India vs England

Match info: India v England Test Series 2012 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata - 3rd Test

Date: 9th Dec 2012 Status: Day 5 of 5 Umpires: H D P K Dharmasena and R J Tucker

Home team and score Away team score


316 All out (105.0 Overs)
247 All out (84.4 Overs)



523 All out (167.3 Overs)
41/3 (12.1 Overs)

England win by 7 wickets

  • Live photo
  • England win by seven wickets!

    Bell tucks a single away and England scamper through for a run which seals victory at Eden Gardens! England's first triumph at the venue since 1977!
  • Over 12 - England 40-3 (Compton 9, Bell 27)

    The scores are level! Bell cuts Ojha away for another boundary and the fat lady is clearing her throat...
  • Over 11 - England 35-3 (Compton 9, Bell 22)

    Shot! Bell punches Ashwin through the covers against the spin for another boundary. This is a tidy cameo from the Warwickshire man and England are now on the brink
  • Over 10 - England 30-3 (Compton 9, Bell 17)

    Another Bell single puts England within 11 runs of a famous victory
  • Over 9 - England 29-3 (Compton 9, Bell 16)

    Nerves in the away dressing room are eased when Bell and Compton collect a boundary apiece off Ashwin. First Bell seizes on a full toss and drills it down the ground before Compton edges all along the floor past slip. An England win looks a formailty now
  • Over 8 - England 18-3 (Compton 5, Bell 9)

    Bell edges England nearer their victory target with three runs through square-leg after Ojha drifts into his pads. Another 23 runs required...
  • Over 7 - England 14-3 (Compton 4, Bell 6)

    Back-to-back maidens as Ashwin keeps the pressure on Bell. The pitch is spinning and bouncing, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Plenty of chatter from the India close-in fielders
  • Over 6 - England 14-3 (Compton 4, Bell 6)

    Ojha completes a third successive maiden, this time to Compton. Surely England can't lose this from here?! Surely...
  • Over 5 - England 14-3 (Compton 4, Bell 6)

    WICKET! What is happening here?! Pietersen goes now! Ashwin strikes again, catching KP's edge. It's a smart catch from Dhoni, too. Bell comes in alongside Compton and eases some England nerves with a boundary off the final ball of the fifth over
  • Over 4 - England 7-2 (Compton 3, Pietersen 0)

    WICKET! Trott goes! LBW to Ojha! England are making a meal of this. Ojha traps England's No.3 plumb in front after he misses an attempted forward defensive shot. In comes KP...
  • Over 3 - England 7-1 (Compton 3, Trott 0)

    Trott, looking to come down the pitch, adjusts well and sweeps for two, before adding a single
  • Over 2 - England 4-1 (Compton 3, Trott 0)

    India start with spin from both ends and Ojha begins with a maiden to Compton
  • Over 1 - England 4-1 (Compton 3, Trott 0)

    WICKET! England lose their captain five balls into the chase! Looking to finish this in a hurry, Cook skips down the pitch, only to be beaten by a full, wide delivery, which Dhoni gathers, and then stumps. Ashwin strikes!
  • Chase is on

    Here come Cook and Compton to seal what should be a comfortable England win...
  • England require 41 to win

    WICKET! Anderson takes the final wicket 10 deliveries into the final day. Ojha can't stay with Ashwin and is bowled, leaving his partner stranded on 91! England require 41 runs for a 2-1 series lead...
  • Here we go...

    The players are in position, as am I. For those of you logging-in from the UK, I hope this is wrapped up quickly so you can return to your Sunday snooze
  • State of play

    Hello to you all from wherever you are tuning in from. India will resume shortly on 239-9 - 32 runs ahead of England. Ravi Ashwin (83*) stands between England and a 2-1 series lead
  • Welcome

    Good morning everyone and welcome to text commentary of the fifth and final day at Eden Gardens