India vs England

Match info: India v England Test Series 2012 at Sardar Patel (Gujarat) Stadium, Ahmedabad - 1st Test

Date: 19th Nov 2012 Status: Day 5 of 5 Umpires: A S Dar and A L Hill

Home team and score Away team score


521/8 Dec (160.0 Overs)
80/1 (15.3 Overs)



191 All out (74.2 Overs)
406 All out (154.3 Overs)

India win by 9 wickets

  • India win by nine wickets!

    Kohli drives Swann down the ground and India have deservedly opened up a 1-0 lead in the four-match series
  • Over 15 - India 76-1 (Pujara 41, Kohli 10)

    The scores are level! Kohli slams Patel back down the ground for four and then scampers a single last ball to tie the match. He wants the winning runs but you would have to say Pujara deserves them
  • Over 14 - India 71-1 (Pujara 41, Kohli 5)

    Another elegant boundary from Pujara, whipping Swann away through midwicket and the ball gathers pace on its way to the fence. Only six required
  • Over 13 - India 67-1 (Pujara 37, Kohli 5)

    It's turning into a rather slow death for England now. Another single added by Pujara before some excitement from Prior as Kohli drives just short of extra cover
  • Over 12 - India 66-1 (Pujara 36, Kohli 5)

    A very rare maiden, bowled by Swann to Kohli. Purely delaying the inevitable
  • Over 11 - India 66-1 (Pujara 36, Kohli 5)

    Some start from Kohli, who leans on a full, wide delivery from Patel and eases it to the cover boundary. A single follows and the end is nigh for England
  • Over 10 - India 61-1 (Pujara 35, Kohli 0)

    WICKET! Game on!... Not quite. Sehwag attempts to put Swann over the rope, but only succeeds in picking out Pietersen, who does well to cling on at long on and not take the ball over the rope. Sehwag goes for a breezy 25. Kohli is the new man. Pujara is on strike, though, and pounces on a short ball and pulls hard to the rope. Just 16 more required
  • Over 9 - India 54-0 (Sehwag 23, Pujara 31)

    Just a Pujara single off Patel's over. John Martin has been in touch and asks: 'Why have England all of a sudden, in the last 6 months gone from fantastic to rather terrible?' I would say the quality of their opposition has something to do with that. I would also say that 'terrible' is a tad harsh
  • Over 8 - India 53-0 (Sehwag 23, Pujara 30)

    A bit of a boundary drought for India here but I can't see them knocking these off in singles. Four more added off Swann's latest set of six
  • For the record...

    I would swap Bell, Patel, Bresnan, and Broad with Morgan, Bairstow, Panesar and Finn.
  • Over 7 - India 49-0 (Sehwag 20, Pujara 29)

    Patel stems the flow of runs with an over which concedes only one Sehwag single. What changes would you make for the second Test? Tweet your suggestions to @skycricket and @skysportsdrabs or e-mail me at
  • Bell heading home

    Our man at the ground Michael Atherton confirms that Joe Root is on the field in place of Ian Bell because the Warwickshire man has flown home early for the birth of his first child
  • Over 6 - India 48-0 (Sehwag 19, Pujara 29)

    A few mental scars are being scratched on England here. Swann is dishing up flat half-volleys at the moment and Pujara is too good a player to miss out, driving to the extra cover boundary once more. He has raced to 29 off just 23 balls. 29 more required...
  • Over 5 - India 39-0 (Sehwag 17, Pujara 22)

    Bosh! Patel replaces Anderson and he too appears in a hurry to get this over with, serving up a loopy full toss to start which Sehwag dispatches over the rope for six! Horrible delivery. Patel then ends the over with a drag down and Pujara rocks back and pulls it for four. This is hard to watch
  • Over 4 - India 28-0 (Sehwag 10, Pujara 18)

    Sehwag gets in on the act with a sumptuous extra cover drive of his own off Swann before handing the strike back to Pujara with a single. Shot! Pujara skips down and drills Swann through the same region. What a stroke that was. This isn't going to last much longer folks - you'll comfortably be in work for 9am
  • Over 3 - India 19-0 (Sehwag 5, Pujara 14)

    Pujara continues to deal in boundaries, leaning on a full delivery from Anderson and driving imperiously through extra cover for four more. This guy is some player. England look beaten... and they will be shortly
  • Over 2 - India 14-0 (Sehwag 4, Pujara 10)

    A huge cheer from Nasser in the commentary box as England open with Swann. It makes no difference to Pujara, though, who picks up where he left off in the first innings with two boundaries through the leg side. Glorious timing in both through midwicket. India are in a hurry to knock these off and go home!
  • Over 1 - India 5-0 (Sehwag 3, Pujara 2)

    Just to remind you that Gambhir suffered a family bereavement during this Test, hence why Pujara is opening instead of him. A boundary rider is in place for Sehwag and he is in action immediately after a firm drive from the right-hander. The pitch is flat, no movement for Anderson, five singles added
  • Here we go...

    Anderson will start for England. Sehwag and Pujara to open. Any believers? Tweet me @skysportsdrabs or e-mail

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