesn't quite get all of it. No nonsense from Meaker this time, who judges the catch perfectly just inside the rope.
  • Over 9 - India 83/2 (Kohli 10, Yuvraj 29)

    Looks like being another good over for Tredwell until Kohli flashes the last ball of the over behind point for four. Perfectly good delivery, but outrageous footwork and fast hands from Kohli send the ball racing away to the fence.
  • Over 8 - India 75/4 (Kohli 4, Yuvraj 27)

    Roars from the crowd as Yuvraj slog-sweeps Briggs miles over the ropes at midwicket and then flicks him away to the same boundary for a one-bounce four. Briggs under pressure in his first over, and responds with a full-toss that Yuvraj swats over square-leg for a second maximum in the over. India scampering towards victory now after a few better overs for England.
  • Over 7 - India 57/2 (Kohli 3, Yuvraj 10)

    Spin straight after the powerplay as Tredwell comes on with a tidy first over. Three singles, and a scampered two as Yuvraj works to leg.
  • Over 6 - India 52/2 (Kohli 2, Yuvraj 6)

    Seriously rapid delivery from Meakrer to start his second over. Yuvraj fences at it involuntarily and picks up a lucky four over the slips off the outside edge. A bouncer is harshly called a wide on height before Yuvraj survives an lbw shout after being pinned on the knee playing back. Ball pitched outside leg.
  • Over 5 - India 44/2 (Kohli 1)

    Two new batsmen at the crease as Yuvraj joins Kohli. Eventful over: two wickets and one of the most comical dropped catches you'll ever see.
  • WICKET! Rahane c Patel b Bresnan 19

    The luckiest man on the ground is Stuart Meaker. Just two balls after Rahane scoops the ball straight to him - whereupon Meaker juggled the ball to put down not one, not two, but three separate easy chances - the batsman miscues a pull shot to Patel at mid-on.
  • WICKET! Gambhir c Hales b Bresnan 16

    Much-needed breakthrough for England. Slower-ball bouncer from Bresnan is struck pretty well by Gambhir, but it's straight to the man at deep square-leg, and Hales takes a smart catch above head height. England had the right man out there; someone like Morgan or Patel would not have taken that catch.

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