India vs England

Match info: India v England Twenty20 Series 2012 at The Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai - 2nd Twenty20

Date: 22nd Dec 2012 Umpires: V Kulkarni and S Ravi

20-over match

Home team and score Away team score


177/8 (20.0 Overs)



181/4 (20.0 Overs)

England win by 6 wickets

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    What a shot from Morgan, it was a huge six to clinch England's victory. The stand-in captain finishes on 49 not out from 26 balls and Buttler played his part with an unbeaten 15 off seven. The series is shared 1-1 and the result denies India the chance to go top of the International Cricket Council T20 rankings. That is also England's highest T20I run chase. Thanks for your company today, we'll be back with more commentary from the ODI series between the same sides in the new year. Happy Christmas.
  • Over 20 - England 181-4 (Morgan 49, Buttler 14)

    Singles off the first three balls of Dinda's final over leaves Buttler on strike with six needed off three. He brings out the reverse scoop! But Ashwin cuts it off on the boundary and keeps it down to two. Four needed off two balls... Buttler tries it again, fresh air this time but Morgan scampers through for the bye. Good thinking from Dinda, kept it outside off-stump. Three needed off the final ball, Morgan on strike... Dinda pulls out in his delivery stride as Morgan shapes to sweep. Dhoni, Yuvraj and Raina all have their say with Dinda. Plenty of advice there, now he's finally ready to go... Morgan deposits it back over Dinda's head for six! ENGLAND WIN BY SIX WICKETS!
  • There will be a Super Over if the scores finish level...
  • Over 19 - England 169-4 (Morgan 41, Buttler 12)

    Buttler delivers! First he steers a full toss through the covers after giving himself a bit of room. Then, he smashes the final delivery of the over for six back over Awana's head. There were also four singles in an over that cost 14 runs. Awana finishes with 0-42. England need a further nine runs from six balls (required-rate: 9.0). Dinda will bowl the final over, Morgan on strike...
  • Over 18 - England 155-4 (Morgan 39, Buttler 0)

    Morgan finishes the 18th over in style - strong-arming a six to straight midwicket as Dinda again bangs it in. That tilts the balance again, England need a further 23 runs from 12 balls (required-rate: 11.50). Awana and Dinda will have to bowl the final two overs.
  • Wicket

    Patel is caught by Gambhir at midwicket after hitting a pull off Dinda's bowling high into the air. Jos Buttler walks out with England needing 29 off 13 balls. The batsmen crossed so Morgan will be on strike for the final delivery of the over.
  • Over 17 - England 141-3 (Morgan 26, Patel 8)

    Some strange bowling changes from Dhoni during this innings, Chawla is back on now for his final over. Patel greets his introduction by finding the extra cover boundary with a lofted stroke. Just three singles from the final five balls of the over leaves this match still very much in the balance with three overs remaining. England need a further 37 runs from 18 balls (required-rate: 12.33).
  • Over 16 - England 134-3 (Morgan 25, Patel 2)

    Awana is back into the attack, his first two overs went for 21, England have to target him. Patel is dropped first ball! Chawla makes ground on the square-leg boundary but it goes through his hands as he dives forward. Morgan finishes the over with a much-needed boundary, driven through the covers. England need a further 44 runs off 24 balls (required-rate: 11.00).
  • Over 15 - England 127-3 (Morgan 20, Patel 0)

    Yuvraj finishes with 3-17 (to go with his 3-19 in the first match of the series on Thursday), it is hard to explain how he does it, but he does. Bumble's description of Yuvraj's bowling: 'A round-arm, non-spinning spinner. It's the future.' England need a further 51 off 30 balls (required-rate: 10.20). This is going to the wire.
  • Wicket

    Another one for Yuvraj! Hales picks out Dinda on the square-leg boundary with a sweep to depart for 42 from 33 balls. Straight down his throat. Yuvraj stands in the middle of the pitch with his arms outstretched.
  • Over 14 - England 120-2 (Hales 41, Morgan 14)

    Good over for England, 11 runs from it including a boundary each for Morgan and Hales. Morgan helps a full, misdirected delivery from Chawla on its way to the boundary behind square on the leg-side and Hales makes room to time a full-toss sweetly through the covers. Yuvraj's final over coming up...
  • Over 13 - England 109-2 (Hales 37, Morgan 8)

    Hales and Morgan work the gaps and manage to negotiate Yuvraj's third over without undue alarm. England need a further 69 runs from 42 balls (required-rate: 9.85).
  • Over 12 - England 103-2 (Hales 33, Morgan 6)

    Morgan goes to his trademark reverse sweep second ball and gets enough on it to find the boundary. Ashwin finishes with 0-39 from his four overs, England need a further 75 runs from 48 balls (required-rate: 9.37).
  • Over 11 - England 94-2 (Hales 31, Morgan 0)

    Yuvraj is unhappy with some shoddy fielding off his bowling. Pot, kettle, black - try and form a sentence. The wicket of Wright was celebrated with a huge outburst of first-pumping from Yuvraj, he is fired up to say the least. Captain Morgan enters the fray with history in danger of repeating itself for England.
  • Wicket

    Yuvraj is doing it again - Wright goes lbw for five. Slid in with the arm, didn't turn, and the umpire's finger was straight up.
  • Over 10 - England 90-1 (Hales 28, Wright 3)

    Hales deals with a full toss from Chawla, drilling it through the cover for four. Raina didn't appear overly keen to try and stop that. England require a further 88 runs from 10 overs (required-rate: 8.80).
  • Over 9 - England 81-1 (Hales 23, Wright 1)

    Yuvraj looks such an ordinary bowler but he always picks up useful wickets in the limited-overs formats. He got three in Pune and has made another good start here, just two runs from his first over to go with the demise of Lumb.
  • Wicket

    50 bit no more for Lumb, who is stumped off left-arm spinner Yuvraj's second delivery. An ugly end for Lumb - he came down the pitch, had a big swipe at fresh air and Dhoni did the rest.
  • Over 8 - England 79-0 (Lumb 50, Hales 22)

    Easy power from Hales, clearing the rope at straight midwicket with nothing more than turn of the wrists. Lumb completes his maiden international half-century from 30 balls as a thin edge races away to third-man for his sixth four. He has hit two sixes as well. Lumb celebrates his milestone with three dots.
  • Over 7 - England 68-0 (Lumb 46, Hales 15)

    With the field back and England in control of the required-rate, Lumb and Hales are content to push ones and twos in Chawla's opening over. England need 110 runs from 13 overs at a required-rate of 8.46.

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